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When you begin to understand how important missing someone is in getting them back, you will know that this is your best way of making him change his mind about the break up. I think it should be obvious but if you want to make a guy miss you you’re going to have to keep out of his way for a while.
You might find the first step a little difficult because it goes against a woman’s intuition. A brilliant technique that many women use to turn the whole break up situation around is to stop chasing him altogether and subtlety pull him back towards you.
If you do not text him, look at him or ask him any questions it will look as though you have moved on with your life and have better things to do.
We had an off and on again relationship and we keep breaking up and after 1-2 months we get back together. PS after hearing him say that, I’m less motivated to pursue any kind of relationship with him but I am curious as to how I can make him miss me.
The more magical moments in your relationship are memories that you probably cherish, but I'm going to let you in on a little secret here:so does your exboyfriend. That being said, getting your ex to want you again isn't as simple as reminding him of these things. One of the biggest misconceptions out there is also perpetuated by every girl's biggest fear: that after the break up, your ex will soon forget about you. Still, most women worried about losing a boyfriend will instantly want to be around them again. The more you place yourself in your ex boyfriend's line of vision, the more invisible you become.
There are also some additional steps you can take that will flip your ex boyfriend's attention back in your direction.
By turning your attention inwardly on yourself and not focusing on the breakup, you create a more positive atmosphere and can adjust to being single again. If you can accomplish even half of the above mentioned list, you're going to automatically make your boyfriend jealous.
It's a secret most women don't realize, but here it is: most guys thrive on keeping their girlfriends happy.

By going out and doing stuff without him, your ex will begin thinking about the times you shared together.
Grabbing your ex's attention is a lot easier when you become something he once again desires.
Some of the best techniques for regaining your boyfriend's attention involve adding some subtle tricks that will spark his interest.
This incredible audio guide has already helped thousands of happy couples all over the world get back together again.
However the breakup happened, learn the fastest-working techniques for getting your ex immediately turned around!Reverse your breakup quickly and easily. Find out how to apply quick changes that will instantly reverse your exboyfriend's current thought processes.Learn what you can do today to get him interested in you again. He will definitely be expecting some kind of change in you after the break up, especially if he was the one that broke up with you. This time, after 2 months, we get together but a week later, he tell me he’s seeing someone else but said we can be friends. On the 3rd February this year I caught him out and he had been cheating on me for 2 months and the girl he was cheating on me with was a customer lol! Don’t bother looking up the internet for romantic quotes to explain to her the sad state of your heart. There are some proven techniques to make him miss you, even if you have been broken up for a long while. His male ego does not want to be bruised by you and he secretly expects you to continue to chase after him.
He’ll probably start to regret his actions and question whether he did the right thing.
He is the love of my life who is drinking way to much for a happy in love man,, some days he txt with xxx then some days nothing .. I was there in his struggeling time, now he is a successful man because i was there with him. Anyway I had no issues with the girl, when I confronted her she was unaware of my very existence. In fact anything to keep your mind occupied – we just want to keep you away from that telephone!

You need to learn a few proven tactics which involve knowing a little bit about the male psyche. There is an excellent ebook and audio system available that will show you all of the strategies that you need to text back your ex. She was keen to keep in contact with me (God knows why?) so I allowed her to then when she was bad mouthing my ex and I have nothing back, she sent me a snotty message and how he was so needy and I was deluded if I thought he was coming back to me. If you are to stand any chance of winning back his love you will need to know what you are doing and not leave things to chance. When you do this you will be forcing him to question why he broke up with you in the first place. Anyway… She kept posting pics with him and what not so I just liked the posts and two weeks later blocked both from social media and on my phone.
Think of the cutest memories you share with her and weave it all into a short rhyme that makes her want to come and give you a hug. He will begin to worry that he is going to lose you for good and then be proactive in his desire to win you back. If you allow your emotions to run away with you the truth is that it will be difficult for him to see you in a positive light and miss you at all.
Now I keep receiving unknown number calls and when I picked up one of them it was that girl, but she cut off.
Whether you’re missing her because she has moved to another city, gone overseas or for no reason at all – read these poems to connect with your inner charmer. Write it down on greeting card, post in on Facebook, pin it on Pinterest, text it, tweet it, Instagram it or scribble it down on cute note.
Do whatever it takes to make her realize how her boyfriend is craving for her hugs and kisses.

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