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Earlier this week at a Morgan Stanley Technology, Media and Telecom Conference Electronic Arts, EA, CFO Blake Jorgensen revealed some interesting numbers regarding console sales. These numbers were given in relation to EA's hesitance to support Virtual Reality units during their initial launch. Jorgensen also hinted that EA is currently working on several smaller, "vignette"- style VR games but stopped short of actually announcing any such projects.
Unravel's unveiling at Electronic Arts' E3 2015 media briefing made it the indie darling of the games industry's biggest show. Oh sure, the impression you'll get as you watch those first strands of Yarny's knitting unwind from his midsection and trail off behind him will undoubtedly be favorable. In all things, beauty — There is a vision of Yarny I keep going back to that makes the game seem more charming than it actually is. Set bits — Many AAA blockbusters rely on a handful of amazing set pieces to leave players feeling wowed by their worlds and the action sequences that take place within them. Wake me when it's over — The vast majority of Yarny's adventure is far less interesting than starting and captaining a motorboat. Stop me before I break something — Yarny resides in a perilous world requiring the exaggerated and pinpoint-accurate platforming of a Super Mario. A yarn not spun — Creative Director Martin Sahlin has said he and his team "love" Unravel's story, and there's no reason not to believe that.
Come for the sights, not for the sounds — Unravel's sound is sadly unable to live up to the beauty of its visuals. The post Microsoft may have sold about 19 million Xbox Ones to date appeared first on XBLAFans.
Surmising that continually reporting on how Sony's PlayStation 4 was eating the Xbox One's lunch, Microsoft stopped publicly releasing hardware sales figures in October, choosing instead to focus on "engagement" numbers related to Xbox Live. Listening in on an EA financial call last night, Eurogamer overheard the publisher's CFO, Blake Jorgensen, state that he believes there to be 55 million PS4s and Xbox Ones in consumers' homes. Since the market-leading Sony has been more than happy to continue making PlayStation 4 sales numbers public, we know that 35.9 million PS4s had been sold globally as of January 5. We also know that the Wii U has moved well more than 10 million units, and the Xbox One had sold somewhere around 16 million lifetime units through last October, so it's reasonable to assume that Wii U sales are not a part of Jorgensen's 55 million. The timing of EA's console sales revelation happened to coincide with Microsoft's financial report for the quarter ending December 31, 2015.
The official YouTube channel for Unravel  has released a video delving into the inspiration in creating Yarny, the quiet protagonist. Electronic Arts is publishing the game and it will be released on February 9 for $19.99 on Xbox One. A video game, especially an independently developed one, that doesn't have any combat in it isn't as unusual a find in 2016 as it once was.
Yesterday, Coldwood Interactive removed that expectation for Unravel, which doesn't have boss fights — or any fights, for that matter. Unraveled was first revealed at E3 2015, instantly becoming one of the most popular indie announcements of the show. Another year has come and gone, and with 2015 now firmly in the rearview, it's time to look forward to the biggest Xbox One game releases of 2016. Nathan Bowring, Senior Writer: Indie darling Gone Home is finally coming to Xbox One in early 2016. Christine Mitchell, Senior Contributor: The Banner Saga has been on our watch list for a while now, but the viking-themed, turn-based RPG is now finally set to arrive on Xbox One early in the New Year. Michael Cheng, Staff Writer: Capcom released a remaster of Resident Evil for Xbox One and Xbox 360 on January 20, 2015. Scott Baker, Contributor: When you think of a war video game, you probably see a dude with a gun. Michael Cheng, Staff Writer: Oxeye Game Studio will be under tremendous pressure to perform well with Cobalt because publisher Mojang is responsible for Minecraft, one of the most popular games in a long time. Nick DePetris, Contributing Editor: DayZ has already been in Early Access on Steam for two years, but 2016 will see the game make its way over to Xbox One's Game Preview program.
John Carson, Contributor: Like fine wine and cheese, Gothic art and heavy metal were made for one another. Nick Santangelo, Managing Editor: One of several titles making a repeat appearance on this list from last year, Hyper Light Drifter will (hopefully) finally release within the next five months. Scott Baker, Contributor: I should start by disclosing that I am a backer of Yooka-Laylee, but that’s only because this is hands-down my most anticipated game of 2016, maybe even of this decade. Nick Santangelo, Managing Editor: Regular readers will recall that Capybara's subterranean roguelike made an appearance on last year's biggest games list, but Capy officially pushed Below back to 2016 earlier this month.
Nathan Bowring, Senior Writer: Pit People is The Behemoth’s fourth game, continuing the developer’s mission to never tackle the same genre twice. John Carson, Contributor: After making a short debut at E3 2014 and having a larger presence at E3 2015, Cuphead has continued to impress us with its 1930s cartoon aesthetics. Jill Randolph, Contributor: The “Rage” is in quotes here because due to a recent trademark issue, Fenix Rage (as it is currently known on Steam) will not be able to go by this title at the time of release on Xbox One.
Nick Santangelo, Managing Editor: Originally slated for a September 2015 release date, Three One Zero's astronaut exploration game Adr1ft was pushed back to coincide with the Oculus Rift's launch.
John Carson, Contributor: ION is a game as mysterious as the vacuum-sealed clone in the teaser trailer. Nick DePetris, Contributing Editor: Telltale Games has produced some incredibly powerful episodic stories over the past few years, from The Walking Dead to Tales from the Borderlands.
The post Games With Gold program includes two Xbox One games per month starting in July appeared first on XBLAFans. Microsoft's Games With Gold program, in which Xbox Live Gold (XBLG) members are given one Xbox One and two Xbox 360 games each month as part of their subscription, is turning two years old next month. For July, subscribers will be able to download Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag for free throughout the month and new puzzle-platformer So Many Me from July 16 through the end of the month. With Xbox 360 releases slowing down and Microsoft and its retail partners doing everything they can to convince gamers to jump from Xbox 360 to Xbox One, a higher focus on Xbox One titles for the Games With Gold program was likely inevitable.
Today at its pre-E3 press conference, Electronic Arts showed off Unravel, a puzzle-platformer from indie developer Coldwood. Yarny, the game's protagonist, is a diminutive character who seems destined to forever be described as a yarn version of LittleBigPlanet's Sackboy. In the gameplay trailer below, the little guy uses his own body's twine to swing and climb through the game world and even to catch a ride on a flying kite.
Coldwood promises a "heartfelt story re-connecting the memories of a long lost family" without a single word of dialogue being spoken.
Creative Director Martin Sahlin says his team began development by thinking about their lives and the things that were meaningful in them.
Unravel is confirmed for a digital release on Xbox One, but no price or release date has been announced.
The team behind last year's Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons has started a new studio called Hazelight, headed by the Brothers director Josef Fares. The post Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons creator has a new studio and a new game appeared first on XBLAFans. The post Holiday price drop pushing Xbox One sales to new heights appeared first on XBLAFans. In the eight months immediately following the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One launches in November of 2013, Sony, riding high on major public relations victories over Microsoft, led next-gen console sales by a supposed margin of nearly two to one. Those maneuvers seem to be paying off, as data reporting firm InfoScout found that the Xbox One enjoyed a Black Friday sales lead of 22 percent over the PlayStation 4, according to data compiled from more than 180,000 sales receipts. Though those findings were limited in scope, it was just last month that Microsoft was all too happy to point out that it saw total Xbox One sales more than triple in the first week the new price was in effect.
Gamasutra reports that Jorgensen, speaking last month at the UBS Global Technology Conference, allowed that "Sony has jumped out to a lead with a great console, and I think a great pricing strategy," but noted that "Microsoft is catching up quickly" in the company's estimation. Peggle 2 is getting a blast from the past in its newest DLC, as an original Peggle Master makes his debut in the sequel.
The post Peggle 2 coming to Xbox 360 in May, Duel Mode free on Xbox One appeared first on XBLAFans.
