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While working in the UK you probably have noticed that part of your earnings was deducted as income tax. A tax refund amount depends on many factors such as gross income, withheld tax amount, period spent in the country and others. If you worked in the UK during the past 5 years and paid income tax there, you can apply for tax refund. It does not cost to apply for tax refund and the service fee is charged only when the refund is received. We are licensed tax agent, who is authorized to prepare income tax refunds according to the rules and regulations of Tax Authorities. The tax refund amount depends on many factors such as gross income, withheld tax amount, period spent in a country, personal allowance and others.
On average the refund procedure takes 75-120 days after we receive all the information and documents from you. You may apply for your tax refund right after you come back to your home country, even if the tax year is not over yet. Income Tax – its rate depends on the income level (from 0 to 40% of the total income). When you start working your employer does not know what your total annual income will be, therefore usually there is too much tax deducted from your wages. If you do not know your National Insurance number, it does not mean that it has never been issued to you. If you received CIS card or had UTR number, even if you did not work as a self employed, inform us about it.
If you left the United Kingdom and you are not going back to work as Self Employed again, you should provide the Inland Revenue with a request to close a file of you being Self Employed. If you want to do something good for your family, this is the best way I can think of to spend that tax refund. Your family will have the security of knowing that if anything happened to you, their financial future wouldn’t be ruined. To check the status of your federal tax refund you can go to the Internal Revenue Service website and click “Where’s My Refund?” You will need to enter your social security number, filing status and exact refund amount for the website to pull the refund status. For those who prefer to do everything from their phone, your federal refund status can also be checked by downloading the IRS2Go app for your smart phone. You are also able to check the status of Ohio, Ohio School District and Michigan refunds online.
Now that you will know the status of your refund you will have a better idea of when your visions will become reality and it will be time to start the party. If you have filed your return and expect a refund – you are probably wondering when you will receive it.

You can check on your tax refund within 24 hours after the IRS has received your e-filed tax return or 4 weeks after you mail in your paper filed tax return. According to the Internal Revenue Service’s website, if you e-filed your tax return, you can look forward to receiving your refund within 10-21 days. If everything is processed within their system, you should have a close estimate of when you can have that extra money in your pocket.
Other states that have an income tax also have a similar websites if that would apply to you, so be sure to do a search. Within a couple minutes, you can quickly have the knowledge of when you can have that extra spending or investing money burning a hole in your pocket! Where is my federal income tax refund?  My accountant e-filed my return over two weeks ago, why haven’t I received my refund?
The refund may take longer if you do not provide all the required documents or the Inland Revenue (UK tax authorities) delays the processing of your refund. This means that it does not cost to apply for tax refund and the service fee is charged only when the refund is received. We deduct our service fees and transfer the refund to the clients personal bank account in any country.
If you plan to return to the UK during the same tax year, it is better to wait till the end of the financial year (financial year in the UK lasts from April 6th until the next year April 5th) or apply for your tax refund once you come home from the UK.
The United Kingdom does not refund National Insurance tax directly to an individual, but you may transfer the tax to your home country pension funds. It might be written on any document or letter received from the Inland Revenue, forms P-45 or P-60 or the last pay slip.
The UK tax authority demands that everyone who has CIS card or UTR number must send an Annual Tax Return (tax declaration) until October 31st.
Designer jeans, bags, shoes, or pricey electronics can whittle that refund down to nothing in just a couple hours. I ran a sample quote for a new term life policy for a 40-year-old woman, living in California, in good health with no tobacco use. No moving out, no finding a cheaper place to live, no second jobs, no double-shifts, no giving up on their dreams of going to college or starting a business. The information will be available within 24 hours after an e-filed return is received or 4 weeks after a paper return is mailed. In addition to checking your refund, the IRS2Go app allows you to request tax records and stay up to date on the latest news from the IRS.
To check the status of Ohio and Ohio School Districts Refunds you can go to the Ohio Department of Taxation website, download the Ohio Department of Tax’s mobile app or call 1-800-282-1784. Many people were forced to write a check to Uncle Sam with their filing or extension, but some are expecting a nice little check from the government.

You can also call the Refund Hotline at 800-829-1954, but who wants to talk to a machine, and how much fun is that. Before you spend it on something that’s only temporary, take a look at the options below.
But between a hotel, transportation, food, and gambling money, your $3,000 won’t take you very far.
But what happens when those jeans shrink in the wash, you step in a mud puddle in those pricey shoes, or you drop your iPad and the screen shatters? Life insurance keeps their dreams alive, even if you aren’t there to help provide for them. If you are anticipating a refund you may already have visions of good times floating in your head thinking of what you can do with the money. The refund status is updated every night, so you will always see the IRS’ most up to date information. Online and through the mobile app you will need to enter your social security number, birth date and type of return for the refund status to be determined. Once there, you will need to enter your social security number, the filing status of your return (single, married filing jointly, married filing separately, etc.), and the exact refund amount listed on the filed return. To check the status of Michigan refunds you can go to the Michigan Department of Treasury website. If you e-file, you can check your refund status 72 hours after you filed and if you paper filed, you can check 4 weeks after you mailed your return. They’re in the business of making sure we give them as much of our money as possible. To access the information you will be required to provide your social security number, filing status and adjusted gross income for the year. The personal information you will need to know is the Taxpayer social security number, your filing status and the exact refund amount shown on your return.
Even though we have touched on this topic in previous blogs, we deemed this to be the most relevant topic following tax season. Overall, the IRS disclaimer states that tax refunds will be issued within the historical range of 10 to 21 days. The most attractive decor and paint colors will always point you toward the gaming tables, not the exits. Before you spend your refund on gambling, just remember…you worked hard to earn that money.

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