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View Photos“Everything is fair in love and war!" The very saying can be used as a way to control your partner or get his attention only towards you. Have you ever wished you could snap your fingers and make a guy fall head over heels in love with you?
If your end aims and your initial reasons for making your guy jealous are positive, then you have a good chance of making your dreams come true!
Perhaps you feel neglected in your relationship and you want your guy to pay more attention to you? Or maybe you want to give your guy a taste of his own medicine and let him know how you feel when he flirts with other women? What if there is a guy who seems to go out of his way to ignore the fact that you really like him? If you have other reasons for wanting to make a guy feel jealous, try to think about the outcome you want.
If this is the case, then maybe it is better for you to focus on trying to find positive ways to resolve your own issues – work out why you feel the way you do and try to take responsibility for your own feelings, instead of projecting it onto someone else.
When you take responsibility for yourself, you are also taking control, and you will feel much stronger and able to focus on things that genuinely make you feel happy and good about yourself. Let’s go back to my favorite reason to make a guy jealous – tapping into his natural male instincts to chase you. Essentially, when you go about trying to make a guy jealous, what you really want to do is kick start him into action. When you have caught his attention, start to flirt with him too, but not as much as with the others.
When he sees that other guys are responsive to your flirtatious personality, you can start to work this to your advantage and make him jealous by directing more of your attention towards the guys who are reciprocating it. As soon as your guy sees that his friends desire you, you will immediately become a more desirable prospect to him. Often guys have to deal with a lot of peer pressure within their own social groups, and this can affect confidence levels.

The absolute best way to lure a guy into chasing you, once you have caught his attention is by playing hard to get. Remember: Sometimes invoking seemingly negative emotions in a guy, can work in a positive way to give them that extra prompt they might need in order to get him to share his true feelings with you!
How can I show more attention to my boyfriend so he will not try to get attention from other females all the time? If your man is not paying attention towards you or bothering about you then it is time to make him jealous. I am sure it is many a girl’s dream come true – to be chased by the guy who makes you weak at the knees, and not have to do anything at all but be your wonderful self! So some girls like to get a guy’s attention by making him jealous – But does it really work?
Sometimes the only way you can make a person understand the effects of their own behavior, and help them to change, is to hand them a mirror!
Can you ignite his natural male instincts to compete with other guys and chase you, simply by making him jealous?
One way of getting the guy you like to take notice of you is to show him that there is competition, and this is where trying to make him jealous can have a positive effect!
You want to show him that other guys want you and that there is a ticking clock if he wants to get in there first. You want to make him work harder for your attention, but you don’t want him to a) Think you’re not interested at all, or b) Be put off because you’re all over him immediately. So even if he didn’t think he fancied you to begin with, the mere fact that other guys are competing for your attention will make him want to be part of the fun too.
Guys who are affected by peer pressure may be more cautious about the types of girls they show interest in, because they need the approval of their peers.
When you play hard to get, you can do small things to create jealousy or more importantly desire, which will encourage your guy to work harder at getting your attention. This attitude generally comes in the mind of a man when he feels confident of having his partner with him.

It is not about hurting anyone; instead it is about giving them a gentle shove in the right direction! If he secretly already likes you, but hasn’t been showing it, he will suddenly feel under pressure to get your attention, because he can see that he has competition. Nothing drives a man wilder than when he can’t seem to pin down the girl he is interested in.
If you show the guy you like that other guys are interested in you, and want to take you out, then his natural competitiveness will kick in.
There’s nothing worse than becoming the guy who the girl goes to for advice on her love life, especially when the guy you go to for your advice is falling for you – Imagine the frustration!
The less you show you like him, the more interested and focused he will be on finding out what the others see in you.
The more unavailable you are, the more attractive you become, because the guy has to work harder to get your attention. His jealousy will act in a positive way and make him want to compete with other guys in order to win your affections. If you can become comfortable enough with your guy to confide in him about all of your love problems though, then not only will you be able to pull at his jealousy strings in order to get him to take action and tell you how he feels, but you will also be providing him with valuable personal insight, so that he has the opportunity to sabotage all of your other dates and keep you all to himself until he finds the courage to ask you out!
Intentionally wanting to hurt a guy by making him feel jealous is cruel, there is no real constructive outcome, and it isn’t going to make you feel any better or achieve anything in the long run. Tip: When you start accepting dates from other guys, you are basically putting your guy’s chase on a timer, which actually makes it more exciting and intense for him! Guys are more likely to fall deeply in love with girls who were more of a challenge to get. The best excuse is by saying that you were busy with friends so couldn't answer the call.Try these 5 ways to make your man jealous and get his attention.

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