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Before I really get started I want to mention that while this guide is probably one of the most in-depth ones ever created about long distance relationships it pails in comparison to my systems, Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO and The Texting Bible. In other words, if you want even more personalized and in-depth information I recommend checking those out. Long Distance Relationships- A specific type of relationship where the couple is separated by a considerable amount of distance.
Now, lets talk a little about the different kinds of long distance relationships that currently exist.Want to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes? This is another one of those stories I hear way too often when it comes to long distance relationships.
We have already established that successful couples are always communicating with each other via a phone. Actually, the first time I heard about Skype was from a buddy of mine who was dating a girl that had left for college across the country.
While things like Skype and FaceTime are fantastic tools for maintaining a technological closeness with your significant other nothing can beat actually seeing them in person. This point kind of goes hand in hand with the one above, in order to see your significant other someone in the relationship has to be willing to shell out the $’s. This may be a little controversial but this is my firm belief, no relationship can survive without sex. So, that leaves you in a really bad spot when you first embark on a long distance relationship.
My friend (who I have mentioned a couple of times already on this page already) is one of the few people I know who has made a long distance relationship work.
I wanted to put this section on this page for one simple reason, I want YOU to know if you are cut out for a long distance relationship. What I am about to say is really important so I want to make sure that you are listening because I am about to give you the key to knowing if a LDR with your ex boyfriend could possibly work if you get back together.
While you are figuring out that little nugget of knowledge I gave you in the section above lets talk about some of the things you have working against you in a long distance relationship. Make no mistake about it, being able to see someone you care about in person is a distinct advantage that regular relationships have over long distance ones.
Another negative of LDR’s is that you cannot attend your significant others birthday in person. Lets fast forward for a minute and pretend that you and your ex boyfriend got back together.
I saved this one for last for a reason, because it is the number one killer of long distance relationships. Adding insult to injury, it is likely you won’t have any clue because the two of you are separated by so much distance.
You clearly want him back but are completely unsure on how to approach things because there is a great distance separating you.
You can implement a no contact rule and work on evolving while the dust settles from the breakup fallout.
The No Contact Rule– A set period of time where you will not text, call, email, facebook, google plus, snap chat, skype or talk to your ex in any way shape or form.
Since that person emailed me wanting to know more about the guys perspective during the NC rule I figured everyone would so I wanted to put this section in. Day 30: You send out your first text to him and he literally runs around like a little girl filled with excitement. Usually, with a normal relationship I recommend that women evolve during the 30 days into basically the hottest version of themselves that ever existed. The fact that it could be months before you see your ex in person just means that you have more time to prepare, more time to knock his socks off when he sees you. I recommend picking up my book, Ex Boyfriend Recovery PRO for ideas on how you can change both mentally and physically during the NC period. You are about to find out that the rules are just a little bit different when it comes to contacting an ex in a long distance relationship. IF you do succeed in reuniting you have to find ways around the headwind I talked about above. Before I dive in to the first contact text message I just want to make you aware that the example texts found below aren’t going to be enough for you. The first contact you have with your ex should be done via a text message like I recommend throughout my site.
Remember, your first contact text message has to be so intriguing that he will have no choice BUT to respond.
The key with sending a first contact text message to a LDR isn’t to try to get him back.
If you are familiar with my monster 10k word post on how to get your ex boyfriend back then you should be familiar with this text message. Now, I do feel it is important to point out that you can’t use any sexual memories or anything of that nature yet. Of course, you do have a small problem since you were in a long distance relationship with this person. As far as using jealousy directly with your ex via a text message the key here is to be subtle. I don’t care what she looks like, as long as I am getting compliments I am doing things right. Part of the reason that I made you jump through all those texting hoops in the previous section (first contact, meme, etc) was to kind of butter your ex up for this type of a text message. If you were in a long distance relationship then I am sure you are pretty aware of what Skype and FaceTime are. Alright, you are going to make a phone call to your ex and see if you can set up a date where you two can see each other. My name is Chris, and I help millions of women per year improve themselves, and get back with their ex boyfriends to finally have the life they dreamed of.
Hey ?? I commented here about 3 months ago my story was about I was in a LDR, I’m Egyptian and he also was. Actually his words was tough He said (you’re the one who blocked me, I still have a long way to go, in terms of my career. Anyways, Leslie has recently gotten out of a long distance relationship and is wondering what to do if her ex boyfriend has gotten a new girlfriend.
