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2) So hi, I have really curly thick hair and I normally shower at night and put in gels, straightning stuff, and a few other things. I just wanted to say that this blog literally speaks so much truth to all of us curly haired people! For all you lovely curlies whose hair does not look like it does when you lay down at night, may I suggest you invest in a satin cap and a silk scarf and wrap your hair up at night.
Love them or hate them, if you have curls, you've probably experienced some of these issues.

After I stepped out of the full body scanner, the TSA agent said she was going to pat me down from the waist up. And my hair dresser said that this was going to be a hard task because i have SO much hair. And then she proceeded to squish my hair, searching for Chinese throwing stars, nail clippers, knitting needles, shoe bombs, and toiletries exceeding 3 ounces.
It would really mean a lot to me if my questions got answered…I struggle with my hair and I guess I just need help.

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