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I'm now a stay-at-home mom to our identical twin daughters, who are five and full of energy, and our new baby son. What's more is my lil website statistics says you all comeback and check on me from time to time and I do appreciate it!
In other news, although I have been quite the busy bee, I am glad to say I have been sipping on progressivity! If it were that easy, all the guys would be big hulking monsters, but they aren't either, and they've got the natural hormones it takes (testosterone). Click the link for Classes & Workshops for more details about the 8-Week OneMoreBite Approach Workshop and Weight Loss Coaching.
Whether I'm angry, sad, bored, looking for something entertaining to watch I turn to Nollywood, Nigeria's own lil hollywood. Ask me in my sleep, and I can tell you the names of the best producers to those who do proper subtitles.

I have put so many things on hold in the pursuit of my dreams and I've come to realize, that's just not living. Last time we spoke, I told you all my writings would be about messages that I listen to back to back and that I find really encouraging. I'm fortunate to be in a relationship with the love of my life and who God has blessed us with a lil strong, active, and brilliant little boy. Everything done in moderation and with time, God willing eventually everything will be booming and in full bloom. This only can happen when massive amounts of steroids, plus ridiculous training regimines are taking place.
I mean like, can I see the reflection of the cameraman and the microphone in the car window?
It's like a bag of skittles or even starbursts, I will watch the films to let you know which flavors just aren't that yummy and which ones are!

And hey, if there are some big name releases that aren't really as good as they say, I'll let you know exactly why.
For those of us who enjoy the films to a certain extent, Nollywood is our little gift that keeps on giving. 2015 was a rough year and a year of silence, but these boys were and still are my blessing. Not alll 50 movies released each week is a hit back to back, but some of us have acquired a taste for them.

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