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Shampoos, conditioners, and styling gels will come at a later date, besides we've reviewed many of those items in the past. Artistic expressions through hair has always been a trend in the Black-American community– with men and women.
The faux-hawk is still a fashionable hair-style of choice, it just doesn't have the impact that it once did since every other fashion forward guy wears one. I often find that a person's hair looks best when they work with the natural texture of their hair. I'm not a fan of this hairstyle, for some reason, it often time comes off as creepy or strange.
Even if you aren't going to a family gathering or holiday party, these photos can help inspire a new-look for 2010. For fashion, grooming, and style tips please search through the archives or use the Custom Google Search Bar both are located on the left sidebar.
As always, we here at the Urban Gentleman endorse looking your best at these functions and of course looking your best starts with grooming.
I know every guy has a different hair texture, but these days with the massive amounts of styling tools and products, most of the hair looks below can be achieved on almost any hair type: curly, straight, or wavy.

I know many men love this style and put in serious work to get those perfect sea-sick waves. It's always nice to have a woman around that can help keep you well styled and groomed.
But the part is less obvious and the hair is cut in more layers on top, then swept backwards. Zac sported these when he was in his teens, through-out high school musical, and once (from what I can remember) this year, I hope he's done with this look. It's pretty easy to style and maintain without having to go to the barbershop or hair salon. To get this hairstyle Andre' probably uses a texturizer, moisturizing conditioner, or styling product that makes the extreme curls in Black-American hair looser, creating a wavier hair-texture.
It's take a certain attitude, personality-type, and overall style to successfully pull it off. While we're behind the scenes working, please enjoy our new articles, teasers, collaborations, and men's fashion, style, and grooming archives. Cut it shorter on the sides, longer in the middle, then use your favorite product to create fun messy spikes.

Well because it flows along with his preppy southern-boy Benjamin Bixby look- it gives him character. Definitely, don't try this at home, go to a salon or barber when first trying to achieve the look.
The girl version of him or of this hairstyle would have to be Janelle Monae, she also sports a reto hair style (an afro-curly pompadour to be exact). Now of course, this is excessive for the average guy, I most likely would not recommend this to someone unless they had a distinct personality, but as an artist this is just another non-harmful way to express yourself.
Find your favorite hairstyle above, print this page out, and hang it on your mirror or wall just so that the idea of the new cut can properly sink in (maybe ask a few friends how they think the hairstyle would look on you), then when the time is right, take it to your barber and try it out.
This hairstyle embodies the Conservative Dapper trend , you'll instantly look like a character from Mad Men.

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