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But you can’t really experience the blissful happiness of warm love until you’re in love with someone. Your first love may have started like a fairytale, but before you knew it, one bad thing may have led to another, and then another.
It’s like your heart is shattered into a million pieces, and you don’t care about anything but getting rid of the pain.
There may be a lot of confusions too, especially if you’re contemplating on whether you should get back with your new and first ex. As painful and burdensome as the agony of ending a first love may seem, know this, you are not alone. We’ve all been there, and as painful as it may feel today, it will all pass and you’ll feel a lot better and happier sooner than you think. A first love is like the first time you travelled to a new city, or graduated, or any other special first time. But just a word of caution, don’t overuse the assistance of your friends or throw them around or yell at them like it’s their fault. If you’ve been dumped, ask your ex to reconsider their decision once if you can’t help yourself. So instead of looking for ways to hear your ex’s voice or see them again, try to avoid them. What we have here is Your First Love Is The Person You Will Always Compare Everyone To, in this daily quotes category, we also provide some title as well as there are times when we understand and times when we trust that things happen for a reason, wise words about life, love, fear, memories, the real lover, you are perfect exactly as you are, you have no idea how hard it is to force myself to stop thinking about you, and much other great stuf.
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There are literally MILLIONS of people in the world dealing with the exact same thing right now. I made this video to help you because I still remember how hard it is to lose someone you love and I wanted to share what I learned so that you don’t have to go through the same thing as me.
In this video, I’m going to share my story with you and I’m also going to show you how to stop thinking about your ex once and for all.
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If you’re feeling confused or frustrated about something that happened between you and your ex, just click the link below to get my personal advice on your situation.
It’s hard to get over someone you love but it’s even harder to figure out how to get over your first love.
You two spent almost every day of your life together and you created so many memories that now it’s hard to even imagine what your life is going to be like without them. Here’s thing: you cannot get over your ex and truly move on with your life if you guys are still keeping in touch. If you’re reading this right now, you and your ex probably broke up and you’re sick of thinking about them all the time. I know because I went through a bad break up 2 months ago too and I was really heartbroken.
I watched some of the videos that the author uploaded on youtube and I signed up to download a free chapter from his book. Perhaps you’re wondering if The Breakup Bible will actually help you move on with your life. However, I want to make it clear that this book is not for someone looking for a “magic pill” to take their pain away. He writes the book from his own personal experience and shares a lot of really important lessons that he learned after going through several breakups of his own. What I liked most about Kevin’s book is that he doesn’t let you waste any time wallowing in self pity.
Kevin takes you by the hand and takes you through the entire recovery process step-by-step in his book. If you’re going through a break up, I highly recommend downloading a copy of The Breakup Bible. Like I said earlier, I honestly can’t even describe how grateful I am that I found this book and I just wanted to share my experience in hopes that I could maybe inspire one more person to go ahead and give it a shot.
As I’m sure you already know, it’s really hard to figure out how to get over someone you love. You might be struggling to come to terms with the fact that the person you loved so much is gone.
The process of getting over someone you love is tough, and often very long; however, the 3 tips I share below will help you get over your ex a lot faster. After a break up, we have a tendency to remember all the things we loved about our ex and all the happy memories we had together. To put it plain and simple: you cannot truly get over someone you love if you are keeping in touch with them. Life is Better when you are happy.But life is at its When other People are happy beacuse of you. Much like what happens in your typical rom-com, we caught each other’s gaze for a split second, but smiled and said nothing. The “point” of love is to be vulnerable, to wear your heart on your sleeve and to give someone the power to utterly destroy you.
You’ll think about the way your first love made you feel, and the electricity he or she filled your body with.
Everyone wants to remember his or her first love like he or she is in a Nicholas Sparks story. The reason you feel so protective about your first love is because of his or her place in your story. I’m sure my first love did things that made me want to scratch my eyes out at some point or another. One of the best parts about having a first love is the passion that comes from the “new-ness” of it. Disney has fed us stories about princesses and Prince Charming, so we secretly (or not-so-secretly) want to be a part of something like that. Michael is a Public Defender in New York City and co-host of the podcast "Irrelevantly Relevant" on ITunes, soundcloud, and YouTube. If you’re wanting to get over your first love or a recent breakup, my heart goes out to you.
Be conscious of your feelings and notice when they switch to feelings of joy, happiness, gratitude, clarity or excitement and relish in those moments. One of the hardest things to do is to go through a breakup and for the people around you to be unaware of it. Use this breakup or letting go of the past as a chance to grow closer and have a more open relationship with your friends or family.
Talking to someone like a friend, coach or therapist can also give you a broader perspective of the relationship.

