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Brenda was on the train, chit chatting about how the tour was going and what you were going to say in front of the District.
You and Newt were led on a train, which was filled with food you’ve never seen in District 12. We don't store or upload video or audio file of Cute Things To Text Your Boyfriend When Hes Asleep in our hosting or our cloud storage. You covered your face with your hands and left to another part of the train where there were gigantic windows and you could see the land pass by you. You were sure Tommy was going to take care of them when you were gone but what would happen if he was Reaped?

You couldn’t help but wipe the tears from your eyes and softly sang a song you would sing your sister whenever she was scared at night.
You eventually fell asleep with the song stuck in your head and the view of District 12′s woods.
Then, you were separated from Newt and you waited in a room where you could see The Capitol from the window behind you. You got on the chariot with Newt as the music started.You kept thinking what Alby told you.
When you were outside, it was night time and Capitol residents were cheering their heads off.

You didn’t like it at first but you ended up taking his hand as the chariots came to an end.

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