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Conversely, an ex who suddenly becomes secretive about what he's doing may be dating someone else (or at least thinking about it).
If your ex boyfriend is asking about your own dating status, it could be because he's feeling jealous.
No breakup situation is harder to fix than one where you got caught cheating on your boyfriend. Your boyfriend's first reaction to finding out you've cheated on him will be pretty natural: hurt and outrage. Of course none of these things will help the two of you get back together, and they might even drive you further apart. You need to realize something: your boyfriend isn't ending your relationship because his love for you is gone. Your ex wants you to feel what he's going through, so he may try to make you feel that same level of pain.

When the punishment comes, reacting as if he's hurt you might actually help your cause, but don't overdo it or ask him to apologize in any way. When the anger and punishment phases of your break up have passed, you'll need to walk away from your ex boyfriend for a while.
Expressions of guilt on your part will also go a long way toward getting your ex boyfriend back. For the ultimate guide on how to handle communicating with your boyfriend after being unfaithful, check out this list of what say when you get caught cheating.
As you leave your ex to his own thoughts, he's going to turn to family and friends to get his mind off what happened.
Your relationship will change after one or both of you have cheated on the other, and there's no real way around that.
There are two guides to relationship repair that deal specifically with the subject of cheating.

The second guide, Pull Your Ex Back, manipulates the hidden emotions of your boyfriend's own thought process and uses them to quickly turn him around.
Check out our Resource Review Page for lots more detailed information on these and other instantly downloadable relationship resources. No matter what your current situation, these fast-working techniques are designed to win your boyfriend back by reversing his current emotional process.

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