Xbox 360 owners who have not yet thrown down money for a Xbox One will be able to get their hands on the newest Peggle game in the coming months. In Duel Mode, returning from the original Peggle, players go head-to-head with friends online or locally by taking turns on the same board .
Peggle 2 brings the utterly wacky style and addictive fun from the original game to the Xbox One. Peggle 2 is available now on the Xbox One for $12, which is a nice change of pace from digital prices that have been creeping upward on the new hardware.
In Peggle 2 the goal remains the same as it was in the original: shoot metal balls to knock out all the orange pegs.
Simple to play, but difficult to master, the original Peggle was an incredibly addictive arcade title in which players bounced metallic balls off tiles to gain points. The first video shows Peggle Master Luna, an evil-looking ghost child whose special power darkens blue tiles for a round so the special orange tiles can be targeted directly.
Another new master for the Peggle series is Peggle Master Berg, an abominable snowman that can freeze the entire stage, causing the tiles to move when hit, potentially allowing the ball to remain in play for some time. The final master showcased in the new set of videos is the returning Peggle Master Bjorn, the head-banging unicorn. Peggle 2 is being developed by Popcap Games and is set to release first for Xbox One on November 22 and then for other platforms at a later date.
People can complain, but the fact is that there's a 'New Hope' for the future of Star Wars. The post EA acquires rights to develop Star Wars games; why that's a good thing appeared first on XBLAFans. The shutdown of LucasArts by Disney early last month left many wondering about the fate of the Star Wars games.
If you do not yet know what live video applications are, you probably need to broaden your business ken.
Offshoots of live netcasts of gaming action, streaming apps have already attracted millions of yuan in investment. A popular form of live streaming involves charming chirpy casual young ladies called, rather unimaginatively, "hosts".
Tencent Holdings Ltd, which already owns a leading online gaming firm, launched a live video streaming platform called Longzhu.
Similarly, internet security and search company Qihoo 360 invested in a live video streaming platform called Huajiao.
Even online news labels have hopped into this space, making live video streaming technology integral to their media operations. Yet, Huachuang Securities estimated the market value of online live shows was as much as 12 billion yuan in 2015.
The advent of 4G technology, which facilitates superfast online traffic in heavy digital data, and high-resolution front cameras in mobile phones, has helped popularize the use of such apps among a large and growing group of people.
Zhuang Minghao, vice-president of Panda TV, a live video streaming platform, said more consumers will use the services.
Live video streaming is not only chic entertainment for ordinary consumers but a good way to make some extra money for performers like entertainers and self-run business owners who make niche products or provide various services. Interactive online video content is a big hit with Chinese viewers, a fact that is driving the evolution of live streaming. Live streams satisfy consumers' need for online interactions as Chinese netizens are highly social and active in voicing their opinions.
Looking ahead, the possibilities brought by live video streams open up a whole new world of sensational experiences and entertainment to consumers. In recent months a large number of domestic e-commerce platforms, including industry giants, have started to test the waters of live and recorded netcast services, in order to boost their sales. Shanghai-based cross-border e-commerce platform Bolome was the first off the block, in terms of introducing live and interactive video streams on its platform. Launched on July 1, 2015, Bolome had received the backing of angel investors in March last year. The idea of live and interactive video streaming sprang from a news story about a Japanese vendor selling fish using an iPad, according to Lei Tingting, co-founder of Bolome. A vendor in Tokyo connected consumers to a fish stall in Hokkaido via a video call on his iPad. Bolome's online live show technologies have attracted more than 300 Japanese and Korean brands. In February long-term expats inaugurated The Hatchery, Beijing's first foreign-run culinary incubator, to allow food entrepreneurs to test and validate their dining concepts in the Chinese market without assuming prohibitive costs.
China's food and beverage industry is expected to keep a steady growth in the next years, due to increasing per capita disposable income. Baker Jonathan Ellis experiments with recipes at the shared kitchen facilities of The Hatchery in Beijing. Despite the attractive growth potential of the industry, the high costs of starting a food business, including the expensive rental fees of commercial spaces and the difficulties of obtaining licenses, have prevented foreigners from being more active in this growing market. For this reason, the culinary incubator located in Beijing's central district of Sanlitun provides business counseling and access to a shared kitchen facility to food startups until they can stand on their own.
The Hatchery either charges low fees for the use of its facilities or offers its services, including financing, in exchange of founder's equity in the business, with food entrepreneurs still retaining control of the concept. Since its launch, 10 different entrepreneurs have shown interest in using the platform but only two have actually used it so far. In order to identify which business ideas can gain a place in Beijing's food scene, The Hatchery has established a five-gate process. In the initial stage, entrepreneurs bring an innovative food concept and a business plan to develop it.
Through gates two to four, food entrepreneurs validate demand for their concepts and perfect their business operating model. The Hatchery calculates that most businesses would only need 50,000 yuan and five months to pass through the first three gates. In the next six months, The Hatchery expects to launch six different food and beverage businesses, including four restaurant concepts and two food products like a range of high-end bottled cocktails. Baker Jonathan Ellis, a native of Chicago, has been the first food entrepreneur to use the platform to realize his dream of opening Beijing's first American style bakery.
Three years ago, Ellis won a baking competition in Beijing but he has been struggling ever since to find a partner to start his business.
Despite fears that Brazil may no longer be attractive as an investment destination given the looming recession, Chinese companies that specialize in hydropower dams remain unfazed.
They see Brazil as much more than just a country of football, coffee, carnivals and Olympics. A consortium, led by China Three Gorges Corp, the world's largest hydropower producer, is working on a greenfield investment opportunity to build and operate Tapajos dam, an 8,000-megawatt power station in Brazil.
Last year, CTG, the builder and operator of the world's largest dam, won a concession auction to operate two Brazilian hydroelectric power plants, Ilha Solteira and Jupia, at a cost of $3.7 billion. Lu Chun, president of the Beijing-based company, attributed the successful deal to timing and CTG's long-term efforts and cooperation. In November, Brazil auctioned 29 hydroelectric power plants whose concession contracts were about to expire. In 2015, CTG Brasil concluded two more merger and acquisition deals for a 49 percent stake in EDP's Brazilian wind assets and a 100 percent stake in two hydropower projects from TPI, a local player in Brazil. The ongoing economic slump has caused Brazil to consider putting some of its quality assets on the block, in order to overcome stagflation and open up more investment opportunities in the power industry. Chinese companies believe their investments in Brazil could help restructure and boost the local economy.
CTG has plans to build hydropower and wind projects in Brazil with total installed capacity of 3 million kW. Lu said the company will use Brazil as a springboard to expand into neighboring countries such as Peru and Ecuador, which fall in the footprint of the "Belt and Road Initiative".
He was referring to President Xi Jinping's proposal to build the Silk Road Economic Belt on the Eurasian continents and the 21st Century Maritime Silk Road.
The overseas target almost equals the full capacity of the Three Gorges Dam hydroelectric project on the Yangtze in Hubei province. Hu Siyi, former vice-minister of water resources, said China, the world's largest hydroelectricity producer, has built and operated half of the world's hydropower stations. James Gitau, 27, a school dropout from Gachie village in Kiambu County, is one of the young men who will go into history as having played part in giving Kenya such a prestigious mall. Gitau is the first born in a family of six and having lost his dad when he was 17, he assumed his role as the head of his family.
The mall, which will be known as Two Rivers Mall is estimated to cost close to 15.1 billion shillings (about $150 million) and will be built in phases by Aviation Industry Corporation of China, which is the main contractor.
Avic is among other Chinese companies that have given Kenyan youth a chance to rewrite their life stories. Ngure Njoroge, 32, also from Gachie in Kiambu County says he is still alive, thanks to this project.
