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Promote daytime activity and bonding,states the AskDr.Sears website, which is a website that Dr.
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Nearly half of the infants in a study by the National Institute of Child Health and Human Development shared a bed with their parents at least twice a week.
Not only will a routine help your child feel safe and secure, it will also help him sleep more soundly.

When his bedtime routine consists of a warm bubble bath, being dressed in comfy pajamas and snuggling with you as you sing his favorite lullabies, he will begin looking forward to sleeping in his own bed. If your baby sleeps with you, but you are concerned about dangers, such as suffocation or simply crave a little more space, you can teach your child to sleep alone. Sears is the author of more than 30 childcare-related books, and he states that a child who is held frequently and actively engaged with his parent or caregiver during the day will sleep better at night. Laura Markham suggests that you walk quietly around the room, putting away toys or laundry to promote a sense of security.

Although 1-year-olds are quite active, find opportunities to snuggle and cuddle with him throughout the day.

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