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But what if I told you that there was a way to turn the tables and make your ex girlfriend constantly think about you? But it sure would be comforting to know that your girlfriend has not forgotten you entirely. To know that your ex girlfriend often thought of all of the great times you had together as a couple.
But more than that, if you were successful in having your ex-girlfriend obsessing just a tad (or more) over the memory of you, the things you did together, or even what you are doing now could ultimately help you win her back.Do You Even Have a Chance of Getting Your Ex Back? If you are like a lot of my clients, then you are not on the best terms with your ex girlfriend right now.
Indeed, she may be really upset with you and has told you that she wants you out of her life.
Ok, I know that it sounds like a helpless situation where your ex-girlfriend wants nothing to do with you (or so she says) and tells you that she has nothing but contempt for you. Part of the reason for that is because I have experience in dealing with tons of situations such as the one we are describing now. The other reason, is that I am not clouded by a lot of the emotional turmoil that a guy or girl experiences when they have a break up.
Well, I have seen a lot of situations in which the former girlfriend was absolutely livid with her boyfriend.
The way I figure (and psychology backs me up) is that if your ex-girlfriend invested that much energy in being upset with you, then there must have been a pretty strong connection between the two of you.
I mean, you don’t really get super angry at somebody who you don’t know well or don’t care about.
When a person in a relationship really gets fired up and upset with another, that usually means that the bond and connection between those two people is still INTACT. I know, it is an unusual type of logic, but from a deep psychological level, love and anger are two sides of the same coin.
There are multiple ways you can influence your ex girlfriends mindset such that they think of you more often and in a positive light. It is important for you to fully understand the emotions that your ex-girlfriend may be experiencing.
Why is this important to getting your ex girlfriend to miss you and think constantly about getting back together?
Now, I would agree that no one person is the same, but in the early stages of a break-up, most women are not going to be amenable to talking things out. So, whatever bright ideas you think you might have to get her to really start missing you immediately after the break up, forget them.
Indeed, you both will be experiencing a “mirror” phenomenon where both of your are experiencing similar emotions and reactions. Now, just as in any strategic military campaign, there are different phases of the operation.
Essentially, what you are trying to do is INFILTRATE her thoughts and turn them in your favor. In a moment, we are going to talk about the the 10 Synergistic Golden Rules of Persuading Your Ex Girlfriend to Think About You Constantly. Anyway, you will be in no condition to run into battle because you are most likely recovering from your own emotional wounds.
So, the No Contact Period, which you should consider deploying, will help you immensely in getting ready to battle for love. You will be able to use the synergistic golden rules below to help you with the various phases of your operation. Other rules apply more toward the end of your campaign when you are engineering the first meet-up (after the break up) or during the period when the two of you are finally talking and trying to rebuild the relationship. Just know this and never forget it… If the two of your genuinely cared deeply about each other, there is a powerful force operating between the two of you.
It is very possible (arguably likely) that you can flip that force back to where you and your girlfriend are once more connected in a positive way. When you think about the principle of the No Contact Rule in which you refrain from communicating with your ex girlfriend, you would think that it would only lead to utter failure of the relationship. Well, in the beginning, she will be thinking about you quite a bit, but it won’t be all of the nice things you would wish for.
In fact, if you could read her mind, the things she would be thinking about regarding you would be pretty chaotic.
Any efforts at this time to reach and out have a conversation or drop by for an impromptu visit, will likely be met with a barrage of anger, resentment, possibly even a few verbal insults. Depending on how things went down when the two of your broke it off, your Ex’s mindset can range from sadness and depression to joy and delight that you are gone from her life. I assure you, if this situation you find yourself in is like most typical break-ups, your ex gf will be riding up and down a roller coaster ride of emotions. Just know that implementing the No Contact Rule will allow her to re-calibrate without you being a catalyst for more adverse emotional reactions.
So if you want your girl to eventually come around to start thinking about you a lot (in a good way), steer clear of her for a spell.
Even if she reaches out to you in the early days of No Contact, chances are she really is not ready to talk to you. Even if your Ex comes into the attempted conversation with good intentions, remember this is a time of chaos and uncertainty in how she will behave (and you too).
You might be thinking on Day 5 of No Contact when she calls you, “All right, she must be really missing me.
Unfortunately, I have seen many occasions when that same scenario played out, but at the end of the conversation, the couple is at each others throats once again.
Look, this period following the break up is very volatile, but you have a big trump card to play. It will take a monumental effort for the loving feelings she has for you to be completely stripped away. What often happens is that with time, your ex girlfriend will return to those loving feelings. This will not happen in the beginning, but there is a good chance it will happen before the end of your 21 or 30 day No Contact Period. Now, when I think about these kinds of situations where a break up occurs, I am reminded of an earthquake.