Ngure and Gitau's stories are proof that Chinese firms operating in Kenya hire more locals compared to foreigners in contrast to popular belief that the opposite is true. The man in charge of Microsoft Corp's China business thinks the recently announced national strategies to boost the information technology sector, will provide the company, the world's biggest software maker, with greater opportunities, despite a slowing economy. Ralph Haupter, chairman and chief executive of Microsoft Greater China, is also eyeing technologies like augmented reality or AR and virtual reality or VR for which demand is rising in China. China is pushing forward "supply-side structural reforms", cutting back overcapacity and improving efficiency and quality in manufacturing and many other sectors to stimulate economic growth. Premier Li Keqiang said during an annual political meeting in March that the reform will be a key strategy in the country's 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20).
He said it will be a smart way for China to beef up competitiveness and technology innovation, which are the key pillars for real growth in markets.
Haupter, who loves skiing and sailing, said China is navigating its economy in the right direction at a pretty fast pace. He said the company will partner with Chinese developers to expand the scenarios where the HoloLens can be used. Finding local partners has been one of the biggest achievements for Microsoft in China after Haupter, who used to help the software giant to find new partners in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, came to China.
Wu Lianfeng, associate vice-president of consultancy IDC China, said because of policy restrictions and stronger local competitors, overseas IT companies will need to join hands with Chinese partners to explore business opportunities.
In 2013, one year after Haupter, took over Microsoft's China business, the company introduced its cloud service with Shanghai-based 21Vianet Group Inc. Last December, Microsoft set up a joint venture with a State-owned technology firm China Electronics Technology Group to bring the United States company's latest operating system Windows 10 to government procurement market. He said the JV has received the first government customers and the first product, running on Windows 10, is under test. In the consumer market, Microsoft has several Chinese hardware partners that are making personal computers and mobile devices running on the Windows operating system. Hardware makers in Shenzhen, Guangdong province, an electronics manufacturing hub, have developed about 200 devices running Windows, which are exported to 53 overseas markets.
Last year, the company announced an unlikely partnership with Xiaomi Corp, a top Android device maker that had never launched Windows-based products. In the mobile market where Apple Inc's iOS and Google Inc's Android controlled almost all the market share, getting the biggest Android phone vendor to accept Windows operating system was considered a big achievement.
He said the partnership will enable the two companies jointly produce products customers are "interested in", and "willing to pay money for". Citigroup Inc has named Gerald Keefe as its Hong Kong-based head of corporate banking for the Asia-Pacific region, a newly created role.
Of all the luxury brands in China, Coach boasts the most number of followers on WeChat, the popular mobile messaging application.
Yann Bozec, CEO of Coach Greater China, is targeting $610 million in revenue this year and he believes China's discerning luxury customers can help the company achieve this goal.
Popularity on WeChat demonstrates that Coach's social media team has got its online marketing strategy right. Bozec said the brand's revival can be attributed to its understanding of internet-savvy young consumers' demands.
Founded in 1941 as a small workshop in Manhattan, Coach is celebrating its 75th anniversary this year. Although Coach was among the first luxury brands to sell its leather bags and accessories in China in 1998, it was not until 2009 that the company took back its business from distributors and started to introduce its flagship stores to the country. In 2013, amid a stagnant economy and stiff competition from similarly-positioned brands like Michael Kors and Kate Spade, Coach's earnings fell significantly.
This goal is expected to be realized via three factors - products, store environment and marketing. Having been appointed to oversee Coach's regional operations in 2014, Bozec has since been spearheading the revamp efforts for its stores, ensuring that the new interiors complement the modern designs by Vevers and communicate clearly to consumers the brand's new identity. By December 2015, more than 30 out of Coach's 161 stores on the Chinese mainland had been renovated and they now feature tuned-down lighting and dark wood furnishings that help create a more sophisticated ambience.
Despite China's luxury industry suffering from negative growth for the second consecutive year in 2015, with the sales of leather products contracting by 5 percent, Coach's rebranding efforts appear to have paid off. The company's latest financial report revealed that by the second quarter of the 2015 fiscal year, the Chinese mainland market continued to enjoy double-digit growth while the growth rate for its global market remained at 9 percent. Bozec is now targeting to hit revenues of $610 million for this year, an increase of 5 percent from 2015, and he is counting on Coach's relatively young clientele - most are aged between 25 and 35 years old, slightly younger than their peers in other markets - to help the company do so. The car industry may be taking tentative steps toward producing new energy vehicles with a focus on small models, but SAIC Motor Corp Ltd, China's largest automaker, is thinking big. At the recent Auto China 2016 show in Beijing, SAIC Maxus, a subsidiary, displayed two large zero-emissions vehicles: the seven-seat EG10 and 15-seat EV80. A Production line of SAIC Motor Corp, whose subsidiary SAIC Maxus displayed two large zero-emissions vehicles at the recent auto China show in Beijing. What's more, the automaker is already thinking about exports, particularly to the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, even though the governments there are not as zealous as China in encouraging environmentally friendly cars, company executives say.
SAIC Motor will also step up efforts to increase sales of its new energy vehicles in China, adds Wu Fengjie, its regional deputy general manager for sales. Second, heavy investment will be made toward changing the mindset of people in global markets. Executives say SAIC's green cars can cover a distance of 150 to 200 kilometers on a full charge, enough to cover the daily needs of an average couple with children. This year, in China, the company aims to sell 6,000 EV80s, priced about 500,000 yuan, and 1,000 EG10s, priced at 400,000 yuan. It was reported that a senior official with the People's Liberation Army was impressed with SAIC's new energy vehicles at the expo, he says. In the Middle East, the United Arab Emirates is reported to be keener than others to switch over to new energy cars. After the Dubai Motor Show in November, local distributors requested that SAIC arrange a few sample vehicles for extended test runs, Guan says. As European Union regulations move toward the Euro 6 standard for emissions, which is expected to increase demand for e-vehicles, SAIC also plans to target that market, including Britain, he adds.
The purchase would indicate a rapid expansion for LeEco, which has interests in smartphones, televisions, mountain bikes and electric vehicles, as well as the entertainment and sports sectors. Yahoo bought the property in California for $106 million in 2006, when the company's revenue was still growing. The company has approval to build up to 279,000 square meters of office or research and development space on the site.
In addition to LeEco, internet giants such as Google Inc and Apple Inc are also said to be bidding for the land.
LeEco, which declined to comment when contacted by China Daily, has stepped up its expansion in North America in recent years.
On April 28, it announced a new North American headquarters covering 7,400 square meters in San Jose that can accommodate up to 800 employees.

The base will be the future home of LeEco's self-driving research center, the LeFuture AI Institute, which will be set up in partnership with Faraday Future, an e-car company in California. Moreover, top talent in R&D, products sales and management from Apple, Google and Samsung Electronics Co Ltd have also been recruited to LeEco's US office.
Establishing a headquarters in Silicon Valley could help LeEco learn the most advanced technology and attract top talent, as well as help it to expand in the North American market, Pang adds. Industry sources say selling the property could meet some of Yahoo's cash demands and reduce its operating costs, which also reflects the decline of the traditional internet conglomerate and the rise of new forces. Fujian LNG terminal, the country's largest liquefied natural gas project in terms of storage capacity, started building two more storage tanks on May 3, a move that will facilitate offshore gas transportation and the pipeline network. The two tanks, which can hold 160,000 cubic meters of gas each, will be added to the existing LNG station in Putian, Fujian province, the project's operator says. China National Offshore Oil Corp says construction of the two tanks will be completed by 2018.