One of the ways that can keep us from moving on is not fully expressing our truth to the other person. In the moment, especially if you didn’t know it was coming, chances are you acted out of fear or ego, trying to play it cool. If you’re fresh off a breakup, one of the things you’re most likely thinking is: How do I get them back?
As much as deep down we know that they aren’t right for us, it’s hard for us to imagine not being with this person in a romantic way. Why breakups, especially with a first love, can be so hard is because it’s extremely difficult for us to accept. Accept that they aren’t your person, and if they are, you will be with them again if they’re the right person for your continued growth. By forgiving them, you are letting yourself off the hook; you’re allowing yourself to let go.
If you’ve been unable to let go of someone because they feel like a soul-connection or soul contract, check out this video by my dear friend Vienda.
Now that you have more space to create a new future, you can go for the dreams that feel right for you. When we open ourselves up to new possibilities, the world brings us an abundance of opportunities.
After a breakup, I was reflecting back on it with my friend and her mom who was writing a book about human needs. Looking at what I once saw as my ideal relationship and then realizing that one of my biggest needs of all wasn’t even being met, made me see that the relationship just wasn’t right. In order for you to have been in a relationship with them, they must have had qualities that you loved. YOU attracted a person with those incredible qualities and because it was YOU who attracted that, you can attract those qualities to you again.
Experiencing heart-break makes you a more compassionate, well-rounded partner in your next relationship.
I honestly believe that if something is not meant for you and you’re going to continue to stick with it, something is going to step in so that you change gears.
Whether it’s a ‘no’ after a job interview or being told that someone no longer wants to be with you, this is your higher-self’s way of getting you out of something that isn’t for your highest good.
Getting back out there is great, if you’re getting back out there with someone you are genuinely excited about. Getting back out there with someone just for the sake of getting back out there, without any emotional excitement, can make you feel even worse. The next part, I heard from Tony Robbins when he was attracting his wife Sage: write down not only what you do want in a relationship, but what you don’t want. What are the non-negotiables?
It’s ok to admit that this wonderful, incredible passionate life won’t happen over night, but it will happen.
This confidence and grounded-ness in your life will attract the person you’re meant to be with in.
If you need an an extra hand or a supportive space to talk, I would love to support through private coaching. Just follow these 10 steps and you’ll definitely feel better and get over your first love too. You remember your first times because it’s a special moment, but the details start to get hazy over time.
The first love may have had a sad ending, but you know what, almost everyone’s first love has a sad ending. And if you simply follow the 3 tips I share below, you’ll be able to figure out how to get over your first love and heal your broken heart.
I started searching online for advice on how to get over a break up and I stumbled across a lot of different articles, books and videos. I was a little skeptical at first because I saw a ton of eBooks promising to help me get my ex back and I actually bought a couple and they didn’t work for me so I didn’t want to waste my money again. While I can’t say for sure that this book will help you, it was incredibly helpful for me. I’m really glad he wrote the book from his experience and actually shared how he dealt with the whole recovery process. Instead, he gives you the tools to take control of your life so you don’t spend any more time obsessing about your relationship than you already have.
Kevin gives you many different ways to deal with the pain after a break up and he shares a ton of different strategies and techniques to help you stop thinking about your ex.
He even gives you his personal email address at the end of the book so you can write in with any questions you may have after reading it.
Remind yourself of why you broke up, what you hated about your ex and what you guys could never agree on.
Over the next week or so, we saw each other across the quad, in the cafe and all over campus. As the stars would have it, we ended up sitting next to each other at a performance of Blue Man Group.
Nobody talks about buying his or her second house, getting his or her second car or having sex with a second person.
You’ll think about the first kisses, the butterflies and the innocence that comes with having a first love. You’ll think about the hope you had for the future, and they how deeply you believed love had no limits. Everyone will constantly ask you who your first love is, where you met him or her and what it was like.
But almost all of the memories I conjure involve being curled up on a couch, laying on the quad on a warm summer’s day or that look on her face at Blue Man Group. We constantly hear these great stories from our grandparents about how they met when they were teenagers.
It’s like wondering what would have happened if you had taken that job offer or gone to a different college. Think of a movie: When you’re watching a movie, one minute you feel happy, the next you’re laughing, then you’re crying, then you’re happy again. Even if in your mind you were sad all day, there were probably moments where you saw your dog and your feelings went to love, or your friend sent you a funny video and it made you laugh if even for a moment.
Sometimes taking a step out of your own mind makes you realize why this breakup or letting go is so beneficial for you. Maybe we walked away from the relationship trying to be the cool girl or guy, rather than expressing how we really felt.
If it’s been a long time and getting in touch doesn’t feel like the right thing to do, write them a letter in your journal.
