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And one another thing — you can carry babies and toddlers around the house, talk on the phone or to other Sims while still holding them, go with them to community lots. I pretty much prefer the opportunities at work, because they can give your Sims a payrise (which is nice — I have a surgeon Sim who now earns 900 per hour), win you new friends, get your boss know better or your Sims can earn some new skillpoints. First of all, you don’t need to be totally perfect in everything in order to get promoted. I really dreamed of this tool ever since I got the first The Sims game and now my dreams came true.
One of the things I really love about the Build Mode is the new system how content is categorized. I also like that the trees come in various sizes so it seems like all trees are differnt; they also move in the breeze, which is really nice! Therefore for the baby on the floor I found recently a hack which prevent sims from putting babies on the floor. In TS2 you could check on babys after having read the book and find out what they need at the moment. I love this, because when I have big families, it’s easier for me to recognize those babies.
They make your Sims more alive, give them more activities to attend and change their plans pretty quickly, too. Earning 500 Simoleons just for gaining a new skillpoint or repairing your neighbor’s TV is really awesome. I think there are too many of them — I get opportunities for swimming or earning athletics skillpoint all the time. It takes some more time to get to the top of the career, but I think it’s much more fun.

For example, if you don’t get on well with your boss but your skills and mood are high, you will get promoted either way.
I really hated having so many friends in The Sims 2, because the relationships are so hard to maintian (especially when you have a family and a bunch of kids)! It’s never been easier to create the perfect pattern, choose the color you want or match all wooden furniture in your house.
I love this, because before you had to split them with walls (and now you can actually have 4 triangles, before you had only 2). I hate that you can’t use the create-a-style tool for things like fences, roofs, flowers and stairs. Small imperfections in previous games are now fixed and build mode has changed into a more wide and flexible tool.
The belly grows every day, but the game camera won’t move to the pregnant Sim when the size of the belly changes. I think they could keep them in the game, but I don’t mind that much since changing the diapers is now much easier. If you’re in politics, you might need to ask your friends for donating to your campaign.
It so weird having to change the floor just so it matches the stairs, specifically when the colours the objects come with are awful.

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