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Get involved In Your Marriage– If you want the feeling of love back in your marriage, it begins with an action.
Feed Yourself Spiritually– The key to succeeding in our marriage is to understand that we need God to make it work. So there is no way to avoid struggles in marriage.  We have to take marriage and life one day at a time. You’ll find that when you start praying for your spouse it will draw you closer to them.  As you pray and pour out your heart, God has a way of rekindling the love in your heart toward your spouse.

If God had the power to create the world through words, and we are in his image, how much can your marriage become affected through your words? He is the glue that holds our marriage together and He is also the only one who can ultimately show us how to enhance our marriage.
If you used to pack his lunch for work, pack him lunch today and include a note that says “thinking of you.” Get Involved Again. You can read the bible, pray, listen to Christian music, or even select a scripture verse that you will think on for the day.

A few examples of places you could leave it are; a suitcase, on the driver seat of the car they drive, in a lunch bag.) It is possible to have a happy marriage and become best friends with your spouse!

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