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It is time to make sure you are getting the most out of your life a€“ and that you are finally living your dreams and not someone elsea€™s! Fun and Focus is an intensive workshop, it is a physical (not too physical a€“ although you do have to get off your chair and participate in all of the fun activities!) and emotional workout!
Each participant can expect to have clarity on the direction of their lives and a plan to make sure they take action (of course taking action is totally up to the participant and the best results always come from taking MASSIVE action).
Access to highly certified NLP trained Life Coach who truly cares about you and your success!!

I know, you thought I said this would be easy.  In the likely case you’re planning on keeping your current steam tables and just want to make them more efficient, read on for the really easy part. The problem with bent corners and edges on steam table pans is that their role as the lid on the heat generated by the table is compromised.  The gaps between the edges of the well and the edges of the table allow steam to escape, and anyone watching a pot of water come to a boil knows that one without a tightly sealed lid is going to take longer. It may not seem like a big deal to have a little steam escaping from a couple gaps where the pan meets the well, and by itself for an hour or two it isn’t.  The problem is that if you’re using commercial steam tables to keep food warm, you’ve probably got it running for several hours at a time many days in a row.  Over time, those little gaps end up costing you significant amounts of money – as much as $30 per well per year!
Greg has blogged about the food service industry for years and has been published in industry magazines, like Independent Restaurateur and industry blogs like Restaurant SmartBrief.

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