Yang Hua, the company's chairman, says it plans to provide more clean energy, especially in the coastal regions, during the 13th Five-Year Plan (2016-20). The global glut and sluggish economy will continue to drive down prices of LNG, which means that imports of the super-cooled fuel is cheaper than domestic production, according to experts, who say China's LNG imports are expected to rise in the long term amid mounting pressure from air pollution. Neil Beveridge, a senior analyst at Bernstein Research, says China's gas demand is also expected to increase further after rising 14 percent in the first quarter. LNG is natural gas that has been changed into a liquid state by cooling it to minus 162 C, which poses high requirements for the technology and tank structure. Since 2008, CNOOC has had a team to develop the LNG storage technology called full containment LNG storage tank. CNOOC is running the Dapeng LNG terminal in Guangdong, the country's first and largest LNG importer, as well as six other LNG receiving stations in Shanghai, Fujian, Zhejiang, Tianjin and Zhuhai, with a total capacity of 27.8 million metric tons a year. Last year, CNOOC imported 1.3 million tons of LNG, accounting for 70 percent of China's total LNG imports. The Beijing-based company is also building LNG vessels and has set a target to develop its LNG transportation business.
The Cyberspace Administration of China, the National Health and Family Planning Commission and the State Administration for Industry and Commerce - the regulator of online advertising - launched a joint probe on May 2.
It comes after 21-year-old Wei Zexi died after seeking out a controversial treatment advertised among Baidu's search results. Before his death last month, Wei had called the treatment useless and criticized Baidu's paid listing practice in online posts. His experience triggered an outcry in China, where there have been numerous scandals related to medical advertisements on Baidu since 2008, when state broadcaster China Central Television found the search giant promoted unqualified drug producers. The share price of the Nasdaq-listed Baidu fell by 7.92 percent, the most in nine months, after the government investigation was announced.
Tian Hou, an analyst at TH Capital in Beijing, says the probe will certainly slow down Baidu's business in the short term, as medical-related advertisements account for about 30 percent of its revenue.
Despite the public criticism of the business model of paid listings, Hou says it is the advertiser that causes the problems rather than the model itself. One of China's largest state-owned defense contractors will announce outsourcing deals worth billions of yuan this year, a move that is expected to benefit private enterprises.
Based on specific requirements, contract winners will be asked to provide research and development services, to make components or entire pieces of equipment, or to conduct tests or measurements for the company. Lyu Xiaoge, a spokesman for CASIC, says the procurement needs were decided after collecting and analyzing outsourcing plans from the company's subsidiaries. The move aims to increase the company's business transparency, reduce its outsourcing costs, and attract better suppliers.
In another development, CASIC has invited private enterprises to take part in its commercial rocket project. The company's Fourth Academy recently commissioned a private company (it has not revealed the name) to develop and manufacture a composite-material case for the Kuaizhou 11 solid-fuel rocket's engine. The academy would need at least three years to develop and make the engine case, as it would have to build a new plant for the component. His academy began to develop Kuaizhou solid-fuel rockets in 2009, intending to form a low-cost, quick-response rocket family for the commercial launch market. The first in the family, Kuaizhou 1, was launched in September 2013 from the Jiuquan Satellite Launch Center in Gansu province, putting an Earth observation satellite into orbit. The academy is now making the Kuaizhou 11 and plans to launch it around 2017, according to the designer. An earlier report by the Economic Information Daily quoted sources from the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology as saying that the market value of space launch service, satellite applications as well as space-based internet will reach around 800 billion yuan by the end of 2020.
A team of engineers with experience in China's space program has developed a series of industrial robots, aiming to grab a share of the huge domestic market. Aerospace Science and Industry Intelligent Robot Co Ltd says its designers are specialists in servo motors and navigational devices and sensors, key parts in robotics. A boy interacts with a robot, developed by Beijing-based Aerospace Science and Industry Intelligent Robot Co Ltd, at an industrial fair in Beijing. The company is a subsidiary of China Aerospace Science and Industry Corp, one of the nation's largest space and defense contractors, and its engineers have worked on carrier rockets and missiles.
He says the company has been commissioned by a Taiwan-based electronics manufacturing giant to develop a robotic transport system for its industrial parks on the Chinese mainland. The company is also designing inspection robots for the Ministry of Housing and Urban-Rural Development to check underground pipelines. Despite its rapid growth, Wang says the company is facing fierce competition, as many private enterprises already have a considerable share of the market and are better placed to make products quickly to meet clients' specific requirements. Once users are familiar with the company's products, there will be a higher chance for them buying its robots, he adds. According to statistics from the International Federation of Robotics, China has been the biggest user of industrial robots in the world since 2013, when it surpassed Japan in terms of the number of robots sold that year. In 2014, about 57,000 industrial robots were sold in China, accounting for nearly 25 percent of the global total sales, the data showed. Chinese firms are making unprecedented moves to build infrastructure projects in the United Kingdom such as power plants and commercial and logistics centers, using the country as a first point of entry into mature Western markets.
This comes as the infrastructure growth rate is slowing in China, and many leading construction firms are looking for growth internationally. A digital sketch of Airport City Manchester, half of which will be constructed by Beijing Construction Engineering Group. The UK market is unlike places where Chinese infrastructure firms have worked in emerging markets. In return, Chinese companies in the UK are gaining valuable experience to be used in other markets. The company will participate in the construction, alongside British firm Orthios, which originally came up with the project's design and now is a minority shareholder. Yu Dongwen, UK operations director of Beijing Construction Engineering Group, says the UK market's relatively lower profit margin is justified by its lower levels of risks.
BCEG struck a deal to invest 20 percent equity in the 800 million pound Airport City Manchester project in 2013. The project is expected to create 16,000 jobs in Manchester over 12 years, including 6,500 temporary jobs during construction and 9,500 jobs when complete.
BCEG and SinoFortone's investments fit into a larger trend of recent deals, including CIMC Modular Building Systems' construction of over a dozen hotels in the UK, and CITIC Construction's building of the 1.7 billion pound Asian Business Park in London's Royal Albert Dock. Common to these deals is the construction firms' participation in the funding, which is less common with Western construction firms.
Christopher Bovis, professor of European and international business law at the University of Hull, says Chinese companies' ability to act as both financial investors and construction contractors helps their profitability. Chinese infrastructure companies' experience in calculating financial risks also makes them more confident in acting as financial investors. The Chinese firms' ability to fund projects gives them an advantage in bidding, since the UK's infrastructure sector is looking for fresh funds. In 2014, a research report by law firm Pinsent Masons and the Centre for Economics and Business Research think tank showed that China has the potential to invest 105 billion pounds in UK infrastructure by 2025 across sectors including energy, property and transport. The passing of the UK's Cities and Local Government Devolution Act last year means many local authorities will find it increasingly difficult to fund infrastructure, hence private sector money is increasingly important, says Martin Reeves, chief executive of the West Midlands Combined Authority. Reeves' team estimates the West Midlands area needs 8 billion pounds of infrastructure investment in the next 15 years, but the local authority could only finance 1 billion pounds by itself.
CTIEC has already built six solar farms in the UK, leveraging its solar power expertise, which benefited from China's investment in solar in recent years. CTIEC is starting construction on a new complex in Berkeley this year, on the old site of the Berkeley Nuclear Power Station, now closed and being decommissioned and converted into a green complex called Berkeley Green. Wang says the company's key advantage is the ability to deliver what he called a 360-degree total solution, from design through construction, engineering and material supply. Chinese cosmetics maker Shanghai Jahwa (Group) Co Ltd has reached an agreement to acquire Mayborn Group, the parent company of the largest British nursing bottles producer, Tommee Tippee. Jahwa, wholly owned by Ping An Insurance (Group) Co, is acquiring the company from British private equity firm 3i Group Plc, the group says. Mayborn, a leading high-end maternal and baby products producer, was taken private by 3i in 2006.
Tommee Tippee takes the top market share in terms of sales revenues in the United Kingdom, and the fifth-largest market share globally. Jahwa's move is part of an ongoing trend by Chinese companies acquiring premium foreign consumer brands, expanding their businesses overseas and bringing high-quality foreign products to China.
Last month, leading Chinese textile company Yong Sheng, a Hangzhou-based, privately owned enterprise, acquired French lace producer Desseilles Laces SAS, one of the oldest lace producers in the country, for 300,000 euros ($341,000).
