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Maybe I have ADD, maybe I just need to focus, but I have found that constantly having different projects going allows me to satisfy these tendencies. I have worked at my current employer for 10 months now and in that time I have worked on many projects, not the least of which has included rolling out the second Juniper QFabric deployment in Australia (and one of the first in the world), delivering security solutions based on high end data centre SRX devices including IDP, SSL Inspection and Proxying, a relatively large Juniper MAG deployment across multiple sites with failover, and numerous network audits across many verticals including finance, utilities, enterprise and service provider networks.
The other aspect to toys is the ability to get your hands on all the right equipment to learn and play with *before* you need to deploy it. Your employer needs to understand that certification is beneficial to him, but more importantly that you as the engineer need to understand the content of the exams you are passing. The right employer will cover your expenses for gaining certification, and provide you with the resources, both equipment and time, to actually complete these career goals. If you’re lucky your VAR will give you access to both pre-sales and post-sales implementation work giving you a wider view point of the network life cycle as well as building up skills that end customer engineers will never get to practice. I just want to say that after working on the same network for 17 years, I assure you that the little things still don’t get finished.

Sometimes I think the only reason why Im in this industry is the ability to play with expensive and complex toys. If you are doing your job well, and your employer knows how best to leverage your skill set appropriately (not always in your control) then this works in everyones favour. I am living proof that ignoring the health aspects of your life will creep up on you, but Im not convinced this is specifically related to VAR lifestyle.
It can be fast paced and involve a lot jumping between contexts, but if you are like me you just may find that the very draw card to this career option. He a the Senior Network Engineer at ICT Networks where he spends his time building Service Provider networks, and enterprise WAN environments. I can also say that I would rather be a consultant than a full time engineer at a customer site. I see friends who work for enterprise customers who spend their days submitting change requests that third party support companies fulfil, or spend months writing detailed design guides for projects that inevitably get canceled and all that time is spent without getting to touch the things they got into this industry for. I enjoy the challenge of learning a new piece of equipment and deploying it into a customers network.

The right employer will understand your career aspirations and will endeavour to provide you with all the resources you need to be successful during both your time with them as well as your career beyond them. I did do a two year stint as network operations manager for a wireless ISP which itself was quite fast paced, but other than that Ive work as a consultant in one form or another. I enjoy learning all the new opportunities that a new software update or a router line card can offer to my upcoming network designs (my sales guys also enjoy being able to sell those things to existing customers… bloody sales drones!). The right employer understands how often engineers change jobs in this industry and that what goes around comes around.

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