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You don’t often hear much about recreational helicopter flying – nowhere near the level of recreational fixed-wing flying. Costs will also widely vary from location to location, and also reflect current fuel costs. Log 150 hours of flight time, which includes 100 hours of flight in powered aircraft and at least 50 hours in helicopters.
Flight time must also include 100 hours of pilot-in-command time (35 in helicopters), 10 hours of cross-country flight, and 5 hours of night. Again, this is a rating that allows you to use any helicopter license for the privilege of flying in instrument meteorological conditions. This rating will allow you to teach other helicopter pilots how to fly in instrument meteorological conditions.
This helicopter license isn’t something you’ll just go get after your first helicopter lessons. Log at least 1,200 hour of pilot time, which includes 500 hours of cross-country time, 100 hours of night flying, and 75 hours of instrument time.
Because the flight time requirements are so high, you will most likely only get this flight time through flight as an employed helicopter pilot – so you’ll be logging it on the company dime. There are as many reasons to get a helicopter license as there are helicopter pilot job descriptions.

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The normal progression for helicopter pilots is to get a private pilot helicopter license, then commercial license, followed by a flight instructor rating, instrument rating, and instrument flight instructor rating. A rating appends privileges to a license – in this case, it allows you to use your commercial helicopter license to teach others to fly helicopters. Night time and instrument time has other helicopter-specific requirements outlined in the regulations. If you would like more information, you can call us at (844) 435-9338, fill out the quick contact form under the navigation menu on the right-hand side of the screen, or click here to start a live chat with us. Costs for licensing, insurance, acquisition, and maintenance make it prohibitively expensive for pilots who may easily have the financial means to do the same with an airplane. Some helicopter pilots will eventually go on and obtain their airline transport pilot license.

It is very possible, most certainly likely, that you may require more instruction than the FAA minimum. Getting your helicopter license will be a challenge, but at the same time will be some of the most fun you’ve ever had. If the copyright of any wallpaper or stock photo belongs, contact us and we will remove it! This is a great way to cut costs and get to your end goal sooner than if you got each license on its own.
For complete details on all of the requirements, specifically flight & training requirements, see the Federal Aviation Regulations Part 61.
The most exciting thing I ever did as a civilian flight student was taking the doors off of a Robinson 22 and landing on a mountain peak no bigger than the footprint of the helicopter skids. This led to obtaining my commercial helicopter license, followed shortly by employment as a helicopter tour pilot.

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