Jahwa, which owns several Chinese makeup brands, including Maxam, has bought Mayborn Group.
Most of the investments were in gateway cities such as New York, London and Sydney, and regional hubs like Chicago and Seattle.
A Knight Frank analyst forecast further growth in outbound real estate investments this year despite the Chinese economic slowdown. Ji says China's institutional investors as well as banks and insurers are focused on commercial properties with stable returns, which show their preference for deals with lower risks.
In the future, developers may also look into opportunities in the emerging markets of Southeast Asia and South Asia. Last year the top 10 overseas deals completed by Chinese mainland insurers, institutions and developers focused on commercial properties, particularly office real estate, according to Real Capital Analytics, a research and information services provider. For example, Ping An Insurance (Group) Co purchased Tower Place in London for $506 million in January 2015, and Anbang Insurance Group Co purchased the Merrill Lynch Financial Center in New York for $414 million.
Knight Frank's report says a mixed group of investors consisting of lesser-known small-to-mid-cap companies and developers, private equity funds and individuals is increasingly active and investments in mature markets also are forecast to grow. As for individual outbound real estate investors in China, more are expected to choose to allocate their assets in residential properties.
Gree Electric Appliances Inc, a major Chinese home appliances maker, will develop more product lines and activities amid a sharp drop in its core operations. Workers at Gree Electric Appliances Inc's industrial park in Wuhan, Hubei province, assemble air conditioners.
Last year's performance was in sharp contrast to the period from 2012 to 2014, when annual sales grew by nearly 20 billion yuan. Despite a slowdown in electric home appliances, Gree says it will make more efforts to develop emerging businesses, including new energy, smart home products, industrial products, smartphones and intelligent equipment. Dong Mingzhu, the company's president, said in an earlier interview that the market for air conditioners "needs to be reconstructed after expansion in previous years". Domestic makers sold about 106 million air conditioners last year, down 8.6 percent compared with the previous year, according to an industry report.
Based in Guangdong's Zhuhai, Gree was forced to reduce its prices last year, with some items being cut by as much as 1,000 yuan, Dong said. She said the planned emerging businesses are based on the company's already-strong capabilities in self-developed home appliances technology, especially its air conditioners, which have proved highly competitive in both domestic and overseas markets.
Gree began testing its smartphones early last year, and the second generation will be launched soon in China, the company says. The company has also acquired a Zhuhai energy company, with the aim of developing new energy vehicles. Such devices use a magnetic flux leakage method to detect corrosion and pitting in pipelines and are used to inspect about 70 percent of the world's pipelines.
Previously, China depended on overseas manufacturers for this kind of equipment, resulting in high expenditures and risks like exposing sensitive information to foreigners, Zhou says. He says the institute's device passed a series of stringent tests on pipelines in Bohai Bay in October, proving it is ready for mass production and formal operation. CNOOC owns hundreds of subsea pipelines off China's coastline, which span more than 6,000 kilometers, according to data from the company. A standard industry practice is to check a pipeline every three to five years to make sure it is working well with no damage or risk of corrosion.
Industry observers say for a long time several foreign firms, including General Electric and Rosen Group, have dominated the pipeline inspection services segment in China. It has become a trend for automakers to sell vehicles through e-commerce sites in China, the world's largest vehicle market and the second-largest for premium cars. Harald Wester, CEO of Maserati, says his brand's target customers in China are totally different from those in Europe and the US. The Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV subsidiary teamed up last month with Tmall, the online retail arm of Alibaba Group Holding Ltd, to sell its first sport utility vehicle online. The sales have boosted Wester's confidence about the brand's prospects in China, where the Levante is expected to formally debut this summer. Wester recently spoke to China Daily about his vision for the Chinese luxury vehicle market. A: This is a trend I personally believe will be set in China due to the average age of people. Fifty of the 100 cars were sold in cities where we do not have dealers, and 30 percent were sold through mobile phones. The customers paid through Alipay and then chose a dealer who contacted them to sign the contracts. It’s Super Treatment Tuesday at the brewery and today we’ll be tapping the spoils from our Saturday bottle release as they run out!
He estimated that there have been close to 60 million combined Playstation 4 and Xbox One consoles sales. He said that for a company like EA to be willing to spend $50-$100 million on a full VR game the market size would need to rival that of the console market. Coldwood Interactive's puzzle-platformer may not have been able to live up to the massive hype that debut inspired regardless of how the final product turned out. This is a game that is almost impossibly beautiful, its exquisite world being a feat of visual design so astounding as to inspire you to occasionally put the controller down for a moment and just marvel at its beauty; it certainly did for me.
Emerging from waist-high snow, his red, fuzzy little body is half-covered in perfectly white powder, making him almost like a piece of Frosted Mini-StringTM cereal.
Yarny could fit in the palm of your hand, so having him scramble up an entire train dangling precariously over the edge of a giant cliff wasn't going to work.
But there's little reason to believe you'll hold this story as closely to your heart as Coldwood does. Most of the music is just sort of there; it's not remotely memorable or enjoyable, but it's not awful either. Yarny and the world he explores may just be the most visually pleasing things to grace the Xbox One to date.
Thanks to Electronic Arts, however, we now have a pretty good idea how many Xbox Ones are currently in the wild. Doing some quick math, that puts global Xbox One lifetime sales somewhere around 19 million units or less. It's not clear if Jorgensen's 55 million figure was based on data from the 5th or more recent information, so it's possible that he counted even more than 35.9 million PS4s as part of the 55 million total console sales he estimated.
Xbox One revenue experienced a "slight" decrease during this quarter, but Microsoft still says it moved more Xbox One units year-over-year and attributed the lost revenue to lower hardware sales prices.
Publisher Electronic Arts recently announced that it would release on February 9 for $19.99 on Xbox One.
You play as Kaitlin, who’s returning home to visit her parents and sister only to discover they’re not home. With combat similar to Final Fantasy Tactics and lush hand-drawn animations comparable with early Disney movies, Banner Saga's hype train is now more than ready to leave the station. Having reviewed the title here, I can tell you it was a pleasure to play through and was one of my most enjoyed releases of 2015. This adorable puzzle-platformer has an excellent design hook, which, unlike some games, adds directly to the gameplay. The recent announcement that Orange is the New Black’s Samira Wiley would be voicing Michonne only added to the excitement that was already brewing for this Telltale spinoff of the series that put it on the map. The open-world zombie survival game has been a fan favorite since its mod days and has a lot of features still in the works: vehicles, animal life and additional crafting tools. That may not sound all that close, but when you consider that this is a game that was first announced as a 2014 release before being delayed again and again and again, this spring doesn't sound so bad.
Nintendo defined 3D platformers with Super Mario 64 in 1996, and Rare iterated on it with Banjo-Kazooie in 1998 with their own style of humor, exploration and fluid movement. Set in a world without sun, where natural light comes from eruptions that cover the land in ash, Ashen is about forging relationships with other characters in its harsh open world.
Time and space are fractured after a giant space-bear crashes into the Earth, creating a chaotic new world filled with anachronisms and humanoid cupcakes.
Studio MDHR has made the effort to replicate the look of cel-animated features by inking and painting all of the art by hand, and it is nothing short of stunning.
The Xbox port of this Super Meat Boy-esque platformer from Green Lava Studios has been a long time in the making, with the Xbox One version originally forecasted for 2015, but now being slated for sometime in 2016. Run around and the game appears to play like any other FPS, but if you stand still the scene slows down to a crawl. Though the Rift still doesn't have a release date, it was just revealed that pre-orders will be opening in just a couple days, and Three One Zero stated in October that Adr1ft would be out in "early 2016," but whether or not applies to the console versions remains a bit murky at this point. DayZ creator Dean Hall has set out to make an ambitious sci-fi MMO on a galactic scale — one with a persistent galaxy filled with simulated environments and even simulated people with simulated organs and built on technology created by Improbable.
