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When it comes to getting revenge, people usually seem pretty divided on whether it’s a good idea or not. The EG universe is not an actual world - it's a mirror-based dimensional prison for Equestria. Nobody ages in this universe - Starswirl banished the Sirens there hundreds of years ago, Sunset ran away there at least three years ago, (Since she won the crowning election three years in a row), yet when Twilight arrives they're all teenagers the same age. Possibly - but Narnia also has its' own diverse territories and unique populations, which the EG world doesn't seem to have. Whatever change a true Equestrian sets in place, all the reflected EG citizens go along with unquestioningly - even the adults. Twilight is a much more grey hero than she appears, and Sunset Shimmer can't pull off social manipulation more complicated than posting embarrassing pics of her enemies.
Then, in addition to the song and dance to generate popularity, she also proactively destroyed Sunset's image on a meta-game theory level by trashing the gym, assuming that Sunset would be a more likely suspect, with the plan to "unite the school in its darkest hour" by volunteering to clean up the villain's mess. The reason Sunset is acting so cheesy when handing over the evidence of Twilight's guilt is because she was so ecstatic that she had lucked into something much much worse than failing at soccer. Jossed: Sunset is clearly ordering Snips and Snails to do something with a wicked grin on her face, and we see her gather evidence on the team during a comic. As Sonic Generations has taught us, the best way to celebrate a milestone like this is to celebrate the franchise's history. The ponies will fight a space-time anomaly while Twilight is moved back and forth between the different worlds by the power of Discord. Sadly this might already be Jossed, not because of a rumored leak but Hasbro did announce that they intend to launch a new My Little Pony IP with the TV Movie, so basically a spin-off. In the sense that it'll either mangle nearly everything that bronies fell in love with in the first place or it'll be executed so badly. Now that you've come up with this theory, let's hope the universe does everything it can to keep it from happening.
Assuming that it's Top Draw Animation's 66-minute "DVD" work◊ for DHX Media, it's still handled by the same studio. Looking at the general response from bronies to the recent posters, it seems like its heading in this direction. Then again, as a group, bronies are so broad that even something like Equestria Girls might be appealing to at least one subset of bronies.
Half Jossed - A good number of bronies hated it, some even seeing the shout-outs (especially the Derpy cameos) as an attempt to cover up bad writing. The Movie will be a alternate continuity where they show how the lessons from the show would work in real life.
If they're going to go to high school, they might want to join some extra-curricular activities, and since flying or applebucking is out of the picture, it would be awesome if one of them decided to try out a club that isn't thought of as feminine. Well, nothing happened in-universe like that, but since Rainbow is stated to be "the captain of practically every team at Canterlot High" you can't say she's NOT on the wrestling team. OK, so the plot seems to be about the ponies entering a portal to the real world, becoming humanized in the process. The plot is set in motion when Trixie, depressed over her lack of progress in her career, turns Equestria into a High School A.U. Ironically, pulling something that level of reality-altering magical manipulation should catapult her into the running Princess-hood. As another alternative, Nightmare Moon is the result of Luna having an odd form of Dissociative Identity Disorder.
Probably Jossed since we never see her with anyone else, but she does get what appears to be a love letter which could constitute as a Fandom Nod. The "High School" would also have Middle and Elementary divisions and the CMC (including Babs) and perhaps Spike are students.
There will be a "Defense Against the Dark Arts" teacher with King Sombra attached to the back of his head.
The Wondercolts are the school mascot, so, I'm gonna go with "Confirmed" because that makes them the mascot of all the sports teams. The Changelings are foreign exchange students from an aggressive foreign country, modelled after the real life designated aggressive nations like North Korea. The now-Confirmed (as of May 2014) spinoff series aside, nearly everything here is Jossed regarding the movie.
This movie will be like that one scene in The City of Clipsville where the girls imagined that they were ditzy teens who hanged out in the mall.
The idea being similar to Ponyo, where the more of the elements they use, the more pony-like they become and thus risk blowing their already rather flimsy cover.
The Changeling Kingdom is in this world is modeled as a real life aggressive nation, the likes of North Korea.
Neither confirmed nor jossed and likely will remain that way for sometime unless a spinoff series is made.
It's an ancient and important artifact for the Crystal Empire and Twilight was in charge of taking care of it. It is in fact the very Element of magic that Twilight commands, the most powerful of the Elements, with it gone all the other elements are useless and Equestria susceptible to attack. If you're an Evil Overlord and you've got a magic mirror that leads to another world, you're probably going to want to use it as some point.

The new characters that greatly resemble most of the mane cast will be voiced by different VA's. Going by the synopsis of Twilight encountering inhabitants of the parallel universe that bare a strong resemblance to her friends seems a bit unnecessary.
