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And funny thing about this recliner – this chair is what started the whole rearranging and redecorating. Because Hubby is not a negotiator and he went without me to look at and buy this chair, he paid the full asking price of $60 for this Lazy Boy recliner from 1972 – we know the year because we found a tag with the manufacturing date. I HIGHLY recommend writing on the pieces you take off so you can figure out where they went if you are using them as fabric patterns.
By this point I was convinced that the chair had once resided in a household of cats as I had that special tickle in my throat (I’m allergic to cats).
I bought 50% off clearance upholstery fabric and supplies for $80, so all told this chair cost $140 – well under the $200 budget I gave Hubby.
Since Sew in Tune starts next week, I’m going to put this series on hiatus, but it will be back in March. Spam attacts on this website have become extraordinary, so the user registration has been turned off. I had that in mind when we started, and then I realized about 5 pictures in that it is a much more detailed process than the space of one tutorial post would allow. Hubby (wise man) sensing that this would be the only way he would get any type of recliner, agreed to the budget and to let me pick the style.
And the nice thing about the stage is that for big venues like I worked in, you don’t have to make sure the details look good up close as long as it looks good from the audience. We took a lot and there were still a few things we couldn’t remember how to put back together without a lot of discussion.

We borrowed my parents’ gun and it made a HUGE difference over previous projects we had done with a regular and electric staplers.
Adding that to the $63 I spent on the other chair and table  this brings my redecorate price tag to $203 so far.
Although there are various other ways to make nail buttons, this method uses a standard button die to make the button.
He claimed that he wanted one forever and I would never let him get one, etc, etc, sob, whine, beg (wonder where his kids get it from?).
Because a semi-attached back tufted recliner is probably the hardest reupholstering project one could undertake.
Which also means you can skip or half-do the backs of things, because the audience doesn’t see that. When we sit on the sofa he lies on us.Saw snow for the first time on Sunday and is addicted to it. He even used to jump in the tub with Madison whenever he was in the bathroom with us.A  Thank goodness I finally broke him of that habit though.
He really seems to love going to school.A  It seems that Shiloh loves life and everyone that comes into his.
He is excellent with other people, cats, dogs etc.A  He waits for the mailman everyday- for him to pet him over the fence!
They were going to be euthanized at the SPCA but we saved them in the nick of time and now we are fostering them until they are old enough to be adopted to permanent homes.Scout loves them!

Ia€™m sure John will have more details (and pictures too) about this, but Lexi has been a great hunting dog too. She gives him kisses all the time and he is just starting to learn how to play fetch with her. I will send some pictures when the baby arrives so you can really see how big Lexi has gotten.
The vet was very impressed with her and even said that he hasn't seen a puppy that nice in a long time. She is picking it up fast she hasn't one time since she came home had an overnight accident. She was the youngest puppy there and she was just so excited that she just ran around in circles trying to get other dogs to chase her.A  She still LOVES to swim just as much as when she was very little. The only newest picture that I have of her is with Allen snuggling on the couch-which is their absolute favorite thing to do.

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