Her boyfriend called her up one day and said he had an unresolved relationship he had to deal with. Do You Really Want Him BackWant to Know EXACTLY How Likely You Are to Get Your ExBoyfriend Back, in Only 2 Minutes?
The first thing that I think Leslie should consider is whether or not she really wants her ex boyfriend back.
I talk a lot about this in the episode and I even state that I think in Leslie’s case that she should move on. If Leslie does a lot of soul searching and determines that she does want her ex back then I think it’s a good idea for her to re-implement the no contact rule.
I am talking about the type of hook that makes an ex want you more than the girl he is currently dating. When he called the next day, he confessed that it was an ex-girlfriend who he was engaged to two years ago. The first thing I would say to you and the listeners is that you need to have an overlying plan when you are in a long-distance relationship. The overlying advice I’m going to give you if you do end up getting him back, Leslie, is that you need to work out some sort of plan with him. The only way that this can work is if both of you are putting in the same amount of effort. But the one thing that I’m going to leave you with today, Leslie, is that men always want what they can’t have.
Personally, if I were in his position, I would not want someone back who broke off an engagement. The other knowledge I want you to obtain, Leslie, is the fact that men always want to do what’s best for them in their relationship lives.
If you strip getting your ex-boyfriend back down to the core, it’s almost like you have to figure out what your ex-boyfriend wants in a relationship and what benefits him the most. Everything that I teach is structured around this idea that you’re hitting all these emotional hot spots. I think the very first thing you should do is determine whether or not he is worth your time. I think you could make the case and say that women are more visual when it comes to detail-oriented things.
If you’ve determined that you want him back, the thing I want you to do next is to find your hook. If this woman were to try to get her ex-boyfriend back, she would definitely leverage these hugs. I recently wrote an article on how to properly talk to a man when you’re on the phone with him. That’s going to do it for me here at Ex-Boyfriend Recovery headquarters, which is essentially my home and desk. In a few months he will be flying to Australia and we had plans to work and plan for him to get me there with him.
He hasn’t contacted me at all during my NC, I am so afraid that he has completely forgotten about me already. He sent me almost daily messages and photos, often invited me to visit, we talked every couple of weeks and after 3 months I accepted an invitation to his home for the holidays. Now I have left, he repeated he doesn’t have time for a relationship, but was keen to hear my thoughts. Hmm, I think you can do 30 day nc and refer to the first contact texts that Chris gave as an example here: Texting An Ex Boyfriend (The New Rules) and decide which onces you have more leverage with. She has the advantage of being new, a whirlwind romance that could not be realised, she strokes his ego more than I ever could, plus lives in his home town (which he hates but does visit). I have shared travel experiences, met his family and closest friends (pretty sure his mum likes me), plus he worked hard to win me over initially.
My boyfriend and I started dating before he moved away and 4 months after we continued talking and after realizing how much we cared for each other did we decide to try the LDR. Conventional wisdom suggests that when you can't keep an eye on your lover, they may be more tempted to stray. Maybe you already know that your partner's been unfaithful, but you're not ready to give up without a fight.
Perhaps you understood from the beginning that your long distance relationship would need more work. I mean, you don’t really need to know what a LDR (long distance relationship) is right?

In this type of relationship the two of you have never met on person, you have only ever met online. If you are here it is most likely because you and your ex had a long distance relationship but you are now broken up.
I mean, for god sakes there is an entire section of this website dedicated solely to texting.
I remember him telling me that they skyped every single day and it had helped a lot to maintain the closeness that both of them were so vigorously craving. I have no statistics to back up the claim I am about to make but I think women can go without sex longer than men can. You see, in order to get your ex boyfriend back if there is a considerable amount of distance separating you right now it is important to discuss all of the things that you have to overcome. Don’t get too down though because I am going to give you the tools to combat all of this headwind later in this article.
Admittedly, it will be more effective if you and your ex were used to talking to each other every single day. One of my visitors was reading through the site and found solace in a paragraph on one of the pages. Remember, this isn’t a vacation and if you want him back you have to be willing to put int the work.
That means, women in normal relationships have 30 days before they potentially could see their ex in person. If you are an avid reader of this site then you will find the next phrase I am about to say all too familiar. In this section I am going to give a pretty in-depth game plan that you should follow when talking to an ex who you were in a long distance relationship with.
