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GOFAR Services, LLC - Appliance Repair Houston, TX - Chapter 3DIAGNOSIS AND REPAIR BASICS 3-1(a) "GREEN" PLUGSDON'T use them on refrigerators. This is because all the above reasons have never been proven in studies to be anything more than small or medium contributing factors.
The real cause of high blood pressure lies in an organ that is hardly ever mentioned in connection to high blood pressure.
In today’s article, I’m going to reveal this organ and how to manage it in a simple way to drop your blood pressure on the spot… permanently! Fibromyalgia, for example, was and still is, ignored by the vast majority of the medical profession as “all in your head.” However, now they can better diagnose it and are finding out it’s actually a real disease with real physical causes. Fortunately, high blood pressure is easily measured so no doctor would say it’s your imagination. You see, what most traditional medical professionals fail to take into account is that blood pressure is managed by your brain.
If you’re running after the bus your brain sends out messages to raise your blood pressure temporarily. Your brain may tell the heart to pump harder or slower, the kidneys to increase or decrease blood liquid (water), the arteries to widen or narrow and apply many, many other tools that your body uses throughout the day to monitor your blood pressure depending on activities. Blood pressure medications “mess around” with different parts of the blood pressure monitoring system in a very isolated way. The human body is not like a car engine where if one thing isn’t working functionally everything breaks down.
You see, the brain adapts to new situations by creating what it considers new norms for itself. The same goes for simple things like living in cold and hot weather climates, or places where it rains all the time (or never), in addition to eating different types of diets, etc.
Bad diet, obesity, diseases or any other type of physical, emotional, sensual or mental stress can begin the process of making the blood pressure go up.
And since the higher blood pressure begins damaging the arteries, this again raises blood pressure.
Recently, neuroscience using advanced brain scan technology has given us the opportunity to learn more about what’s happening in the brain as it adapts to, and learns, new things. The neurons in the brain literally make new connections every time the brain learns and adapts to new things. The good news is that I discovered how to reverse this process long before I had any idea what caused it. Many people experience their blood pressure go down the very first time they use these exercises. You see, since the brain’s neurons have created pathways that consider high blood pressure normal, we must break up those pathways and produce new ones that consider lower blood pressure normal so that your brain will aim to keep your blood pressure down.
Even more impressive, once the blood pressure is down using these types of exercises, the arteries begin softening again.
Blood pressure is the pressure of your blood in your arteries as the heart pumps it around your body.  Whilst blood pressure changes all the time to meet your body’s needs, it’s when it continues to remain high that it can lead to problems.
High blood pressure – also known as ‘hypertension’ – can lead to serious problems such as heart attack, stroke, heart failure or kidney disease. If you’ve answered YES to any of these questions, it’s time you had your blood pressure checked!
NUTRICIA ProfuturaPosted: 03 May 2016 Profutura Mastitis Relief NEW to us Breast feeding is an important way to improve a child’s long-term health. Taking into account number of deaths administered each year due to Stoke in Australia, National Stroke Foundation launched a Know Your Numbers campaign this Monday. Medical experts suggest that high blood pressure is a sign that a person is at high risk of getting stoke. It has been reported that the free health checkups have been introduced at selected pharmacies and community health centers across the state. Foundation Chief Executive Dr Erin Lalor, said "High blood pressure was often called the silent killer because there were generally no symptoms of the condition. Last night, we attended the Consumer Electronics Assocation's (CEA) big gadget show-off event in New York City. We spent a couple hours combing the showfloor to find the best gadgets, apps, and electronics you can buy.
Anyway, I think I found a cooking competition that I will watch and this one is a local production. For most people, heart-related dietary changes only happen when an event has occurred to propel someone to take better care of their health.
It will be wild to watch amazing chefs integrate these recommendations into great-tasting recipes that I actually get to eat.
For years, scientists have been researching how genetic defects lead to diseases—which has been the case with the abnormalities found in hemophilia, fragile X syndrome, and sickle cell anemia.
Since it’s clearly all in the genes, this makes access to your personal health records more important than ever. To make it easier for all of us, hospitals are implementing an electronic medical record (EMR) system that provides all physicians within the system access to your specific personal and family health histories.
Personalized medicine may not mean chocolate on the pillow during your hospital stay, but it does mean that your genes could save your life. A recent report from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention states that children are showing up at the doctor’s office with high blood pressure.
According to the study, published in the medical journal Pediatrics, the average intake of sodium for children in the study (3,400 mg) was more than double what the American Heart Association has set as a goal for adults. Low-sodium trail mix with unsalted nuts, unsalted pretzels, unsalted air-popped popcorn and raisins.

