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If you accidently lost reminders and want to recover deleted reminders from iPad mini, you need a professional software tool to help you.
To help you better understand how to retrieve lost daily schedule reminders from iPad mini, we have tutorials for you that explains the 2 recovery modes separately.
Before you get started, don’t write any data into your iPad to avoid the new files cover the lost data. Step 2: When the scan is over, the scan result will be presented as catalogue like Reminder, Contacts, Notes, Photos, imessages etc. Step 3: Here is a choice that “only displays the deleted items” that you can just check those deleted reminders or just select the reminders you want, and then click on “Recover” button to save reminders on your computer.
In this guide, iFonebox program is also the tool we will use and the steps are similar as the guide above. Step 1: Launch iFonebox and choose “Recover from iTunes Backup” as recovery mode, then you will see all backup files you made on your computer will be displayed. Step 3: The last step is to tick those reminders you need to restore, then hit “Recover” button. This is the whole process of deleted and lost iPad mini reminder recovery, pretty simple, right? Since Apple appeared to have rolled the functionality of iTunes Match into Apple Music, it was looking like there wouldn’t be any point in retaining an iTunes Match subscription if you were planning to continue your streaming music subscription after the free trial.
It’s been suggested that this may have been a condition imposed by music labels for allowing Apple to wrap the match functionality into Apple Music. We learned earlier that Apple also quietly removed Home Sharing support for music in iOS 8.4. So, by canceling iTunes Match those matched songs transitions to Apple Music but then get DRM protected? If you have a local copy of your music, nothing changes as long as you do not delete your local copy. I keep a copy of my library in Google music, so if I delete my local copies I will re download from there. Let me get this straight, if I still have iTunes match and “match” an album, remove my crappy copy and download from Apple it will now have DRM restrictions?

Interesting – it seems different people are seeing different behaviours when apparently doing the same thing.
Tweeted another screenshot of what happens when I go to Apple Music and redownload the same Adele track THROUGH Apple Music. If Apple Music didn’t have DRM, a pirate could just subscribe to Apple Music, save locally massive amounts of music, then cancel the subscription, leaving all that music for the cost of the subscription.
It ought to know what music you own in the same way iTunes Match does, without needing to apply DRM to the files. I think the issue being that canceling iTunes Match and having those matched songs transition to Apple Music becomes DRM-protected. So if I had iTunes Match and now cancel it in favor of Apple Music, will my previously matched songs be downloaded with DRM or not?
But if you deleted local copies when subscribed to iTunes Match, then had nothing to do with Apple Music, and then cancelled your iTunes Match subscription, you wouldn’t get anything back. Sounds like two sleazy moves they tried to slip into this new service without mentioning either. I have iTunes Match, and now I have a few songs that Apple Music couldn’t find in my collection (I guess) and downloaded a DRM version of the song. Well, this is the problem with DRM – it may not impact your usage at all, or it may stop you doing the one thing you most want to do.
You enjoy using iPad Reminder to make a daily schedule, and have the alarm to inform you of important call, appointment, etc.
Likewise, here is a note before get start: please don’t sync your iPad with iTunes in order to preserve your backed up data. If you delete your local copy of an album and re-download it, you get back a non-DRM version.
If you download onto other devices from Apple Music, those devices will get the DRM versions, but you’ll still have your DRM-free originals. What you described only happens when you have deleted your local copy of your iTunes Match songs, then cancel the subscription and then download from Apple Music.
There’s no problem if you either keep local copies of your own music or use iTunes Match.

There should be a third screenshot of a Daft Punk song that was purchased from iTunes, and Lianne La Havas is just a straight Apple Music download. I wish I could cancel my iTunes Match & not worry about whether or not my songs are DRM-protected or not.
I’ve read other comments and it seems like different people are having different results. I’ve deleted thousands of crappy mp3s and replaced them with high quality AAC from the iTunes Store. If I click delete on that Apple Music song, it deletes the old non-DRM version and I can not re-download it from iTunes Match.
These were ripped songs I got from non-apple sources All those songs have a cloud icon next to them.
I’ve just downloaded a song from Apple Music and it has DRM, then a song I had matched in iTunes match previously (subscription ended yesterday) and it has no DRM. Looking for advice here… A while back I locally deleted my entire DRM-free music library but kept everything on the cloud via iTunes Match to save drive space. Short of being able to predict the future, we can’t tell, which is why many of us want our music to remain fully within our control. Both the Adele and the Daft Punk song are free from DRM when I download the songs from iCloud. But in light of learning about this new DRM issue I want to re-download everything before I drop iTunes Match in favor of Apple Music. However, what would you do when you find that the entire reminder data on your iPad mini are gone? So, if I do this while still an iTunes Match subscriber AND Apple Music free trial subscriber, will my songs now download as DRM versions? But any song I already had uploaded or matched to iTunes Match pr purchased from iTunes remains DRM free.

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