Whether they are a soul mate, a best friend, or a teacher, they come in to teach us what we need to be taught or to experience in order to grow.
When you’re with your first love, you picture a clear future of what your life will be like and over time that’s the only future you see happening.

Travel to the place that you’d love to go to, move to the new city that you’re free to move to, go on a date with that cutie at the coffee shop. Through our chat, I had realized that one of my core needs is feeling safe. Looking back at the relationship, I realized that I did not feel safe in the direction of the relationship for months. You know what it feels like to be hurt and you are more aware of how what you do and say effects the person you’re with.
Then lastly, what type of person would you have to be to attract and keep the kind of person you want?
I know it can feel daunting, but creating newness, excitement and passion in your life is only going to bring more of that to you. Plus, your mind will begin to forget about attracting your new person, and will focus more about attracting a rad life for yourself.
Letting go of someone from our life or allowing them to be there in a different form can be hard.
This space is here to inspire you to do what you would love to do now, rather than waiting for some point in the future. But at the same time, it teaches you more about relationships and what it takes to have a great relationship. You think you need your ex, but yet, you know that even looking at your ex lover will only make you feel worse. Be sure to check out out the rest of the Your First Love Is The Person You Will Always Compare Everyone To image, and the full page gallery as well.
Every challenge gives us the opportunity to learn more about ourselves and become better people. It’s important to remember that the dynamic of every relationship will play out differently with different people. But I was having a really hard time with the break up so I decided to put my skepticism aside and check it out.
Everything he said in the book was spot-on and it felt like he was talking directly to me. You’re going to have to face this part of your life and confront some not-so-pretty things if you really want to get over it and get back to normal again. It made it a really quick and interesting read because I felt like he was talking directly to me and I wasn’t just reading a boring instructional guide. That means that you’ll actually have to do some work if you really want to get over your ex but it does work. I actually emailed him when I was feeling confused and frustrated about something with my ex and he responded within a couple of days.
However, you have to remind yourself that you can’t get over your ex and try to get them back at the same time. Puberty was beginning to take root, and our rose-colored lenses had not yet begun to fade away.
I snuck away to Maine – although that’s a story for another article – for a secret visit, and she hid in my closet when my mom came home early. But also don’t forget to remember all the things that led you to become the great person you are.
It will also allow you to groove into the present moment because it will help you to get out of your head and into what you’re currently doing or experiencing.
You don’t even need to send it to them, just getting out your truth may be all that was needed in order for you to let it go.
We don’t know what the future holds, and if this person is highly beneficial for you and your path, they will come back in some shape or form. Some stay with us forever and others come in for a short, beautiful time until they are no longer part of our journey.
Going through a breakup and learning to create a new vision for yourself can be filled will all sorts of overwhelm. Add these new memories up and you’ll be creating a life that you’re passionate about living as you. As a young lover, you may assume that you have to spend the rest of your life trying to win your ex back because that’s the way things work in the movies.
Look at your breakup as a learning lesson and feel good about the experience instead of hating it. In fact, you might even have a hard time picturing yourself being happy again. And although it may not seem like it right now, you will. So I took bits and pieces here and there and tried everything I could to get rid of the pain I was feeling. Ultimately, you’re the one responsible for healing your broken heart but this book will show you the fastest way to do that. This was really helpful because it made me realize that I was not the only one who’s ever gone through something like this.
Healing a broken heart is not easy but with this proven approach, you’ll be able to move on with your life and get back to your normal self in no time.
However, if you try to be friends immediately after the break up, it’ll create a lot of unnecessary complications and make things a lot harder than they have to be. We told ourselves a cruel universe conspired to keep us apart, but that we’d fight through it. If you can make up your mind to stand up and face the world, you’ll find it easier to cope with the pain. The first day or two can make you feel a hundred times more miserable, but within a week of completely avoiding your ex, you’ll feel a lot better and realize that life can go on happily even after a break up. Another thing to remember is that the more you grow, the better your future relationships will be.
Stay optimistic about the future and open yourself up to the possibility of falling in love again.
The level of insight that I had after reading the first chapter of the book was so incredible that I decided to go ahead and buy the full book.
His free articles and videos were so helpful on their own that I had absolutely no hesitation about buying the book. However, if you don’t learn and grow, your relationships will probably play out the same way that this one did. I would read certain sections from the book over and over again anytime I was having a rough day and it gave me the strength to go on and keep fighting.
Plus, it came with a 100% money-back guarantee so I knew that I could always get my money back if it didn’t help. You’ll make all the same mistakes all over again and you’ll probably end up fighting and arguing over all the same things in your next relationship.
Instead of spending all your time and energy trying to figure out how to get them back, spend that time focusing on yourself and moving on with your life.

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