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Social Media Marketing – A Ton of Useful Information on Social Media marketing Measurement! In our rush to get content out there, we get trapped in “best of’s” and “What the Bucolic Plague Can Tell You About SEO” type posts. There’s a lot of posts written about the importance of telling a story but unless you’re a professional communicator, most of us struggle with it. Creating content that represents your brand and is helpful to your audience takes a lot of time and resources – whether it’s text, video, or podcasts. Find a budding Hemingway among your team or outsource to a professional content marketing resource. Neil Patel draws up a list of 11 questions to ask yourself that will help you decide whether to outsource or do it yourself. Long gone are the days when SEO was the reserve of mysterious geeks who spoke a foreign net-speak dialect to explain how they will make your website appear on the first page of SERPs.
Basic SEO knowledge for any web writer is as necessary a skill as good grammar and formatting. Steve does a great job of clearly explaining the basics such as how Google ranks websites, keyword planning and the importance of Meta and title tags. You you run your business on a WordPress site, I also recommend highly the Yoast SEO Plugin. It’s like having a SEO expert looking over your shoulder reminding you to insert those keywords and tags.
Scott Monty recounts a story from Tom Webster that I first heard on the Podcast Tom does with Mark Schaefer: The Marketing Companion. Because there are so many products out there, Scott explains it’s up to marketers to connect with the emotions of customers. I included a post about Google Doc features you probably didn’t know about in last week’s Marketing Roundup. Google Docs is just one product in the Google Drive suite of productivity tools that also include Sheets, Forms, Presentation and Drawing.
He takes us step by step from accessing Google Drive to managing settings and sharing folders with clear screen captures and directions. While there are many “how-to” articles about Blab, Denise Wakeman takes another angle and shows us how even being as an audience member to a Blab can help us extend our reach.
Blab’s integration with Twitter allows many more people to “discover” you than a Google+ Hangout could. By subscribing to a specific show, your name shows up in the Chat as having subscribed and others can easily click on your image to follow you on both Blab and Twitter. When you participate in the live text chat, you are seen by the host and guests as well as the rest of the audience (a great way to connect with new folks). And speaking of Blab, join our Post Ray2Go Show Blab every Tuesday at 2:50Pm immediately after the show. When you’re looking to improve your ACT or SAT score by just a point or two, it often comes down not to how much you study, but it rather comes down to luck–or your ability to play mind games to mentally prepare yourself better than ever before. Whatever your plan may be, just remember that the score of your test does depend on how well you are mentally prepared for it. Annie Schugart is a high school senior from Kansas City, but she will be heading to the East Coast next year to attend Harvard.
These are the words that describe epic content marketing – but too many people are getting it wrong. In the rush to have something to say, many businesses latch onto half-brained ideas and try to ride it out. Storytelling seems to be a buzzword these days when it comes to content creation, but there’s much more to it than you think. And I’m not here to tell you how to incorporate storytelling into your content, because that’s a topic that’s been done over and over. However, what I can do is tell you how to avoid the trap of overdone ideas by using classic storytelling techniques. Here’s how some classic storytelling techniques will help improve your content marketing.
The foremost storytelling technique I always keep in mind is the hero’s journey by Joseph Campbell. In short, the hero’s journey is a classic sequence of actions that can be found in almost every story.
But the key to creating consistently amazing pieces of content is to remember that you aren’t the hero in this story. Every piece of content you craft has to be framed with the intention that it is the mentor dispensing valuable advice in order to aid the hero along their journey. If you keep that in mind you’ll always be consistently creating content that is both valuable and useful to your audience. In screenwriting there is a model that divides a narrative into three distinct parts, or acts: the Setup, the Confrontation, and the Solution. Like the hero’s journey the three-act structure is a basic template for most fictional narratives. Classically the setup is where all the major characters are introduced, the world they live in, and all the conflict that will move the story forward. In our case we already know who our characters are and the world they live in: the audience is the hero, and we’re the mentor.