With this text message you are really trying to get your ex boyfriend to remember some of the good memories you had together.
Here is an unknown fact about this site, did you know that I actually get men contacting me?
The key to pulling off a jealousy text isn’t to actually tell your ex that you are out with someone new, it is to plant the idea in their head and let their minds run wild with all kinds of assumptions.
The reason this text is amazing at making an ex boyfriend jealous is that it is so subtle that your ex has to make all kinds of assumptions. Personally speaking, I am one compliment from the opposite sex away from having a great day. Obviously, you are looking for another positive response from your long distance partner here. If not, they are essentially video software you can download to your smartphone (or computer) that will let you talk to the person face to face electronically.
Since there is long distance involved one of you is going to have to agree to come see the other one.
A kind of condensed version of getting your ex boyfriend back if you are in a long distance relationship. It’s not so easy to have that casual cup of coffee or dinner to see if things are still possible because it would involve one of us getting on a plane. Today we’re going to be combining two very complicated situations—long distance relationships and what to do if your ex-boyfriend gets a new girlfriend. It seems like he just called you up out of the blue right before Thanksgiving and said, “Hey, I need to deal with this particular thing before I can have any commitment to you.” I know it really sucks.
If you follow the advice that I’m going to lay out for you in this episode, you’re not going to be a backup plan.
If you’re going to get into a long-distance relationship where one person is putting in all the effort and the other person isn’t doing anything, that’s going to create resentment. I’ll link to it in the show notes in this episode and give you a brief summary of what it was about. Personally, if I were dating a girl, I was engaged to her and she broke off the engagement, I would not want to marry her. If he looks at you and says to himself, “Being with her will benefit me the most in a relationship,” then he’ll be with you. They bring these feelings out for him and make him think that you are the very best deal out there. I would recommend moving on because there are other guys out there that you are probably not in a place to consider right now. She would make subtle references to them throughout her conversations with him, to make him remember. I guarantee you that she would not have married me if I said, “I think about my ex-girlfriend all the time. If you are interested in commenting on this episode or asking me a question, please feel free to comment on the show notes of this episode.
I invested a future in this man, he promised to never cheat and he wanted a future with me. In the fortnight leading up to my visit he was making plans but when I arrived told me he met someone new a week before.
The other woman keeps posting on his facebook, he is not in the same place as either of us but I wonder if he messages her instead of me.
I also came across this and wondered if he is a love avoidant; it might also apply to some of the other cases. It’s like telling him one time that you like him and then not repeating again but making him want you by being mysterious and valuable. You’re right, maybe he is not that serious but she did within a week get him to commit (albeit he broke it off when I arrived), to meet with her for a talk when I was in town, and won’t let him go! If Chris has time, I would love his thoughts on my chances and by the way, I think you are wonderfully warm and kind in your replies, thank you so much!
Even worse, your boyfriend or girlfriend may have stopped responding to your letters and emails.
Today, I am going to tackle this very complex subject and give you a set of actionable steps you can take to drastically improve your chances of getting your relationship back.
In my mind, a true long distance relationship is one where you are separated by states, countries or even oceans. A couple is dating and due to a certain set of circumstances one of them has to relocate (very similarly to the marriage LDR above.) Of course, there is one BIG difference. The thing is though, when you met online you were separated by a considerable amount of distance and even today you are separated by a considerable amount of distance.
Nevertheless, you are here because you want your ex back and you are willing to do whatever it takes. Of course, couples in long distance relationships take things a step further by actually doing things together on the phone. Unsuccessful LDR’s usually have one couple member constantly freaking out over what the other one is doing.
For a couple separated by distance it is imperative that you take advantage of such electronic inventions. I don’t care what you say, in my mind nothing beats seeing someone you care about in person. He has been dating his girlfriend for about five years (two of which were long distance.) When I asked him how he did it, how he could bear being away from his girlfriend that long he muttered two simple words. I am not going to lie to you, most long distance relationships I have dealt with fall apart because they require an extreme amount of patience and dedication. Essentially I gave you the qualities that you need to have in order to be willing to have a LDR. They do their best to call each other every day but their schedules are so busy that they sometimes forget to. What it all boils down to is that when you are physical with someone it provides a sense of security and togetherness that you just can’t make up over long distance. While some guys will say they hate dating I think most of us enjoy them a lot more than we let on.
