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Winning the heart of a Sagittarius man may not be as easy as pie, but to attract a Sagittarius man is not hard.
The Sagittarius man will trust you fully, but break that trust and it will be lost forever.
Dona€™t try faking anythinga€”not even your laughtera€”as the Sagittarius man can pick up on it. I love spending time in the outdoors, riding motorbikes, reading good books and watching old movies. I always raise a smile when my readers ask me about the love compatibility between a Cancer woman and Sagittarius man because every time I write a horoscope compatibility analysis involving Sagittarius, it’s actually pretty easy. So if we see ourselves in the person that we are talking to, we tend to view them more favorably than people that seem visibly and emotionally different from us.
Sagittarius knows how to pick up these signals and know how to throw these signals back at you. There’s a lot more to the story than the Sagittarius man being able to get along with a Cancer woman. Cancer woman and Sagittarius man love compatibility is not really a problem when it comes to hitting things off. They fully understand that for a person to reach a high stage of fulfillment, self-actualization and transcendence, there has to be a solid foundation where the basic needs are met. Unfortunately, for earth signs like the Cancer, the Capricorn and others, they tend to focus on this level and they tend to get stuck there. To make matters worse, they tend to cross the line between being materialist and materialistic.
Others use their emotions, others use their ideals while others tend to look at more basic things like what kind of job you have, how much money you make, what your long-term goals are or do you have money saved up for retirement and where to do you go on vacation.
Being materialistic means that you read emotional truths and philosophical truths and depth from material signals and this can lead to all sorts of problem.
It’s not uncommon for materialists to look at people as means to an end rather than ends in of themselves. If anything the Cancer focus on long-term commitments is precisely the kind of challenge that the Sagittarius man needs in his life to really start paying attention to emotional depth. This is why it’s very important for the Cancer woman to be very clear to the Sagittarius man early on in their relationship as to what her expectations are. Make no mistake about it, Cancer woman and Sagittarius man love compatibility can lead to a happy place. I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others.
Pisces you are the mystic of the Water signs, sometimes even a mystery to yourself – the frequently changing ‘mutable’ Water sign. As the ‘mutable’ Water sign, you mutate from feeling to feeling, plan to plan, vision to vision.
The mythic tales of your two rulers – Jupiter and Neptune, give extra insight into your journey as a Pisces. With Jupiter representing the quest for adventure and wisdom and Neptune the search for transcendence, their special message to Pisces is to follow your dreams with your feet on the ground. Foods for Health: Green leafy vegetables, cucumber, strawberries, raisins, dates, figs and nuts. You can find out more about the current planetary influences specific to your sign if you check the Current Planetary Transits Astrological Interpretations. It's the Archer which represents Sagittarians, although in this case it's a Centaur (half man, half beast) which is flinging the arrows. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
Find the Right Answer… And More AS SEEN ON TV How Do You Win the Heart of a Sagittarius Man ? This is of course a turn-on to the typical Sagittarius woman, because a Sagittarius woman is very direction-oriented. Nothing turns her on more than seeing ambitious, decent-looking guys chasing their dreams and making things happen.
In other words, there’s a lot of projected strength, but once you get past this, or situations change so much that challenges come that the outer appearance goes away, there’s lots of insecurities inside. While they may be able to make a lot of money and reach the top of their careers, when they come home, they still have to deal with what’s inside. A fully-evolved Cancer man turns his back on the whole notion of projecting strength, and focuses instead on strength that comes from within.
This means that you have a lot of integrity, and people are drawn to you due to the strength of your character.
The truly evolved Cancer man says no to all this and basically lives his life with a high degree of moral and emotional integrity.
These are important factors to keep in mind when looking at Sagittarius woman and cancer man love compatibility. The Cancer man admires Sagittarius women often from afar, because of their perceived strength.