A key piece of advice when it comes to storytelling is this: you find the conflict, you find the story.
My process is to find a general topic of information that my hero wants to know more about.
As you can see the goal of my hero is, “I want to write an epic article about storytelling”.
In fiction writing the confrontation is when the stakes are raised because the hero encounters even more problems. I often use Quora as a way to keep in the loop about which questions are being commonly asked in my niche. Try and break down at least three different questions or problems that the hero will encounter.
As you can see with this other example I already have three different topics to write about.
For my process what I do is come up with solutions to the questions raised in the previous section. In the end what you’ll end up with is a handful of different topics you can easily write about! When it came to pitching Jeff I was able to come up with a handful solutions to my hero’s questions.
By using this process you’ll be able to consistently generate new ideas for content that are filled with actionable advice. Instead just focus on one idea and be as in-depth as possible when it comes to that single idea.
For example, on this topic of storytelling techniques I could have, just as easily, created an instructional video, or an infographic instead of an article. Or I could have held an event or workshop and directly taught my method to a group of people. Using the content multiplier framework in Dan Norris’s book Content Machine I’m able to find different ways to present my information.
As a content creator you have to think of the different ways your audience absorbs information. This is a great way to significantly increase the different types of content you can produce, and all from one idea!
Often the hardest part of content creation isn’t writing it out, it’s coming up with an original idea in the first place. But what you’ll find is that by using these classic storytelling techniques, not only will you overcome writer’s block – you’ll also be able to constantly generate an awesome piece of content your audience will love!
Guest Author: Jonathan Chan is the Content Crafter at Foundr Magazine, a magazine for young entrepreneurs. By far I think that being a mentor to your audience is the one of the most important parts of marketing that people tend to forget. Some early social scientists in a discipline called a€?anthropologya€? (meaning: the science of man) thought that eugenicists were wrong on two points. Second, many anthropologists doubted that the a€?fixed and unchangeablea€? characteristics were really fixed and unchangeable. If the eugenicists were correct, then Boas should have found that the length of time that an immigrant had been in America should not have changed their a€?fixed and unchangeablea€? traits. Franz Boas discovered that the immigrants childrena€™s bodies were changing right before his very eyes. As a direct result of the IQ test administered to the World War I draftees, a group of Nativist senators proposed the Johnson-Reed Act (which became The National Origins Act of 1924), a quota system for immigrants from various countries. It is difficult for us to accept that Eugenics was considered progressive, something that would make society better, but in the early 20th century it pervaded all aspects of American life. The darker side of eugenics meant that many Americans who were judged to be below average intelligence, or a€?feebleminded,a€? were institutionalized.
Seventeen-year-old unwed mother Carrie Buck was chosen as the first person to be sterilized under a Virginia law passed in 1924.
Carrie Bucka€™s a€?pedigree,a€? part of the data stored at the Eugenics Records Office in Cold Spring Harbor, N.Y. Recent investigation of Carrie Bucka€™s case found that her lawyer conspired in the decision to uphold Virginiaa€™s sterilization law. Such a€?negativea€? eugenic practices as sterilization culminated in the genocide of European Jews, gypsies, homosexuals, and others labeled as undesirables by the Nazis, the Holocaust. And yes, many of us take a very rational approach comparing pros and cons but in the end it all comes down to emotion. I'm a Social Media Strategist eager to help you sort out social media platforms and content that will best drive your business forward.
Don’t worry, intern and high school junior Jasmine Malhi knows exactly what you mean.
Annie is editor-in-chief of her high school newspaper, plays flute and was a part of the U.S.
But the one thing many would-be content marketers stumble on is coming up with an idea that hasn’t been rehashed or done to death. The result is a jumbled mess that doesn’t make any sense, and only serves to frustrate their audience.
Basically it’s a broad template which contends that every epic myth can be broken down into 12 distinct plot points.