It isn’t that I don’t like them; it's just that most matches take too long for my busy schedule. At the Game Awards in December, Telltale announced they would be tackling another prime franchise, Batman. To celebrate, the console holder is going to begin giving XBLG members two Xbox One games every month. For now the program will continue running unchanged on Xbox 360, but you have to imagine that it won't do so forever.
Yarny is made of a single thread of twine that, as the game's title implies, unravels as players progress through Northern Scandinavian levels. Throughout Unraveled, players will have to manage the fact that Yarny is constantly unraveling when moving. We are a comparably small team in the area of 20-25 employees." In other words, they are right up our alley. Despite selling at a pace much quicker than the last-gen-market-leading Xbox 360 did during the same point in its life cycle, the Xbox One was lagging far behind the PlayStation 4 in market share. InfoScout followed up by conducting a survey of 350 consumers who purchased a console on Black Friday, and found that 71 percent of Xbox One buyers cited cost as a major influence on their purchase.
He said that "pricing actions that are taking place, particularly during this Christmas season, driven by Microsoft, around reduction plus a lot of bundled software, I think will continue to pull the consumer into the new consoles." He believes that the total installed base for all next-gen consoles will exceed 25 million by the time the holidays are over with.
Extreme gopher Jimmy Lightning has returned, bringing with him his improved Multiball Power. Hitting a green peg spawns a second ball, making it easier to clear the board with double the peg-popping potential.
EA and PopCap Games have announced Peggle 2 will release on Xbox 360 on May 7 in North America and Europe. Any other features being added or removed for this version have not been confirmed at this time, nor has there been any clarification on what the future holds for Peggle 2 updates. While our full review won't be up for a couple more days (it was impossible to find multiplayer matches for us when we tried over the weekend), we did notice two major omissions. The game features 60 levels and challenges and five Peggle masters, each with multiple costumes and multiplayer. Despite originally being pegged as an Xbox One launch title, Peggle 2 is now coming to the console December 9 for $11.99. In every level you'll be aided by one of five Peggle Masters, each with their own unique ability that will make clearing the board easy. This simple idea was enhanced through the use of masters, characters in the game whose special powers changed the gameplay rules slightly to benefit the player.
Disney had previously stated that their focus would be directed toward social games, and the with the demise of LucasArts fans wondered if all hope was lost. Some were optimistic, others were quick to point out EA's reputation as the Consumerist's Worst Company In America. With LucasArts' relatively poor showing the last 5-8 years there's really only one direction Star Wars games can go. Existing players in this new business segment organize live online interactive events and programs that generate business worth billions of yuan.
One estimate projects business from this segment will likely exceed 100 billion yuan in 2020. A small group of subscribers get to watch these shows, which are usually about technology, financial topics or even concerts.
For example, gaming platforms may try to expand into other sectors and become a pan-entertainment platform. In her full-time day job, she works as an online services operations executive with a yacht company. According to China Consumer Trends 2016, a report published by global market consultancy Mintel, "interactive" is one of the four buzzwords in the consumer sector this year. Mintel research highlights that video is the most popular format of online content consumed in China. With the 'new norm' of live streaming, everyone can be a content creator and a broadcaster, with true ownership of personal media content," said Philix Liu, Mintel's APAC trends analyst. It was the "bullet screen" feature, used in films and TV shows to beam viewer comments or remarks across the screen in real time, that sparked consumer interest in online participation, according to the report.
Not exactly live and interactive, the service offers recorded video clips produced by online celebrities.
Three hosts, in their different styles, spend half-an-hour of prime time interpreting fashion. Until now, Bolome has received $43 million in all, with its valuation reaching an estimated $200 million. The two hydropower plants for which CTG bagged 30-year concessions, are considered the best of the lot, with a capacity of 5 million kilowatts. From next year, 70 percent of the electricity to be generated will be sold to the regulated market and the rest to the free market. In 2014, its Brazil subsidiary CTG Brasil bought a 50 percent stake in hydropower project company Jari, a 50 percent stake in another hydropower project company Cachoeira Caldeirao, and a 33.3 percent stake in local power company Empresa Energia Sao Manoel from Portuguese power company Energias de Portugal or EDP. Lu said China's "Belt and Road Initiative" offers more opportunities to not only hydropower companies but equipment manufacturers.
I think it (hydropower) should play a bigger role in the world's energy mix to meet the most pressing environmental need of our time - reducing carbon emissions," he said. The mall, which is conveniently perched right at the heart of Runda, has brought both poor and rich together for a course. GDP of the world's second-largest economy grew by 6.9 percent last year, the slowest pace since 1990. I personally believe there is a lot of opportunity on the engineering side, on the production side," he said, adding the technologies have great business potential in many areas from traffic management to real estate and tourism.

Chang, who will be the first female president of Amazon China, will succeed Doug Gurr, who will return to Amazon UK as the country manager at the end of his assignment. Keefe, currently head of corporate banking for Japan, will take on responsibilities for Citigroup bankers in the region dealing with companies, financial institutions and public-sector entities. Danny Coster, who has worked for Apple for more than 20 years and holds more than 500 design patents, is now GoPro's vice-president of design and will report directly to Chief Executive Officer Nick Woodman, the San Mateo, California-based company said in a statement.
It also indicates the American luxury goods company may have shrugged off the tough times of June 2014 when its stock plummeted by about 40 percent on the New York Stock Exchange. Coach's sharp focus on social media has worked hand-in-hand with promotion of the brand's new image, which was launched in 2014.
China's online population is estimated at some 668 million people, out of which 594 million regularly use their mobile devices to go online. But while it is seen as a renowned luxury brand back home in North America, Bozec conceded that Coach is still a relatively young one in China that is attempting to reach its first generation of customers.
To arrest its decline, the company kicked off a three-year, multi-dimensional and global brand transformation in 2014 with the aim of upgrading Coach from "an accessible luxury brand" to "a modern luxury one". The brand promptly enlisted the help of acclaimed designer Stuart Vevers, formerly from Spanish luxury brand Loewe, to give their products a more youthful and modern touch. Bozec said the brand's competitive pricing has also lured more customers to the swanky boutiques.
Meanwhile, we have a 75-year heritage and provide incredible quality, arguably better quality than a lot of European brands," said Bozec.
Same-store sales have been positive as well, and they have helped mitigate sluggish growth in the Hong Kong and Macau markets. If you invest a lot, you earn a lot eventually," says Shawber Guan, SAIC Maxus' overseas business sales manager.
First, it will focus on urban families for the EG10, and travel agencies and mobile businesses for the EV80.
After completion, it will be able to receive as much as 6.3 million metric tons of LNG a year, CNOOC says.
It also intends to set a good example for other Chinese enterprises in terms of taking advantage of the internet and fulfilling the supply-side structural reform, which was launched by the central government late last year to improve China-made products, Lyu says. Wang says introducing this will create a big opportunity for the company, as a metropolis like Beijing will need hundreds of such machines. In those places, they typically create a cost advantage by bringing in a large construction team. In the UK, the sharing of risks is fair and is clearly assigned to the different parties through contracts, so it is a very attractive market for us to work in," Yu says.
The company is responsible for 50 percent of the project's construction, which started last year. The Asian Business Park project is expected to create up to 30,000 jobs locally and generate 6 billion pounds of growth.
In addition, the large size of many Chinese infrastructure firms also means that they are more competitive than smaller Western infrastructure firms to secure loans from banks," Bovis says. This figure represents the gap between the UK's current infrastructure needs and investment the government has planned. Our role became that of manager, technology provider and project supervisor, so this business model demands that we offer higher cutting-edge expertise," says Wang, vice-president and director of the new energy engineering department of China Triumph International Engineering Co. It also acquired German solar technology firms CTF and Avancis, giving it world-leading solar technology. Wang says the timing resulted from China's development of indigenous construction material technology, enabling it to then take that advantage abroad.