To subscribe to a newsletter(s), just check the appropriate box(es) and click the button below. And it’s also easy to imagine how high blood pressure can build up with hardening of the arteries and plaque build up. Your brain sends out thousands of messages throughout the day to either lower or raise your blood pressure. But with the tools the brain has, it could easily tell the kidneys to dump blood fluid, the heart to pump slower and apply greater flexibility in widening the arteries. Yes, you feel the pain constantly but you’ll still laugh and joke and move around throughout the day. Studies have shown that people who live close to traffic noise, even those who have lived with this noise all their lives, have increased stress hormones. And I actually discovered this long before several scientific studies on high blood pressure were published that supported my findings. This kind of reboots your brain and brings the blood-pressure-norm down to a healthy level. For a long time I never dared to claim this even if I had witnessed this with several clients who did the exercises for a while and then stopped. This shows that the effects of restoring the brain to new norms transfers to the rest of the body. They are very simple to use, take as little as 9 minutes and work wonders for those who try them. Regular blood pressure checks are important, as high blood pressure usually has no warning signs. As per reports, it has been discovered that due to stroke, each year several people lose their battle of life, turning it to be the second major cause behind high mortality rate in Australia. Hence, the campaign launched across Victoria aims at encouraging the residents to step forward and check out their blood pressure levels.
Moreover, it has been suggested that by visiting the health centers and pharmacies, people will not be only assisted with their blood pressure number but will also be acknowledged about cardiovascular disease. 3, three top local chefs will compete and be judged by a cardiologist, a fitness instructor, a nutritionist, a coach, a local celebrity, a celebrity chef, an aspiring chef and me. The creator of this event, chef Ludovic Bezy, lost his brother at a young age to a heart attack. Is personalized medicine all that “personal care, private room” stuff you see in ads for hospitals? But if you or someone you care about has cancer, you may be more familiar with how cancer treatment has been leading the way with this approach. So if you choose a hospital that does practice personalized medicine and offers genetic counseling, the staff will ask you to provide as much information as possible.
Those ready-made snack bags that make things more convenient will surely cause more of a problem in the long run. So the chronic circle of steadily raising blood pressure is physically nailed down in the neural structure of the brain.
It wasn’t until I began studying research on brain function that I began understanding how these kinds of exercises could possibly produce permanent results.
No longer is it going to be an insult to say “it’s all in your head” because through our mind, we may be able to cure the most complicated diseases. It has been termed that taking into account the blood pressure level is the first step to prevent stroke.
This life-changing event has inspired Bezy to prepare heart-healthy meals and inspire those around him to do the same through cooking classes and programs. With practice, you are able to write your signature, brush your teeth, and do everything your dominant hand used to do. These types of health education programs are effective because they focus on being proactive instead of reactive. You can find them in the Yellow Pages under the following headings: APPLIANCES, HOUSEHOLD, MAJORAPPLIANCES, PARTS AND SUPPLIESREFRIGERATORS, DOMESTICAPPLIANCES, HOUSEHOLD, REPAIR AND SERVICECall a few of them and ask if they are a repair service, or if they sell parts, or both. They'll tell you it's too complicated, then in the same breath, "guide" you to their service department.
If they genuinely try to help you fix it yourself and you find that you can't fix the problem, they may be a really good place to look for service.
Think about it if they sold you this book, then they're genuinely interested in helping do-it-yourselfers!When you go into the store, have ready your make, model and serial number from the nameplate of the fridge (not from some sticker inside the fridge). This will be an incomplete model number, but it is better than nothing and it should be good enough to get most parts with. If all else fails, check the original papers that came with your fridge when it was new. They should contain the model number SOMEWHERE. If you have absolutely NO information about the fridge anywhere, make sure you bring your old part to the parts store with you. It is a long, stiff-bristled brush especially made for knocking out massive wads of dust from your condenser grille.
I have seen jury-rigged bottle brushes and vacuums used, neither of which clean sufficiently. It's true that diagnosing and repairing electrical circuits requires a bit more care than most operations, due to the danger of getting shocked. Remember the rule in section 3-4 (1); while you are working on a circuit, energize the circuit only long enough to perform whatever test you're performing, then take the power back off it to perform the repair. You will only need to be able to set the VOM onto the right scale, touch the test leads to the right place and read the meter. In using the VOM (Volt-Ohm Meter) for our purposes, the two test leads are always plugged into the "+" and "-" holes on the VOM. For example, if there's a 50 setting and a 250 setting on the VAC dial, use the 250 scale, because 250 is the lowest setting over 120 volts. Touch the two test leads to the two metal contacts of a live power source, like a wall outlet or the terminals of the motor that you're testing for voltage.
It's derived from the word "continuous." In an electrical circuit, electricity has to flow from a power source back to that power source.

