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One day I asked the Universe a€?What is the most important job in the world?a€? Is it to be president of a country, how about CEO of a large corporation, a doctor or a scientist? A tumblr dedicated to the relationship between Kathryn Nolan and Regina Mills from ABC's Once Upon a Time. Proof that the Muse has been incredibly temperamental for a while - this prompt was from April.
Regina wrapped her fingers around slender wrists and tugged, ignoring Kathryn’s hasty protests as she pulled the other woman down on top of her on the couch.
Regina hesitates in the hallway, the soft beep of machines coming from the rooms on either side of her.
Memories of a beautiful blonde princess riding a grey dapple mare alongside your faithful chestnut gelding. Abigail had been taken away then but you had let her walk away this time, just let her walk away from you.
As the line clicks off, the two of you never say goodbye, you hear Henry’s footsteps on the stairs and he appears in the doorway.
After waking up from an operation, and still hopped up on anesthesia, this kid tells his mom that he and "his boy, Rocco" killed people in Dubai. Officials in Jackson, Mississippi, finally took action after residents threw a birthday party for a big pothole. The Universe answered, a€?The most important job is helping people to grow.a€? The people may be our children, clients, family, friends or co-workers.
The woman lying next to her groans into her pillow, lifting her head enough to look at the clock beside the bed.
She can do this, she tells herself, and yet her feet remaining planted firmly in the same spot. Between meetings, unveiling monuments and making public statements about the most trivial of town matters, there are countless places to be, people to stalk, documents to forge, and basic elements of reality to invent. Her arms wrap around your neck and yours instantly settle around her waist though a little awkwardly at first because you aren’t used to her body being pressed to yours anymore, to the smell of cherry blossoms and lavender and something completely her. Memories of a beautiful night spent laying beneath the stars as your mother and father talked with King Midas and the two of you slipped away. As the minutes you thought it would take turn to hours you feel worry creep into your chest.
The Arizona student, who attended Red Mountain High School, exposed his genitals in his high schoola€™s varsity football team photo after being dared to do so by a teammate.
In order to help others to grow, first we have to grow.A A  Imagine that your mind is a garden of fertile soil and that any seed (thought) you plant in it will grow and develop into what you will reap.
And yet this would almost be like a step back – Kathryn has been living with Regina and Henry for a few weeks, unable to keep living in that house.

Memories of the first time you called her Abby and the smile that lit up her features and your world.
You dial the number from memory, not because you’ve dialed it so often but because you almost have too many times to count. You want to go look for her but something tells you not to leave Henry tonight, something that knows fate better than you do. The photo was then published in the schoola€™s yearbook a€” somehow without a single person noticing. Beyond other abortion clinics, we specialize in the treatment of pelvic pain, painful sex, fibroids and heavy periods. In a real garden you cannot expect to plant a bean seed and be disappointed or upset when carrots pop up. Memories of your mother finding the two of you settled under your apple tree, Abby’s back resting against your chest as the two of you discussed the future. Memories of Abby’s father smiling as he saw how happy you made his daughter and that happiness causing him to give his blessing. No matter how hard you pray, affirm or visualize or complain about it, your carrot seeds will never become beans. Well Stop stressing yourself and crying in silence everything is now solved, with Mama love luck spells, Good Charm spells and life success spells everything will get back to Normal. Get Married in happy marriage spell, Return Your Lost Lover in just 2DAYS even when gone for long time.
Still people who plant seeds of doubt, negativity, pessimism resentment and hatred (to name a few)A  or try to make someone change into who they want them to be, become angry, disillusioned or depressed when their harvest is not what they have been asking for.
So how do we prepare and plant a mind garden that will yield the harvest we desire and long for?Pull Out the Weeds!A  These weeds may come in the form of people, places, things, thoughts or actions. Stop Barrenness (have chidren).Do not end up being in a relationship with someone you don’t love just because your true crush is not interested.
If you spend time with someone and his or her energy brings you down, makes you doubt yourself or encourages negative thinking in you, then that person is a weed. If you own something that brings back unpleasant memories, pull it out of your space and donate it or give it away.
Remember that something that carries a negative energy for you will not be the same for someone else as they dona€™t have the memories attached to it.
If you do things that cause you to feel bad, stop doing them and likewise if you find yourself thinking thoughts that do not serve your highest gooda€¦stop thinking them! They are weeds in the garden of your mind and they will not yield the bountiful, beautiful crop that you wish for.Prepare the SoilAll right, so youa€™ve been pulling weeds out but find that their roots are too deep and although you throw out the top, they grow back again and even multiply! What is a gardener to do?A  There are two things that you need: weed killer and fertilizer.

Weed killer is finding someone who can help you get to the core (often the root lies in childhood or past lives) and release the roots of the thoughts and beliefs that no longer serve you.
They are not about you being a good or bad person, only energy that needs to be released so you can fertilize your mind soil.
This fertilizer comes in many forms: positive affirmations, classes, books, CDs, DVDs and anything that awakens you to the truth and inspires you.
Friends who encourage you to be your best are a potent fertilizer for helping you change your thoughts and your life!Remove the Rocks!A rock symbolizes a hardened complex of beliefs that stand in the way of your new garden.
Rocks could be a collection of beliefs from a religion, your family, society or any other source that has trained you that you must sacrifice yourself for the whole or believe and do what you are taught and not what your heart desires. Dynamite may come in the force of inner work and going back to the time before the rock was hardened so that you can take back the freedom and joy that is your true right. Close your eyes for a moment take a deep breath and just imagine who or what is a rock in your garden.
Notice the first thought that comes to you because this is the rock you need to remove to grow your garden.Choosing and Planting the SeedsMake a list of the things that you desire in your life. To plant a garden you must make your plan first and be willing to nourish the seeds you plant. If you go to the store and pick up a handful of seed packets and put the seeds in the ground without much thought, you may forget what you planted or what kind of care each variety needs.
Ita€™s better to plant one seed, nurture it and see the results than to plant too many and lose focus.Making a visual of your garden plan is a great idea to remind you of your seeds and of your intentions every time you look at it.
You might take a piece of paper and make a colorful sign at the top with Your Name and garden; Like Suziea€™s Garden and write the things that you desire on little seeds or signs in the garden. Make sure they get sunshine a€“ play and happy thoughts, fun activities and joyful moments. Water your seeds each day: say your affirmations, read or listen to positive information to wash away the negative thinking and refresh your garden with thoughts that grow your seeds. Stay away from poisons that cause your seeds to shrivel and die: negative people, situations, movies, books, music and such. And one of the most important thing a€“ imagine your garden is grown and you are harvesting the efforts of your work.

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