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Purchase either of our Captain America: Civil War inspired Packs to receive almost all movie inspired content early!The Marvel Heroes 2016 servers are now open with game update 1.12! I've been using Power Cosmic myself with a similar hybrid build and it almost feel perfect with the setup.
Watch Your Step adds +10% damage and +40% crit damage to ALL powers, so you would be doing more damage, no? Also, how do you feel about the Hulkbusters Physics Package and a Physical Sharabus in place of Spider Clone and the Grenade? The 25% extra damage on DoTs from Samurai is alot of extra damage over the crappy 40% crit damage (which doesnt effect brutes).
I personally cant run a hybrid spec without Non-Corp, it brings too much healing and spirit sustain with an Elektra medallion (920 health and 25 spirit each 2 sec) to pass up. I put 20 pts in spitballs instead, nice AoE and an additional layer, plus it's also buffed by shadow & flame ! When Limbo comes around next time, Air Walking will probably be dumped and the 4 remaining points will then be spent in My Pet Purple Dragon.

This build brings nice DoTs, good burst CDs, great survivability and pretty good AoE clearing.
So I am running Kitty through her first prestige and I've noticed that the leveling path to get to this build is quite a bit different through the first 31 levels, as all the bread-and-butter skills unlock deeper in the trees. Early on I had to use Spitballs for AOE and Buddy System (with Martial Arts Combo as a backup attack for spirit regen), adding points into Quicksand when it became available.
At level 12, things get better with Dragon Breath unlocking, and Disciplined Strike on its heels at 14. To prepare for that (because I am sooooo cosmic prestiging Kitty), I'm collecting that mid-level gear which grants JaP and WYS at lower levels than normal. One thing that I'm unsure of is whether there is a way to get costume cores reliably at lower levels.
I found that using jujojoh's Optimal Leveling Guide, it just so happened that there were some natural breaks in the action allowing me to swap gear at a hub at the right time. Just finished cosmic trial with minimal gear, a rank one legendary and without story mode points or a costume affix because I spaced I hadn't done those after prestiging.

WyS is nice and fun in CMM to keep bosses locked, but where you cant use that Samurai is straight up better, besides the buffs they are identical.
It just takes a bit getting used to Non-Corporeal due to the position switching, but when you get it down you wont miss with CDs as much as in the beginning. I would prefer Heartbreaker but honestly they're similar enough for me to go either way based on better damage.
Just a Phase unlocks at 22, and Watch Your Step at 28, so I'd imagine there would be a bit of a slog between 14 and 28 on cosmic prestige.
I was fortunate with opening Midtown Madness fortune cards to find a few of her uniques at level 20, so that helped. I plan to take advantage of MM through the next few prestiges to really get a nice set of gear she can use to ladder up during cosmic.

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