Something really bad goes down between the two of you and it feels like the very ground you are standing on is quaking and the foundation on which you built your relationship begins crumbling. When your entire world is turned upside down from the breaking and crumbling of a relationship, everything seems lost.

This is when your ex and all of the good memories she has of you will come back to the forefront of her thinking. If your relationship was strong before and the two of your were “tight”, then your chances of her thinking about you constantly will be high.
As days go by without hearing from you, your ex girlfriend will be even more motivated to think about you. You will be missed and as the No Contact Period unfolds and after you do some of the other things I will talk about, she should miss you tremendously.
So what the heck do you do with yourself during this No Contact Period where you are allowing your ex to get her sh#t  together? Hopefully, you ex-girlfriend is finally coming to terms with how important you are to her and thoughts of you are constantly flooding into her mind. I won’t go into great detail because I have discussed these concepts elsewhere on my website.
Your Health is not just about your physical health, though I am a huge fan of working out a lot, particularly after a break-up. This include embracing new activities that brings you closer to achieving spiritual balance in your life. Without a doubt, seeking to leverage your existing relationships and expanding your social circles is an important step of healing and gaining perspective. When she sees some of the changes you are undergoing, trust me, you will be on her mind a lot. Ironically, sometimes the best way to draw closer to your Ex is to put distance between each other. Once something important is removed from our lives, we eventually act like a drug abuser who needs another fix. As I mentioned before, there is a powerful force that bonds boyfriend and girlfriend together. The strength of this force depends on the amount of time the couple has been together and the quality of their relationship.
Sometimes, just going on a trip far away and making sure your ex-girlfriend knows about it, can create a powerful longing for your ex to want to be closer to you.
So where ever you are in the process of reuniting with your former girlfriend, just remember that putting distance between you and her can set into motion a huge desire on her part to want to be with you.
Sometimes you just have to be a little sneaky to gain ground on recouping your relationship. If you are currently within the No Contact Period, one way to create attraction is to launch what I would describe as “Flanking Attraction Maneuvers”. Your mission is to creating an emotional reaction from your ex girlfriend such that she misses you even more. It is important though that this information is NOT thought to be coming from you, but rather it should be positioned as the observation from a friend. The trick is having a friend that can create this mental picture such that it comes off as real, objective, and unrehearsed.
It is important that any comments attributed to you about your ex is portrayed as being very positive. Again, the idea is to portray yourself as a humble survivor of break up, who has nothing but positive things to say about your former lover.
You are essentially baiting the hook with humility and a compliment to arouse her curiosity and re-attraction for you. It is also important that while you want to be portrayed with humility, you should not be perceived as weak or suffering. This is a more aggressive approach, because you are not trying to appeal to your ex-girlfriend’s better nature such as we discussed in the Flanking Maneuvers example. With a rumor you are seeking to directly attack your former girlfriend right where it can cause an explosion of jealousy. Don’t employ this approach if your break-up was due to you previously being unfaithful or if she thought you were unfaithful. They looked at all of things that transpired between a couple and evaluated what the most critical thing two people can do that keeps their relationship healthy and long lasting.
And if you get the opportunity to interact with your ex-girlfriend, I want you to be supremely KIND to her.
Even if you don’t think it’s working…trust me, it is working at the subconscious levels. Think of every kind word you utter to her…every kind gesture you extend to her as your way of rebuilding the “love account”. It make take many deposits of kind acts, but there is a good chance that someday you will look back and realize how impactful those little things you said really were in the larger scheme of things. That’s seems to be a tough one for some people who have long been conditioned to act and behave a certain way. But if this girl is important enough to you, then the road to recovery needs to be paved with kindness. Now there is a thin line between arrogance and confidence, so be careful about coming off as a jerk. Particularly if you are in the beginning stages of recovering from your ex breaking it off with you. That is understandable, but during the early stage of your recovery, you will need to regain your confidence. This can be accomplished through some of the things I discussed earlier as it relates to the Holy Trinity. If you want your girl to think of you often in a positive way, you CANNOT show her a guy who is weepy or depressed, or listless much of the time. And if you decide to project a positive attitude of confidence, then you will BECOME a person with a positive attitude with confidence.
Well, the can work out incredibly well or turn out horribly wrong in the world of relationships. This can work after you are well into the No Contact Period or probably best during the phase in which you and your Ex are starting to talk and see each other again.
I used the word “synergistic” which means that these ideas are co-mingled and benefit from each other. Throughout your efforts to win her back, you are seeking to create an environment such that your ex is missing you and frequently thinking about you. Your are doing this by implementing the No Contact Rule, Flanking Maneuvers, and Surprise attacks. These ideas that you are executing are filled with strategy, but the one common thread is that there is always a touch of puzzlement associated with them.