After the acquisition, Mayborn started to make further investments globally, says Alan Giddins, managing partner of 3i Group. After it entered the United States, Mayborn became the fastest-growing infant feeding bottle brand in the US market.
Residential properties will be their preference in cities, with demand supported by demographic and commercial conditions. There has been significantly increased investment in commercial real estate in the United States, making it the fastest-growing mature market. Their investment decisions are more closely linked to their children's education and their own needs for care in the years after retiring. Although its focus is still on space equipment, many of its researchers have been designated to take advantage of their expertise in the space industry to develop products to serve other business sectors. They don't sell the machine to Chinese oil companies, but only provide the Chinese clients an inspection report," says Zheng Li, chief designer of the equipment at the institute. Some 100 Levantes - each worth about 1 million yuan ($154,400; 133,850 euros) - were snapped up in just 18 seconds, says Harald Wester, chief executive officer of Maserati. If you are wearing your chosen side today receive a complementary shot of La Rubia or Pops Porter on us.
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However, this does mean that the Xbox One seems to still be having trouble catching up to the Playstation 4's sales because so far Sony has sold 36 million units worldwide since the console's launch, which would mean that Microsoft has sold a mere 24 million in comparison.
Luckily, if VR does take off and see large sales numbers EA is well suited to create games for the new platform according to Jorgensen this is because the publisher has consolidated its game engine and development processes.
Fortunately for Unravel, we don't judge games based on how they stack up to fan, industry or media hype. But part of what makes putting the controller down for a bit so tempting is the sad reality that the gameplay is so lacking. Instead, the little guy gets bits of set that appear nearly as imposing and impressive as their AAA brethren thanks to the player viewing things from Yarny's perspective.
Coldwood occasionally makes these puzzles interesting, but most of the time it just makes them annoying impediments to your progress. There are a few tracks, that will have you reaching for the mute button, but the biggest offender is a single sound effect that is nothing short of infuriating.
As a passion project for Coldwood Interactive, Unravel is a success: it is a thing of beauty and an original concept from a developer and a publisher long mired in franchise work. The Xbox One may be trailing the PS4 by a significant margin, but Microsoft's current console is still outpacing its last at this same point during the Xbox 360's life cycle.
Alone in their large mansion in the middle of the night, she explores the house to discover what her family's been up to while she was away.
To top it off, the game was created by Stoic, a trio of indie game developers formerly of BioWare fame, and it's already out on PC with rave reviews.
One day shy of a full year later, Resident Evil 0 will be arriving to create a creepy atmosphere for players. You are a lovable little yarn doll named Yarny who gets lost and must go on an adventure in the real world. This spiritual successor to the all-time classic Mega Man series looks like it will retain everything that made those games so popular, including non-stop action and gaining the bosses' abilities — all while bringing it all into the 21st century. Cobalt raises red flags that I don't like to see, including having its release date pushed back and silly game mechanics like slow-mo. While more recent games such as Ark: Survival Evolved offer their own interesting take on the genre, Xbox One owners are still aching to get their hands on the standalone version of the survival mod that took the world by storm. Over 15 years later, the Rare alumni at Playtonic Games are bringing the genre back with a spiritual successor that hits all the right notes. It’s not hard to argue that it’s one of the best games of the last generation, so we’re all excited to see what Playdead comes up with next. If anything we've only grown more impatient to wander lonesomely back into its great depths and uncover the horrors and wonders hiding in its darkness. The game is set to feature passive multiplayer in which players can drop in and out of each others' worlds as they explore the wilderness. The game was designed to be a more streamlined take on turn-based strategy games, where enemy encounters are both faster and easier to understand.
It seems the road for Fenix has not been easy, and the game promises the same for its players. Everyone stops dead in their tracks and bullets hang in the air, giving you the perfect moment to plan out the next part of your perfect action hero shootout.
XBLA Fans went hands-on with the VR version of Adr1ft at PAX East 2015, and I came away extremely impressed with its sights and sounds. That being said, I've played Motiga’s Gigantic multiple times, and this is a MOBA I could see myself playing.
Little information has been released apart from the teaser, but even with so many interesting takes on the Batman story in recent years, Telltale's version is still one worth looking forward to. That means they'll have to think carefully about what paths they should take and how they can best use the trailing twine to solve puzzles. Tall mountains and trees appear in the landscape, but you can also see power lines, indicating a fairly modern setting. Comparatively, just 48 percent of PlayStation 4 buyers surveyed indicated that price played a major role in their purchase decision.
The pack also contains 10 new levels, 10 trials, 30 objectives, 3 costumes, and 3 achievements. The release date comes alongside news of the Xbox One version receiving a free update that inserts Duel Mode into the game which is available now. There are lots of surprises in store for Peggle 2 fans and we’ll be bringing you regular updates as we continue to expand and add to the world that we’ve built," says Producer Jared Neuss on a Peggle Facebook post from December. The game doesn't have Colorblind Mode, making it virtually unplayable for anyone with color deficiencies, such as myself. The game also boasts a very prominently displayed shopping cart icon that we assume will be for future DLC.
All in all the game has 120 levels, a stylish new art style and all the Ode to Joy your ears can handle. New videos for the upcoming sequel, Peggle 2, a timed exclusive for the Xbox One, highlight some of the new masters to the series as well as showcasing returning masters from the original game.
On Twitter the #starwarsnextgen hash tag began to trend with ideas for new Star Wars titles, the majority coupling Star Wars Battlefront III with the Battlefield series engine, EA DICE at the helm.
On April 14, the Ministry of Culture announced a list of platforms it suspects had streamed obnoxious shows of violent, sexual or criminal nature. The ultimate goal is to engage the audiences for long periods of time on a single app," Zhuang said. It might help to some extent in promoting my new physical store and online retail business as I'll be able to attract more fans with live shows. As many as 83 percent of internet surfers watch videos on their desktops and 73 percent of tablet users view videos.
Online celebrities interact with users during the live shows, and introduce skincare and cosmetic products. Leading investors included Shanghai-based Chengwei Capital, Vickers Capital from Singapore and LB Investment from the Republic of Korea. With videos, users are put in a situation that simulates physical shopping at an overseas store.
Not only are such new products seen in the live show but company executives appear in Bolome's studio to share additional information. If the online live show is a revolution, we need more competitors to push forward this trend," said Lei. If I didn't do what I did may be my sisters and brothers wouldn't be in school, I thank God just about that time, this project kicked off and I was lucky I got a chance as a worker," he said.
Chang will be responsible for managing Amazon's e-commerce business in China in addition to leading the Kindle business in China. Agnes Liew, another senior corporate banker, has been appointed the region's vice chairman of corporate banking.
It's a rare defection from the elite and secretive industrial design team at the iPhone maker. Clausen comes from the Nordic region's largest phone operator, Telenor ASA, where he has served as head of Denmark, its Malaysian unit and most recently as global head of strategy and digital. Another move the company made to expand its offerings was to acquire women's footwear maker Stuart Weitzman in 2015 for $574 million. The problem is how to prevent unqualified medical institutions from advertising online," she explains. Lyu says more than 28,000 contracts with a total 1.6 billion yuan have been inked through the website.
In the UK, Chinese firms are finding new advantages in technology, management expertise and financial investment support for projects. Strong growth in Australia continues unabated, while investment in the United Kingdom is on par with that of 2014. Destinations with good educational resources and ample land will be priorities, the report says. Celebration of heritage weighs more than history on the magical day of Cinco de Mayo because on this day everyone can be Mexican! Each Wynwood beer you have you will receive a raffle ticket that will enter you to win a Golden Ticket or a Wynwood Brewing swag bag! Zip Codes 33127 & 33137 If you are part of the beer world and happen to be in our neighborhood today the 25% Beer Biz button will be working too!