Because that'd actually be pretty cool and be able to prove it has Visual Effects of Awesome as much as its parent. The human ponies will all have valley girl accents and do nothing but paint their nails and talk about boys. Going by the recent synopsis, the only one who is visiting the new dimension is Twilight while the other human ponies are apparently separate characters. It's not so much high school itself, but the fact that she's traveling to another dimension. The Total Drama contestants will be split into two teams, this time there are no reward challenges and one teen will be voted off in every episode. I understand the motives behind revenge: someone hurt you and now you want to hurt them back.
Nobody's gone anywhere, nobody's graduated - they're all stuck in the same high school town forever.
So you can go there and come back in 3 days and everything seems normal, but from the EQG side the portal is always open and if you miss your window you come back and suddenly it's 3 years later. That would also mean spoiler since Twilight modified the portal to always be open, time will start flowing normally in the EG universe - will still be an effective prison? Sunset Shimmer convinced everyone she was in charge of their school before ever getting Twilight's tiara.
Operating on a Machiavellian psychology, Twilight repaired the relationships of the Mane Five by pointing at Sunset Shimmer as a convenient scapegoat, whom did not send them false messages. She was nearly caught, and is about to tearfully confess her guilt to Vice Principal Luna before Flash, who knows of Snips's and Snails's reputation for constantly gathering blackmail material and easily intimidates it out of them after seeing his crush in trouble, bails her out with an example of photo faking so thoughtlessly done that, if you pay attention, confirms Twilight as the one who trashed the gym: Twilight has access for hours before and after the cafeteria scene, since she wasn't actually attending classes (Sunset, presumably, did not have that same opportunity). The movie will celebrate MLP in all forms, from the adventure-based G1, to the overly sweet Slice of Life of G3, to the mixed approach of G4.
Still, nothing says that Season 4, with 26 episodes, can't handle the Milestone Celebration. The one thing that bronies have in common is that they're mostly adults or at least "too old" to be watching a pony cartoon and they like animation. There's a number of shout-outs in the movie (including a couple of Derpy cameos) and the movie is a pretty solid Base Breaker (some liked it, some hated it).
It takes place in the exact place that it came out during the series' continuity: in between Seasons 3 and 4. That's a solid foundation for a Viral Marketing campaign: weird things are entering our world and we're not sure why. She has the general attitude, but doesn't have the popularity needed for it, as befits her Small Name, Big Ego problems.
Luna tried to pursue an acting career when she was younger, and her most successful role was a B-Movie horror villain named Nightmare Moon. However, Luna and Celestia did show off their authority sides in the movie, something that never actually gets shown. She was pronounced cured some unspecified time ago and has since returned to her old job as vice principal. Can anyone tell me what happens when I drop this pound of sodium into this bucket of water? But there was no big deal made of her being new; she was treated like any new student would be (which is ironic, considering what her name is a shout out to). Twilight's magic doesn't work, but there are elements like Sunset's transformation and Spike as a dog speaking, but in comparison to the regular show, where these aspects are taken for granted, they're somewhat out of place in the context of the human world which is otherwise typically normal. The more humanized Mane 6 are the Human Mane 6, natives of the humanized Alternate Universe and the stars of the Equestria Girls spin-off. Twilight (and Spike for some reason, who becomes a dog according to the trailer) are the only ones actually from Equestria.
The Human and Pony Mane 6 (outside of Twilight) are different identities though sharing common personalities. In the climax, the Human Mane 6 gain pony ears, hair that emulates tails, and in the case of Twilight, Fluttershy, and Rainbow, wings. As some have noted, for most of the characters, they translated pony age to human age - but as ponies mature faster than humans, then in human age they are mostly upperclassmen at school rather than young adults holding their own jobs. Ponies do mature faster than humans which would actually suggest that from a years not maturity standpoint the ages are likely increased not decreased even ignoring that Equestria is clearly still an Agrarian society and it's entirely plausible that teens in that world are treated as full adults, it wasn't that long ago in human(Western) history that the same was true. Sunset Shimmer apears to steal the crown and escape into the human world, with Twilight going after it.
The reason there is no magic in the human world is because Sombra made off with the equivalent of the human's element of magic and fled to Equestria. Being native to a Sugar Bowlesque world, where a place like the Everfree Forest is considered weird for having nature manage itself, a world more similar to our world would be much like visiting an Eldritch Location.
At the start, pre-human, Twilight's still coming to grips with her new princess title and one she resents.
In a situation parallel to the original Twilight's, the Alternate Twilight will have jumped through the mirror on her world simultaneously, emerging in the original universe as a pony.

