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When your teen son’s grades are suffering, it can make you feel worried about his future, frustrated that he doesn’t seem to care about school, and concerned that he’s got some mental or physical health issues. There are a number of reasons for a teenage boy’s academic decline, and some are more serious than others.
The solution for parents is to tap into the vast amount of information available online, in books and at the school for tips on boosting study skills and setting and achieving goals.
For many teens, their problems are more serious and affect their grades even more strongly. The solution for emotional, behavioral or mental health issues in troubled teens is to get professional help. When teens are not doing well in school, parents must step in and help them get back on track.
Any or all of these reasons can result in a drop in academic performance, and it’s important to identify what’s happening as soon as possible so you and your son’s teachers can take action right away.

Identifying the root cause of the school struggles can help parents decide what course of action to take.
Often, teens simply don’t know how to study effectively once they hit harder classes in junior high and high school Some teenagers aren’t experienced in time management, asking for help from teachers or tackling bigger or in-depth projects. Inquire about tutors, after school programs and more to help teach teens how to do better in school. Instead of frustration and discouragement about school, teens will soon feel motivated, determined, committed and successful.
Parents aren’t on their own either—school counselors, school administrators, therapists, doctors and others are ready and willing to work together to support the struggling teen. Other teens are overscheduled with extracurricular activities, hobbies and jobs and may simply not be able to put in the time they need to sustain grades. When these issues are not treated, they can affect the way a teen interacts at school with teachers and peers.

School counselors can help the teens with classes, teachers and individual education plans. Parents should also remember that teenage boys can be especially reluctant to communicate, and will often avoid anything that might be seen as critical of themselves and their academic failures. In extreme cases, alternative schools like therapeutic boarding schools can help teens repair credit, get regular therapy and regain academic standing.
Communicating and taking action are the best things that parents can do to help their teenage son recover academically and move forward toward success.

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