This is very appealing to a Cancer man because he has to work hard to project whatever strength he is projecting. Once a Sagittarius woman becomes emotionally intimate with a Cancer man, the first thing she will realize is that he is a very gentle person inside. Unfortunately, Sagittarius women can often let the goat part of their personality get the best of them, and they end up butting heads with their Cancer partner. That exoskeleton that you see on a crab, look at it as an emotional exoskeleton and you have yourself a male human Cancer.
They feel that they want you to stick around and don’t want to offend you, but they don’t feel that you’re worth the time and bother to actually work things through. Sagittarius woman might be emotionally immature and might not even notice this for the first few years, but if you want a truly deep relationship, you will notice this.
Sagittarius woman and Cancer man love compatibility has a lot going for it, but it does have a lot of challenges as well.
If you are a free spirit, love adventure and have a great passion for life, this charming zodiac sign is the ideal man for you! Even after your third or fifth date, you still need to keep them wondering and guessing about you. If you can bring a smile to his face or, even better, laughter, you are well on your way to attracting a Sagittarius man. To turn him on, you must smell fresh, look good enough to pull through a ring and always be graceful. If you have a bubbly personality, love fun and games and avoid negativity, you may just have the requirements to attract a Sagittarius man! Giving him some space and freedom will do wonders for your relationship and always make him happy.
On the other hand I love cooking, clothing, fashion and fitness, therefore I spend hours researching and writing blogs, articles and more on these subjects. Materialist people are no more culpable or morally suspect than an idealist or an emotionalist. Why get dragged down to all the seriousness and gravity of a deep relationship especially if you’re not a very mature person. If confronted with the right challenge and given the right partner, the Sagittarius man can settle down and can get off the fence. The Water element means you are a feeling type, motivated by strong emotions, visionary impulses and feeling attachments.
This makes you highly creative or gifted at working with other people and sometimes just predictably unpredictable. A caring sensitive nature, with the ability to ‘tune-in’ to others, ancient Arabic Astrology describes you thus: “Pisces are of cold and humid nature (aqueous).
Centaurs were the intellectuals of ancient Roman mythology, and Sagittarians are quick to consider themselves their modern-day counterparts. In terms of surface appearances and in my experience of these two signs they can get along quite well in most aspects of relationships.
They look like they’re going places in life; they look like they have their heads screwed on right, and it would be a good idea to be with them as they make their journey forward in life.
Regardless, it exists, and it’s this deep underlying emotionalism and the insecurity driving it that really colors their whole life. The Cancer can remain in this perpetual adolescent stage, and basically be very insecure and try to do things based on a deep seated insecurity, and achieve some level of success. Strength that comes from within is being emotionally stable and authentic, and being emotionally sure. There’s a lot of strength that emanates from this, and he can achieve a lot of success, but in his mind, the real success is to get control over this boiling sea of emotions and sensitivity, and have it make sense. You have to understand that when you see a Sagittarius woman chasing her dreams and making her dreams come true, whether in the career field, in the field of romance, and other areas, you can’t help but respect the willpower and the strength needed to make that happen. Sagittarius can focus like no other sign and it is a key trait of almost every person born under Sagittarius.
Because deep down inside, he is very soft and there’s a lot of doubt, there’s a lot of perceived weakness, there’s a lot of insecurity. There is a lot of soft emotion and a lot of kindness there, and this is very reassuring and comforting to the Sagittarius woman. Basically, they would just project a certain image, a certain emotional range, and never get past that, because they feel that you’re not worth it. This can be very frustrating, because when a Cancer walls you off emotionally, your relationship is stuck on neutral. The key to Sagittarius and Cancer love compatibility really involves the maturity levels of both partners in my experience.
He is a hot-blooded man, adventurous, funny and kind, but also highly spirited and will not be found in book clubs, on dating sites or playing golf.
Look for him in bars, casinos, on cruise ships or any other activity that includes risk and exploration. Be spontaneous and travel with little notice, have a candlelit dinner for no reason and make sure to visit that new club in town.

Yes, they seek a woman who is mysterious and even aloof at times, but this does not include dishonesty!
Dona€™t just jump at him and agree with everything, playing hard to get is a fun way to attract this man.
If you want to attract a Sagittarius man, you must have a love for mysterious and wondrous adventures. Cancer and Taurus women will find him even more of a challenge to attract, but nothing is impossible! After all, the Cancer tends to look at material things as building blocks of emotional security and even spiritual fulfillment. In fact, they have the game mastered so much that they have a tough time deepening their relationships. You are the sign most likely to motivate yourself to do something by saying you will never do it again. Their angel rules…luminous bodies and the tenebrous bodies and in particular it holds the keys to the creation of animals”. Sagittarians are truth-seekers, and the best way for them to do this is to hit the road, talk to others and get some answers. Those born under this Sign are clear thinkers and choose to look at the big picture most of the time. They project this external show that seems to indicate that they have their act together, but deep down inside, they are falling apart, or there’s a big, empty void inside. It’s just how you manage it and how you evolve and your personality is polished with time and experience. They can throw in everything they have to go one direction, focus everything on a goal, and keep at it until that goal becomes reality.
You will most likely find him in the clubs dancing the night away, mountain climbing or exploring the wild.
Always seeking new adventure and exploring new destinations will make the Sagittarius man the happiest person on Earth! Even a picnic or a day trip hiking, fishing, horse riding will soothe the Sagittarius mana€™s heart.
You have to understand that it’s human nature to get along better with people that are like us.
He lived there in secret, then returned full grown and overthrew Saturn, just as had been foretold. It’s not uncommon for a woman to find herself in a long-term live in relationship with a Sagittarius man and have that last 10 to 15 years only for the relationship to break up. Indeed just as animals pick up changes in the weather before humans, so Pisces tends to pick up changes in the emotional atmosphere before most other signs. This accomplished, he forced Saturn to regurgitate his siblings and one of these was Neptune.
The Sagittarian-born are keenly interested in philosophy and religion, and they find that these disciplines aid their internal quest. The alternative to this, for better or for worse, is a Sag who can become argumentative and blunt.
So IF im cranky you now KNOW why,and if i seemed piss its probable cause the pain i feel!!!!
You are most happy when you can follow your dreams, while intimately linking with other people’s dreams.
You are the ‘night sign’ of planet Jupiter, expressing Jupiter’s wisdom quest in a more private introverted way than Jupiter’s other sign – Sagittarius. At the end of the day, what Sagittarians want most is to know the meaning of life, and if they accomplish this while feeling free and easy, all the better. That's not to say that these folks are intransigent -- Archers will listen to what others have to say, in keeping with the Mutable Quality assigned to this Sign. Indeed, Sagittarians are enthusiastic consumers of information (and enthusiastic in general), the better to get the answers they need. In the body Pisces rules the feet, the lymphatic and glandular systems and the synovial fluids.
Whether the ‘secret time’ takes the form of a spiritual practice, a love of reading fiction, some version of a ‘quiet drink’ each day, or artistic solitude, depends on the individual Pisces. Sometimes your Pisces soul craves drama and achieves it via a clandestine affair or a fated but flawed partnership. Mythic Jupiter was tied eternally to his wife, the very jealous Hera but repeatedly had secret affairs. The most receptive of the signs and often wildly sociable, Pisces is happiest when all the worldly activities are complimented by secrets and solitude. Neptune endows an other-worldly quality that must be somehow integrated for Pisces to feel whole.

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