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If anything is more awkward than trying to get into a relationship, it’s trying to get out of one. Last year, I gave you 10 Christian pick-up lines, but what if things aren’t working out now?
Well, you could be honest and treat the other person with respect and dignity and in doing so display maturity and Christlikeness in a difficult situation, but seriously, how would that help? You could sing one of the top 10 Christian break-up songs or top 5 break-up hymns, but unless you live in a musical, it would seem a bit … odd to actually sing the ending of your relationship.
What you really need to do is make up some overly spiritual sounding lie in a desperate attempt to dump the other person in such a way that you seem like the Mother Teresa of break-ups. OK, a lady who was single her whole life is probably not the best comparison for relationship issues, but you get my drift. We're generally of the opinion that only the worst kind of people decide to break up via text.

But sometimes -- and this is a very rare sometimes -- we get a glimpse into why someone might have done it. I really need to spend more time with God, especially on Friday and Saturday nights or any other time that you are available.
We both are trying to be more like Christ, so I think we should be like Jesus and be single. From Kylie Jenner's trendsetting style (btw, puberty goals AF) to life-changing tech news (tweeting an emoji to order a pizza #YES), The Cray is all you need to impress the squad. Arrogant, egotistical, and the playboy of the University of California, Berkeley, he's everything her brother Pearce has taught her to despise.
Fan of quick wits, magical wardrobes, brave hobbits, time traveling police boxes & Blue Devils.

She doesn't know either.Braden wanted fiery little Maddie the second he laid eyes on her - and he'd do anything to have her, hence why he's agreed to make her fall in love with him. Hope you like these quotes with pictures DISCLAIMER: All images are copyrighted by their respective authors. That means trouble - but when her brother Pearce turns up in Berkeley begging for her help, she realises Braden and Pearce aren't so alike anymore.And maybe, just maybe, they're exactly what each other needs.

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