Well, in order to keep your relationship alive you have agreed that you will commute to see each other more in person.
However, even if that wasn’t the case I would still recommend doing the no contact rule.
If you do slip up and talk to your ex then you are going to have to start over from day 1 again. Now, people in long distance relationships have a pretty good advantage over normal relationships when it comes to this section.
While a lot can happen over the month I am not entirely sold on a life changing transformation happening in that amount of time. I will never forget the time when I was a little boy and went with my dad to watch him negotiate for a car at a car dealership.
Also, another little nugget of knowledge I can give you is to make sure you use a lot of details. Yes, it is a risk and you could fall flat on your face but in the end fortune favors the brave so it is time to be brave.
He left for a good job and originally we had no plans as to who would move other than knowing that we would have to be apart for at least two years due to my work here. I found this very frustrating because the foundation of a good long-term relationship is that strong friendship and history, but he’s never been in a relationship before this so he has nothing to compare it to.
Nevertheless, I still want to help her get him back so that is why there is more to the game plan than just that. I live in Georgia and I’ve been having a long-distance relationship with a guy in Colorado since last August. I had a successful long-distance relationship, in that I met my wife and we were long distance for five or six years. I’m fairly certain that, in that episode, I don’t believe that the guy in the long-distance couple that broke up found a new girlfriend. What I’m trying to explain is the roller coaster effect that this girl has on him that you do not.
Since you’re long distance, Leslie, I also recommend having a plan if you do get back together with him. If I were to assign a percentage value on your chances of getting him back, I would assign a 10% chance. He probably is in the rough time with her but if he gets in a rough time with you, will he go back to her again?
We got really close, he said I had a lot of qualities he looks for in a woman, and joked about marrying me. He doesn’t want to keep me as a friend, but I asked him get in touch sometimes just to let me know he is ok.
Mysterious meaning, he knows you like him, but then you’re not all over him while making him attractive to you physically.

Now, I do want to give you a word of warning that this page is probably going to end up being the second longest in the history of this site.
However, after time one of the couple members are presented with an opportunity that causes them to move away for a considerable distance (or in some cases they are forced to.) If you and your ex are in a situation like this then this page can work for you. Instead of relocating indefinitely the person that relocated is only going to be gone for a few months. Well, I suppose I should never say never but I am generally not a fan of them for one specific reason.
I remember staying up so late at night and literally talking until a girl would fall asleep on the phone with me. In addition, I gave you the qualities that you can’t have if you are going to do a LDR. I want you to think really hard and figure out if you think HE has what it takes to make a LDR work. The distance causes problems mostly because they haven’t seen each other in person in two months. No doubt about it this is some serious headwind that you are going to have to figure out a way to overcome. These dry spells will make that man horny and he will be more likely to cheat because of that. Where you have the advantage is the fact that it could be months before you even get to see your ex.
We want what we can’t have and since I am assuming that you want your ex boyfriend back really really badly right now he is sensing that he can have you. The thing about my dad is that he is always prepared when it comes to these types of things.
I would like to recommend that you run it through what I like to call the first contact text.
Actually, I don’t want to dive in too deeply here because I already created a post that will help you pimp out your Facebook profile and I cover jealousy in there too!
However, every once in a while there is a man that will reverse engineer the process and wind up on this site because he wants his ex girlfriend back.
If you are going to compliment your ex boyfriend who you were in a long distance relationship with you have to be really careful. I just want you to discuss your relationship and any feelings that you may be having for each other still. That will require you to clear your schedule and have some extra spending cash which is why I want you to call him and let him know (to see if he digs the idea or not.) If he does then you are in! We began to argue in November when he decided that he didn’t want to come back and instead wanted me to go there. However, I also understand that the distance made it hard to keep the romance alive and we could have definitely worked harder on that. These are specifically related to long-distance relationships, his particular situation with this girl and whether or not you should give up. Leslie’s situation is a little bit different than the last long-distance relationship episode that I did. I’m saying that because, ideally, I think you want more serious relationships than other women asking questions want. He’s the guy that made the dress that turned on fire for her.” I thought, “Of course you would remember that. When a man is sitting down and he looks at a woman, he’s going to think to himself, “How will dating her benefit me?” You need a hook. Sometimes, women who don’t care as much about getting their exes back do extremely well when they’re trying to get their exes back. When a guy is looking at this woman and brainstorming on how dating her will benefit him the most, he’s automatically going to think of the hugs.
