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If you really stop and think about it, you will realize that a man’s sense of self worth is closely related to the amount of women that are attracted to him. On the other hand, women who have many sexual partners are frowned upon and considered to be ‘sluts’.
A woman absolutely hates it when a man cheats on her because it creates competition for her own children.
As we humans evolved into a more complex society, most men were compelled to settle for just one sexual partner because having many wives was not financially feasible.
I know that this information is very depressing but don’t let it bother you too much as there is a way around all this. However, they don’t remain devoted to simply any woman; they must feel love for that woman. Deborah is the owner of this site, a dating and relationship expert and a wife and mother to a wonderful husband and two twin girls. Not only do you have somebody who can come up with clever solutions but this person is eloquent and expressive enough to be able to effectively communicate these solutions. Although it might seem that this personality profile of the Gemini man has only focussed on the negative traits of Gemini nothing could be further from the truth. I greatly admire the Gemini sign because at the heart of most Gemini personality types is a pure and honest person. I believe that this deep seated inner goodness just needs a little encouragement to come out and show itself to the world. So take my final words of advice when it comes to understanding Gemini traits and characteristics and take the time to fully know and understand the Gemini man in your life at a deep level.
I truly believe that my gift of psychic ability and insight is a blessing to me and if I have a responsibility to use my God given gifts to help others.

Everyone gets crushes all the time, but the way we act on them (or not) varies widely from person to person.
Gemini: Normally chatty Geminis do even more nervous talking (not to mention nervous joke-making!) around the object of their affection. Cancer: Cancers want to be pursued, so while their feelings might be strong, their actions will be subtle and shy: glances from across the room, maybe a flirty text, but nothing too bold! Leo: Leos turn the charm up to 11 when they have a crush on someone, showering them with flattery and compliments.
Sagittarius: Competitive Sagittarians approach winning over their crush as if it were a contest. Capricorn: Capricorns need to know everything about their crushes before they decide whether or not to act on their feelings. Men who have been with many women are considered to be macho – they are respected by other men and are desired by women.
Even doctors and scientist have concluded that men are most likely to cheat when there is an emotional disconnection between the couple.
An office is dominated by a Taurus or an Aries or a Leo, and the team is faced with an emergency. It takes triggers to really unleash the best traits of Gemini men, and sometimes they need to have their backs against the wall for the winner within to come raging out.
This is a powerful combination and perhaps one of the best traits of the Gemini male personality. When this does happen there are many, many good things ahead for anyone who has a Gemini in their lives. They’ll recruit everyone they know to talk them up whenever their crush is around, and invite their crush to events that allow them to show off their formidable talents.

They’ll gather info about everything from how much money their crush makes to their political leanings.
Pisceans will spend their days daydreaming about their crush, doodling the person’s name with hearts around it, and imagining their perfect future together. This is because a woman’s ‘natural role’ is to stay devoted to her family – this is essential for the survival and the well being of her children. I know that all this sounds very crude and even barbaric to an extent but it is the naked truth – the same patterns are observed in almost all other species of animals. Philosophers, politicians, religious leaders and social reformers also realized that promoting the concept of ‘marriage and family’ was necessary for maintaining social stability. Oxytocin ensures that a man remains devoted to his woman and protects her and their mutual offspring.
All of a sudden, the leader is shown to have feet of clay and just crumbles in the face of a challenge. A man who loves and who is thoroughly satisfied with the relationship is very unlikely to cheat. However, despite being subjected to social, legal and religious pressure for several centuries, men have still not been able to embrace monogamy completely.

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