It's hinted that the human Twilight and dog Spike are off in a city somewhere while pony-cum-human Twilight is present. The animated reality competition series Total Drama Revenge which is produced by Fresh TV goes back to the original island where the drama began in season one — this time with an all-new cast! Athletic overachiever Lightning, wide-eyed bubble-boy Cameron, multiple personality Mike, take-no-prisoners jock Jo, devious Scott, fame-monger Dakota, indie chick Zoey, compulsive liar Staci, strong silent genius B, fake tan and hairspray lover Anne Maria, moonchild Dawn, nice-guy gamer Sam and cadet Brick. There is one chance for salvation when host Chris unveils an immunity statue, shaped in his own likeness, to be hidden somewhere on the island. The series first debuted in 2007 on Teletoon in Canada and then aired on Cartoon Network, where it attracted excellent ratings and numerous fans worldwide.
When both Twilight and the Sirens started singing their campaigns in the cafeteria, the rest of the school immediately started going along with it - regardless of whether or not magic was involved. They have been friends long enough to have exchanged numbers and e-mail, so they were all actually mean to each other and just wanted a fault-free reason to make up, which Twilight provided.
It will even add representation from G2, even when its only alternate media was a computer game.
Bronies technically are not supposed to BE there, let alone have many things Pandering to the Fanbase.
Friendship Is Magic was designed to be appealing to both children and their parents, the later which are virtually indistinguishable from most bronies. Besides stuff like Trixie, Derpy, and the Cutie Mark Crusaders aren't just to pander to the fanbase. You can probably claim RD as part of any team you want, from wrestling to cheer; the only team we know she's on is soccer.
Viral Marketing also seems like a pretty good way to take advantage of the show's online fanbase. The more anthropomorphized Mane 6 are the Pony Mane 6: the stars of Friendship is Magic who have been sent to the human universe.
But, we have the CMC pushed up in age to be freshmen (as to be in school), and other characters like Big Mac and Photo Finish pushed down in age to also be in school. Celestia tasks her because without the Element of Magic, the remaining Elements would be unable to protect Equestria. Maybe the area he connected to was empty of potential slaves and resources, and getting to a place that he could effectively exploit would take too much time and effort in light of already having an enslaved population. Her actions in the human world (including becoming Princess of the Fall Formal) help to bolster her spirits and when she returns, she's less reluctant to take up her role. Now instead of being an Ordinary High-School Student (well, ordinary by her universe's standards), she's the student of Princess Celestia, and she has to get accustomed to her new quadrupedal form and friends that remind her of the friends she had in her own universe until the original Twilight sorts things out and both Twilights get each others' lives back. Since the show has gone global, Camp Wawanakwa has been abandoned and turned into a toxic nuclear waste dump — the perfect place for new and painful, cringe-inducing challenges! Whoever finds the statue wins immunity from elimination for one radioactive campfire ceremony. I’d WATCH MY BACK, REALLY CAREFULLY, THERE IN SERBIA, IF I WERE YOU, dip stick, in SERBIA!!!! But then again, seeing as the comic series seems to be pandering more to the Brony demographic (Because let's face it, how many kids in the show's intended demographic are going to have access to comics?
However, Season 4 itself never references the movie at all (though pony!Flash Sentry does cameo in two episodes, including speaking in the finale).
You could have, say, a fake monster-sightings site where people report sightings of Discord or Ursas. Pony Twilight casts a spell to help her and her friends blend in with humans, not realizing they've just made themselves look really creepy by human standards.
Or if turning into a human makes him unable to use magic as a unicorn would, he'd hate the place. Hasbro is tired of dealing with a recording studio 2000 miles and an international border away, so they decided to record this movie in Hollywood. Those chances are slim and all but one contestant will be catapulted off the island via the Hurl of Shame! Most stores out here don't even sell comic books targeted at demographics below eleven outside of the kids section, and most grocery stores, magazine racks, and newsstands don't even carry comics that aren't Archie). Thus, LA-based Tara Strong is still voicing Twilight, but none of the other VA's will be involved. There's also the fact that she's spontaneously changing species to something that's very alien to her: Becoming bipedal, gaining hands and feet, fingers and toes. You could have an informational newsletter detailing the Mane Six's misadventures in high school.
Plus the strange beings inhabiting this dimension bare a very creepy resemblance to her own friends. As for Celestia and Luna it's probably best to leave them out of any equation since it's extremely difficult to get any sort of fix on them but if you want to account for them the easiest answer (for me) is that they are magical in both worlds. Talking Spike, a portal to Equestria and functioning Elements of Harmony suggest that magic is rare not impossible on the other side.

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