That will give you some “call game.” It covers how to speak to him on the phone, when to end the conversation, what to do and how to stand out from his current girlfriend. I suggested we stop thinking too far ahead and enjoy the present because I wasn’t sure what I wanted at that point. I am wondering if my NC gave the wrong signals (he did message to say hello three days back but I didn’t respond). Wonder if NC was wrong for my situation, though suspect all I would have managed to do by staying in contact is leave him unable to decide between us. A lot of people have contacted me directly begging for a page like this so I took a lot of time to research and brainstorm a plan for getting an ex back in this specific circumstance. If handled incorrectly this negotiation (for the commuted) could cause a strain in your relationship.
The weekend before, he texted me to tell me that there was something unresolved—an unresolved relationship he needed to deal with before we could make any commitments.
Then I’m going to give you a game plan revolving around that and how you should approach him and your life going forward. That’s about the time I was in a long-distance relationship when I moved from Texas to Pennsylvania to be with my wife. That was scary because there was no guarantee that the relationship would work out at the time.
That had to do with clothes.” I would make the case that women are a bit more visually oriented than men when it comes to clothes or detail oriented things that men would not pay attention to. Let’s first get on good terms with him before you foray into coming up with a plan where the two of you end up together.
If my wife and I did not have a fairytale relationship and she were to tell me, “I’m still in love with my ex-boyfriend. Everything was great until early March when SZ’s ex, RT, informed him that she was pregnant.
When the project ended, he wanted to keep in touch but without committing to a relationship.
There is yet another week before my 30 days are up but I feel it would be wrong to try and come between them if they are now together.
He dropped the other girl within only a few hours of my arrival and independent of my involvement, so I thought she was not a real threat. However, a lot of people aren’t like me when it comes to long distance relationships.
These are all very important bonding moments in a relationships life and you could be missing out on them.
So, when the time came to haggle over the price the car salesman and my dad went back and forth.
It is important that YOU end it because it puts you in a position of power and will hopefully leave him wanting more.
I felt (I also told you that several times) that I was selfish and I felt obligated to tell you about it (and I did). Things were ok for the next few months and I even surprised him in February for 5 days and we had a great time.
I know a thing or two about long-distance relationships and what it takes to make them work.
There was a part where a character was being talked about who was not alive in the current movie. If you know you want him back, I want you to do another round of the 30 days of no contact. Now, three weeks after NC, she has been the one to benefit from his change of heart and my worst fear come true – I ended up being the catalyst! In a LDR that just isn’t possible and as a result you are missing out on important bonding time that could further cement your relationship. They haggled and haggled and haggled until my dad determined that he wasn’t going to be getting the price he wanted. Then about a month and a half ago he started saying that he was feeling pressured by the idea of me moving. He had a relationship with a married woman but then after two months he said he wants to make up with me. You don’t necessarily have to live together, although that seems to be the progression of things. Generally speaking, if engagements break off and come back on after this amount of time, it doesn’t bode well.
Now if you were to take that same exact girl he saw on the road but you put her 1,000 miles away, that same girl is not going to be as appealing to him as she would be if she were in person.
Attempting to get this guy back—because there are not guarantees when it comes to this—will take time.
One of my best friends dated his girlfriend (long distance) for two years and they are still together today. At the culmination of the engagement, when things were broken off, he immediately went down the hill. Because addiction runs in his family, SZ decided to leave Atlanta and attend rehab in Houston, and RT decided to end her pregnancy. I understand that he needs his space and time to get his life together, but I also don’t want him to move on and forget me. While he was in rehab, for the month of April, we emailed everyday and spoke on the phone when we could. After SZ left rehab, in May, he decided it made the most sense for him to move home to his parents house in Austin. I improved my image a lot and I had a lot of fun with my friends before moving to another city because of work. We continued to maintain our long distance relationship, but we hadn’t seen each other since March, and in late May SZ broke up with me. When I asked why, he said he had decided to get back together with his ex RT (who also lives in Atlanta where I live). Second, it’s not about how I will trust him if we get back together, but why should I. So I mailed him the belongings he’d left at my condo, and deleted his number emails, texts, and voicemails. It’s just not who I am ?? I feel like giving up, but I think that, like Leslie, I deserve better than to be a second choice.
Thank you for all of your articles; they were my daily homework that kept me busy when I was going insane.

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