They provide all the necessary wisdom and advice that the hero needs in order to continue on their journey. I personally like writing it all out in my notebook, but you can easily do yours differently. The conflict is fairly straightforward, the hero wants to know a piece of information that only the mentor can provide. This is the most important step, because you have to thoroughly understand what questions your audience want answered. But those topics are just a little too generic, so I’ll break them down even further to generate more ideas!
All information and conflicts introduced in the first two acts are resolved in order to, theoretically, create a satisfying ending.
Eventually I settled on three different topics I particularly liked and pitched those to Jeff.
Too many people try to solve every problem in one go, and what you’re usually left with is a very general article that doesn’t answer any specific questions and ends up a boring read. He can often be found writing and reading anything and everything to do with entrepreneurship and the startup world.
Yes, storytelling does seem to be a quite popular content marketing method these days, and I can see how it works well. The eugenicists thought that the better races lived there, so the American race had good ancestors.
First, the anthropologists were not sure that the distinct races that the eugenicists perceived existed. The longer a child had been in America, the more the childa€™s body was like a native-born childa€™s body. When you wake up in the morning, activate your brain cells and wake up your body (both mentally and physically) by participating in some form of exercise for about 10 minutes–enough to reap the benefits, but not enough to make you tired. Blueberries themselves aren’t going to boost your test scores alone, but adding them (excessively) to your diet can possibly improve your brain activity and aid your memory. Tell yourself beforehand that once you finish the test, you can have a nice Chipotle lunch or some other reward that you can look forward through when you start to lose focus during your test. The most important plan is to create your own test-morning plan because really, it’s all just a mind game.
Army All-American Band, is the president of the National Teen Council, loves to dance, and is an avid tie-dye enthusiast. Think Obi-Wan in Star Wars, Gandalf in Lord Of The Rings, or for a more contemporary example Jeff Bullas and this very article. Instead writers are encouraged to think of different ways to showcase a piece of information.
It can be something for a specific person who knows you or truly random and anonymous act of kindness to a person you don’t know.It is nice if you direct your kindness towards the people less fortunate than you. After 1880, immigration to America came increasingly from Southern and Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia, and Latin America. It was obvious that human beings who came from different parts of the world had somewhat different physical appearances.
Congress commissioned a study of immigration, immigrants, their children, and their effect on America. If the anthropologists were correct, then some of the a€?fixed and unchangeablea€? traits would change over time. She hopes to run for president in 2032, and she hopes someday you'll join her and the world will be as one.
But as the saying goes there’s lonely at the top so maybe the CEO of the company needs a pat on the back every once in awhile.Do not expect anything in return. The eugenicists believed that immigrants to America in the period from 1880 to 1924 were people from the lower races, who had low intelligence, low morals, and a weak work ethic. But it was not obvious that the human population could be neatly divided into separate racial categories.
One part of the study was a survey of the physical bodies of 18,000 immigrant children in America. Immigrantsa€™ children would differ from their parents because they would grow up in a different environmenta€”the American environment. Would you consider yourself unintelligent if you looked at a strange game from rural China and did not know which piece was missing from the board? Wake up right away, and plan on waking up about an hour before you have to leave for the test.
Ivan Joseph [TED VIDEO] 87167 views Positive Psycology Lectures by Tal Ben-Shahar 81939 views The First 20 Hours: How to Learn Anything by Josh Kaufman [TED VIDEO] 68823 views Improve Your Life #19: Celebrate! Franz Boas (known as the Father of American Anthropology) and a large team of researchers gathered data on the physical shape and size of the childrena€™s bodies.
This will allow for enough time for you to completely wake up and not go into the test feeling half-asleep and groggy. The anthropologists claimed that if head shape is not a a€?fixed and unchangeablea€? trait, then why should anyone believe that laziness is a a€?fixed and unchangeablea€? trait?

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