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Answer: The real estate licensing classes are not meant to be difficult and most generally do not believe them to be so. Nicholas McDaniel School of Real Estate is licensed by the Alabama Real Estate Commission to teach Continuing Education and licensing courses. Remember Stretch Armstrong….the toy man with limbs that, when pulled and stretched, would always return to their original state when let go? Flexibility can be compared to #2, but unlike bouncing back, flexibility may involve bending without returning to the original state. As we can imagine, the real estate “biz” today is quite different than it was back in the day. Enter your email address to subscribe to the Real Estate Blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
Lead generation is a huge part of why our clients rely on BoomTown to grow their businesses, but what really makes BoomTown different from other platforms is our unique approach to developing tools that nurture prospects, and create real actionable opportunities for agents. How many leads did you get last month?  How many leads did you get in the last 6 months?  Last year? Join thousands of real estate professionals and get the strategies you need, straight to your inbox. Resilience means being able to bounce back from those emotional, roller coaster rides often taken during the residential, real estate process.
As a REALTOR®, you will be familiar with the path from contract to closing and how twists and turns may appear when not expected.

We look at an opportunity as someone who is registered on your BoomTown site, and begins to engage and take actions i.e. While you might have thought it’s just the tween or even teen demographics using Instagram, you’d be mistaken. Even successful REALTORS® who have been in the business for quite some time realize they need to do more than keep up with market trends and maintain their relationships with current and past clients. If your lead volume is 50 leads per month that means in 3 months’ time you will have accumulated 150 users in your database through which many different types of opportunities will present themselves. The key difference is that opportunities, like the ones we display in our Opportunity Wall, provide a stronger indicator of the user’s current intentions. But before anyone connects, they’re going to want to learn more about you.Create a schedule that integrates into your current social media strategy. Share the Instagram LoveThere’s no sense in getting active on a social network if no one knows about it. Davis does a magnificent job at drawing you into her space and spreading her love for all things New York City.4. Give a Unique PerspectiveInstagram is a great place to highlight what makes your home or area so special.Whether you’re taking a picture of your latest listing or your neighborhood, choose eye-catching features.
Stay away from the typical shots that include the front of the house and instead capture the unique wrap-around porch.
You might even want to zoom in on the detail that went into the handrails.Buyers want to grab a sneak peek before requesting a showing.

Give them insight into the factors that make the home or area distinct.Plus, don’t forget the bonus of additional traffic to your website or blog. If you’re posting listings, make sure you suggest in the photo caption to follow the link in your bio to view additional pictures of the home or area.5. This feature allows you to geotag your image location and share the specific site where the photo was taken.Maps will take your followers beyond your latest pictures and show them the exact location of the photos you share. This is an excellent way to create relevance within a community and build credibility as the go-to agent within that area.You can edit your map at any time and will always be able to opt into each and every photo you add to your map.
Your video can be anywhere from 3 to 15 seconds long and include anything from your latest listing to a local event.Calgary Real Estate is using video to take followers on a journey inside their listings, allowing followers to see homes before they actually schedule a visit. Rebekah’s goal is to provide insight and inspiration to business owners and entrepreneurs, enabling them to build a powerful online presence that includes the strategic use of social media marketing. Rebekah was recently named an Inman Top 100 Most Influential Real Estate Leader, as well as one of the Top Social Media Professionals to Follow in 2013.

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