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EA now uses just two engines, Frostbite and Ignite, which is significantly lower than when EA used 26 different engines. Unfortunately, we do judge them based on how they play, and Coldwood's first Xbox One release plays out about as exciting as unraveling an actual ball of yarn would be. It would be unfair to say that Unravel is a game completely free of moments of entertaining and lively gameplay. You might run right by a motorboat or old sedan were this one of the many other games in EA's publishing portfolio. You'll find yourself repeatedly tying and untying the same knots and climbing and swinging from the same points as you struggle to deduce just what the heck it is you're supposed to be doing. Coldwood is trying to spin some sort of yarn about growing up and moving on and losing something or someone. It's not that the sound recording is of poor quality or that it doesn't sound like the thing it portends to be.
But there are far too many superior indie puzzle-platformers on the market to recommend Yarny's occasionally enjoyable but mostly sleepy and frustrating adventure.
While the naysayers may unfairly write this game off as a “walking simulator,” in actuality it’s one of the most cleverly crafted narratives you’ll ever find in a game.
Playing through will be a treat, and the new Wesker mode should be an interesting spin, even for those familiar with the game from an older generation system. But he probably isn’t a starved civilian in black wreckage scrounging for food, shelter…and kindness. Puzzles are solved by unravelling some of your yarn to create bridges, swing from trees and get around other obstacles.
There is nothing better than thrusting your boosters and blasting the ball for a perfect goal.
However, if Oxeye is able to nail the game mechanics, this could be a game that lives up to its promise. The detailed, atmospheric and often gruesome pixel art is akin to an advanced Altered Beast or Chakan: The Forever Man. Choosing to play as a hero will feel similar to other Fable games as you team up in third-person action RPG combat; however, those who wish to embrace their evil side will enjoy a more tactical affair of setting up traps and ordering attack units. I can’t wait to see how they will revisit the genre in HD after working on wildly different projects for years. From the look of the trailer, it’s another atmospheric, unique, beautiful, weird and slightly creepy puzzle-platformer. If you both stay alive and in close enough proximity you will stay connected, but these connections will be fleeting, so finding another person out there will be a special thing.
As always this game will feature glorious 2D animation by Lead Artist Dan Paladin, as well as voice work by BattleBlock Theater narrator Will Stamper.
Partnered with the retro look is a co-op 2D shooter revolving around a series of tough-as-nails boss encounters with devilish mermaids, giant birds and surly boxing frogs. Fight against an onslaught of crystalline enemies as you elegantly dodge their fire, systematically take them out and fulfill all your Matrix-themed fantasies.
There's still a lot of questions surrounding what ION actually is since we haven't heard anything about it since E3. The matches are fairly short, which I appreciate, but Gigantic’s new approach to the genre is what makes it unique. Larger multimedia initiatives were cut entirely or made ancillary in favor of a focus on gaming first and foremost.
The game also lacks leaderboards, killing the incentive to replay levels once they're finished.
If you've already taken the plunge and picked up the title let us know what you think in the comments. So let's take a few minutes to assess just why EA is a great choice for the franchise, and take a few more to note some potential caveats as well. There are no high entry barriers in this line and the money is also quite satisfactory," she said.
Viewers are given a virtual tour of the manufacturer's offices, labs, factories and physical stores. Chang, a China market veteran, has been managing Amazon Kindle business in China in the past three years. In the spirit of all things Sombrero we bring to you our limited celebratory specials for the day: Wear a Sombrero or authentic Mexican Poncho in to the tap room and get a complementary beer shot on us all day! We open back up to the public at 7:30pm and she will be pouring for your drinking pleasure! But that's just the problem — they are mere moments, and they are sprinkled far too conservatively amid the game's otherwise monotonous and frustrating cadence. Verdant forests in spring bloom are a close second to the game's winter wonderlands full of snow-covered treetops and acorns that roll into fluffy snowballs bigger than Yarny. But being a diminutive string creature means you're going to have to solve a puzzle around a series of knots to tie and strings to pull when you encounter bits of scenery like these, and doing so can be a lot of fun.
Players are given just enough string to get from one checkpoint to the next, meaning you must use it in the exact right way at all times. Worse, the controls often felt as though they weren't even as responsive as Yarny's rules of movement lead you to believe they should be. These are extremely relatable themes for anyone, and yet I left Unravel feeling ambivalent about its narrative, which is told through the time-honored tradition of finding trinkets in the game world that unveil words and pictures to make up a backstory. Well, delays happen, but they haven't done anything to blunt our interest in the returning 2015 titles joining all the new ones on this year's list. Why would anyone put themselves through the level of difficulty that this game will surely have? And, the Xbox One version comes with a lot of bonus maps, modes and cosmetics that weren’t there at launch. Bathoryn uses cool swords and sorcery to dispatch of his hellish enemies, but that may not keep him alive for long. I died more times than I can count back at PAX Prime trying to beat a giant frog boss, but I'm still counting down the days until release. It looks beautiful and difficult, which makes Cuphead a must try when it releases sometime this year. Each team has a guardian, a mythical monster that gains points with every kill, eventually filling a meter that releases them to fight alongside you. Finally, the Xbox One's price was temporarily (for the holidays) dropped to $350 with a $60 retail game bundled in. We've reached out to Popcap to see if it has any intentions of patching in either feature down the road but have yet to receive a formal answer, but we will update when we do. The users can enjoy the fun of shopping, sending their opinions in real time, and even participating in lucky draws," she said. She has successfully brought the Kindle full product portfolio to China, launched Fire tablet, grown Kindle e-book selection from 24,000 to 300,000 and built partnerships with more than 600 publishers. Get stocked up for the weekend and enjoy 50% off growler fills during our Growler Power Hour 12PM-1PM. We have some seriously fresh beer flowing today… Rickenbacker Czech Pilsner Flagler Saison Wynwood IPA Nutty Blonde Not feeling beer today? Even more impressive are environments like a rainy toxic waste dump and a rusted-out junkyard.
Fail to do so, and Yarny will run out of yarn to unravel, leaving you stuck and forced to backtrack, untying and retying all those knots. One area, in particular, resulted in repeated deaths because Yarny was not climbing atop the string bridge I'd made no matter how hard I pushed up on the analog stick. The story is too threadbare (sorry, couldn't help myself) to be of interest to anyone but its teller.
These little SOBs swarm around Yarny for the majority of what proves the most aggravating level in the game, only momentarily easing their otherwise non-stop assault on your aural senses when repeatedly flicked by your yarn. It’s a unique take on the 2D puzzle-platformer, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it again. Grab some friends and book the night, whether they're across the country online or at home in splitscreen. At 6pm we will tap our barrel aged Grand Pops aka Almaranta and selling Shots for $3 each while supplies last! Zip Codes 33127 & 33137 That’s a killer deal that only Happy Hour 4-7pm $1-$2 off drafts can beat! We highlight the Rickenbacker Causeway with our first production brewed Lager to join our Origin Series. Under normal circumstances, these locales would surely be ugly or even disgusting, but Coldwood's artists have magically applied a sort of grimy glamour that somehow makes you yearn to be surrounded by dead husks of cars or barrels of chemical sludge.
This caused me to continually fall to my death when it seemed as though I should have been easily climbing atop the string bridge and being right on my way. If you can't fully invest yourself in either a game's story or its gameplay, no amount of pretty moving pictures can make up for it. This historical causeway began construction in 1941 to connect Miami, Florida to the barrier islands of Virginia Key and Key Biscayne across Biscayne Bay.
Being as this is the core of the Unravel experience, that's a serious problem, and one that had me nodding off on several occasions. There also seem to be sections of the game, like one featuring lightning striking electrical wires, that were designed with the express purpose of pissing off the player. Even though I know I'll end up cursing like a sailor at it, a throwback the likes of Slain! Heck, even the big wigs in companies like this are smart enough to know that these games demand love.
We have lots of specialty beers, live music, good food and great people to make the day awesome.

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