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According to the NHS, an adult is overweight when their body-mass index (BMI) is 25 or above. Martin N Ok, so this is my first tribesports post of any sort, saw this challenge and thought why not, have just calculated my bmi as 25.4 so not far away. You are going to be amazed how quickly you can change things when you are more active and follow a healthy and balanced diet.
Mark H Okay so at the moment even taking into account the festive indulgence I am 86kg and 183 (just under 190lbs and 6ft). Your Body Mass Index, or BMI, is an indicator of what is a healthy weight for a person of your height.
Knowing your BMI is a great step towards understanding what weight-loss you need to achieve- although do bear in mind that it is simply a guideline that cannot take into account details such as if you have a lot of muscle-mass as opposed to body-fat. If you have major concerns about your weight, then you should always check with your GP before making any drastic changes to your diet and activity levels. Nutrition Expert sources the latest information and advice from a range of qualified doctors, nutritionists and coaches. BMI is usually illustrated as a height and weight grid chart.  You can find a BMI grid chart hanging in almost every medical office.  Why?

The skin-fold caliper method uses various skin-fold techniques to gather data and is generally considered the most accessible and cost-effective way.
Based on whole-body measurement principles, the Bod Pod employs patented air displacement technology instead of a water dunk. The scans take about 3 minutes each, and the DXA Body Composition analysis gives a greater volume of scientific data than its competitors, and many medical professionals believe it is the most accurate. Currently 30.9, which is a full point down from when I kicked my butt into gear 2 months ago! I know I'm not going to grow any more (at least upwards) so I'm working on dropping 2-3 kilos in the next couple of months no real rush as my training will also increase so no real diet involved. If you have a health problem consult your GP and check compatibility of new supplements with your GP or Pharmacist if you are taking any prescription medication.
We always endeavour to have the most up to date information possible and publish new content weekly. Because medical practitioners use the chart, when needed, to politely illustrate to a patient that they need to lose weight, or sometimes gain weight, to improve their health.
By obtaining your land weight and water weight (based on buoyancy), a specialized computer program can scientifically calculate your body fat as a percentage of your total weight.

The subject being measured sits comfortably inside the capsule while computerized pressure sensors determine the amount of air displaced by their body.
If you are looking to gain pure muscle mass in just your legs, therefore, DXA can measure the specific gains in that area.
Gosh, I feel I'ma fat(((( So, the goal is to lose abot 22 kilo to become 72 kg which is 24.9 with regard to BMI. However with the constant research in this field sometimes some of our older articles can become out of date. This principle is based on the fact that bone, muscle, and connective tissue collectively known as lean mass sinks, while body fat floats (hydro-densitometry).
This type of information can be used to modify future workouts based on progress in those areas.

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