For example, she is really not certain why your are implementing No Contact and what it all means for the two of you. She may be pleasantly surprised and elated to see the “new you”, but is still left with the notion how all that happened without her in your life. There is this scientific principle that says the shortest distance between two points is a straight line (i.e. In fact, your ex probably had to tip toe all around you to get you to do all sorts of things.
Indeed, for some guys, their control issues are one of the reason why the relationship slid off the tracks.
If that is the case for you, you best work on it, because few women I know like being controlled or bossed around all of the time. Meaning, you will come off as a very agreeable person, willing to do essentially all of the things she suggests, but you never actually push to have things back as they were. What you are trying to accomplish is to bring some trust,  joy and happiness into the relationship.
If you are just getting back together from a break-up, you are in a VERY vulnerable position. Many break-ups are followed by a brief period of reconciliation, then another break up occurs promptly.
If you really want this girl back in your life, you may have to play the “Yes Game” so that you do not become a victim of the cycle.
Your girlfriend will mirror your behavior and want to play the game herself, so the control and personal power switches back to you.
Eventually, for the relationship to work in the long run, you both will need to strike a balance.
My name is Chris, and I help millions of guys per year improve themselves, and get their ex girlfriends to come running back. I fought fought and fought for her and she 2 times said we’ll try again but then cancelled and broke my heart again.
Hey I bought your e-book, I read it all, I’ve been doing my best to implement your tactics.
I while ago i explained that my girlfriend who is 12 years younger than i decided to broke over a 1,5 Year LDR. She is a bit inmanture and learned next to me what is love and how to become a better person.
I many times let her know that she would be better without me as she is having some stress not good for her, so after telling her that foor the third time, she quoted me…. She is going out and taking care of her life which is great for her but now no communication at all. Yesterday we spoke after a few days, she said she was quite open and its was nice to hear her it was also fun. What should you suggest, to have more patience, or avoid to get back to her till she have more interest ? We spoke once and she said that it was a good thing that we were speaking and that she would be open to try to fix things. She also told me that she needs time and that she said she hopes i am not mad at her because she need to go through the process slowly and she said that even if she looks cold and unfriendly she has feelings for me and she is sorry for reacting the way she does.
But that type of anger is hardly comparable to the passionate feelings that transpire between a couple. In other words, if you do these ten things then you have a really good chance of making your girlfriend think about you. Whether you are vying for a new promotion or seeking to lift your business to the next level, your efforts on building up your assets will give you a new focus and sense of purpose. I was 23 years old then and she was my first girlfriend or even the first dater ever as I never wanted a relationship or anything prior to this, Everything was amazing. And the last time she did it was on the 29th Apr and didn’t allow me to reply to her text and blocked me on everything, whatsapp, facebook and instagram.
She told me she was done for good in a non violent or bashful way and said I can do whatever I want and I agreed. From about October 2015 she wasn’t that happy in our relationship but she NEVER voiced her concerns to me ever. Ive sent a few texts but not desperate or needy texts via normal sms which to of course she hasn’t replied.
It’s like starting over and making her become a close friend again and attracting her back. We exchanged a few txt ans talked on the phone but everytime she seems to just be angry with me.
She then wanted to start dating again which we did for a month, but I was very skeptical of why she would come out of nowhere after all that wanting to get back together.
Prior to this I used to get annoyed at her as she use to never make effort for me and she admitted she was wrong but would never improve on that. So I kind of made the mistake of calling her out on why we wouldn’t work right now probably and calling her out on her immaturity, so basically breaking up with her.
Although I can still feel like some hesitancy from her where she is still holding back a little, probably expecting me to act the same as before which i understand. Thanks a lot man, I appreciate everything you helped me with so far, but now I’m clueless and feel awful, any advice? Then of course I realized a week later that I did want to be with her so I told her I did but at this point she didn’t trust it anymore and was hurt by what I said. I jokingly said I wouldn’t marry her and she took it to heart I also started to be less attentive to her needs .
I made the mistake of being persistent and still trying to get back together for the next 2 weeks and we ended up fighting pretty bad about it where she didn’t want to get back together at all. Then right before christmas we met up once where i apologized to her for my actions basically and that I did want to start dating her again but that I was just unsure before to which she said she didn’t think it was a good idea. If she doesn’t want to talk on the phone or makes an excuse for not meeting up should I just kind of restart the whole process? Then bout 2 weeks ago I texted her how you recommended and we’ve been texting back and forth once in a while in a neutral way I would say. Only progress is that this past sunday she asked if i had fun superbowl plans which i invited her out to join with her friend, which she said thanks for the invite and that she was probably going to go to a bar with some girlfriends.

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