It should peg the meter all the way on the right side of the scale, towards "0" on the meter's "resistance" scale. If the meter does not read zero resistance, adjust the thumbwheel on the front of the VOM until it does read zero. If the heater's leads are still connected to something, you may get a reading through that something. If there is still live power on the item you're testing for continuity, you will burn out your VOM in microseconds and possibly shock yourself. Touch the two test leads to the two bare wire ends or terminals of the heater.
You can touch the ends of the wires and test leads with your hands if necessary to get better contact. If there is GOOD continuity, the meter will move toward the right side of the scaleand steady on a reading. If the meter moves only very little and stays towards the left side of the scale, that's BAD continuity; the heater is no good.
In a glass-tube or bare-element heater, you may be able to see the physical break in the heater element, just like you can in some light bulbs. If you are testing a switch or a thermostat, you will show little or no resistance (good continuity) when the switch or thermostat is closed, and NO continuity when the switch is open.
If you do not, the switch is bad.3-3(c) AMMETERSAmmeters are a little bit more complex to explain without going into a lot of electrical theory. If you own an ammeter, you probably already know how to use it. If you don't, don't get one.
The greater the current that's flowing through a wire, the greater the magnetic field it produces around the wire.
The ammeter simply measures this magnetic field, and thus the amount of current, flowing through the wire. To determine continuity, for our purposes, we can simply isolate the component that we're testing (so we do not accidentally measure the current going through any other components) and see if there's any current flow. To use your ammeter, first make sure that it's on an appropriate scale (0 to 10 or 20 amps will do). Turn the "energy saver" switch to the "economy" position to shut off the anti-sweat mullion heaters (See section 4-1.) Close the refrigerator door to make sure the lights are off. There may still be a tiny mullion heater energized in the butter conditioner or on the defrost drain pan, but the current that these heaters draw is negligible for our purposes (less than an amp). If you don't, the defrost heater or terminating thermostat is probably defective.3-4 BASIC REPAIR AND SAFETY PRECAUTIONS1) Always de-energize (pull the plug or trip the breaker on) any refrigerator that you're disassembling. If you need to re-energize the refrigerator to perform a test, make sure any bare wires or terminals are taped or insulated.
Energize the unit only long enough to perform whatever test you're performing, then disconnect the power again. 2) NEVER EVER chip or dig out ice from around the evaporator with a sharp instrument or knife. You WILL PROBABLY puncture the evaporator and you WILL PROBABLY end up buying a new refrigerator.
If you use a blow dryer, take care not to get water in it and shock yourself.Better yet, if you have the time and patience, leave the fridge open for a few hours and let the ice melt naturally. You can remove large, loose chunks of ice in the evaporator compartment by hand, but make sure there aren't any electrical wires frozen into the chunks of ice before you start pulling them. 3) Always re-install any removed duck seal, heat shields, styrofoam insulation, or panels that you remove to access anything.
They're there for a reason. 4) You may need to empty your fridge or freezer for an operation. If you do not have another fridge (or a friend with one) to keep your food in, you can generally get by with an ice chest or a cardboard box insulated with towels for a short time. Never re-freeze meats; if they've already thawed, cook them and use them later. 5) If this manual advocates replacing a part, REPLACE IT!! There is a reason that it stopped you can bet on it and if you get it going and re-install it, you are running a very high risk that it will stop again. Replace the part. 6) Refrigerator defrost problems may take a week or more to reappear if you don't fix the problem the first time. That's how long it will take the evaporator to build up enough frost to block the airflow again.
After fixing a defrost problem, keep an eye out for signs of a recurrence for at least a week. The sooner you catch it, the less ice you'll have to melt. 7) You may stop the compressor from running using the defrost timer or cold control, by cutting off the power to the fridge, or simply by pulling the plug out of the wall. However, if you try to restart it within a few minutes, it may not start; you may hear buzzing and clicking noises.
If the system has not had enough time for the pressure within to equalize, there will be too much back pressure in the system for the compressor motor to overcome when trying to start.
Simply remove the power from the compressor for a few more minutes until the compressor will restart. 8) Do not lubricate any of the timers or motors mentioned in this manual.
In a cold environment, oil will become more viscous and increasefriction, rather than decrease it.
If they genuinely try to help you fix it yourself and you find that you can't fix the problem, they may be a really good place to look for service. Think about it if they sold you this book, then they're genuinely interested in helping do-it-yourselfers!When you go into the store, have ready your make, model and serial number from the nameplate of the fridge (not from some sticker inside the fridge).
It's true that diagnosing and repairing electrical circuits requires a bit more care than most operations, due to the danger of getting shocked.
If the heater's leads are still connected to something, you may get a reading through that something. The greater the current that's flowing through a wire, the greater the magnetic field it produces around the wire. That's how long it will take the evaporator to build up enough frost to block the airflow again.

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