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As humanity grows so too does the infrastructure that surrounds us—expanding and expanding to accommodate more people, more homes, more malls, more servers, more cars, more everything. Blanz gives us an absurd look at a world taken to extremes, but if somebody doesn't sort out those flying cars, this could be our future.
Stay in the know about the best in men's health, relationships, fashion, power, money and more with India's largest men's lifestyle platform. But more cars means more roads, roads that spiral into some kind of Ballardian web of intersections criss-crossing and stacked on top of each other until your eyes can no longer untangle them and you start to feel queasy. While these imaginary urban environments are digitally created, they're also based upon freeways and roads that already exist, so they both document and augment the existing road networks. If you have vertigo, the world spins around you – rather than other kinds of dizziness which make you feel woozy or light-headed.

If you have vertigo, the world spins around you – rather than other kinds of dizziness which make you feel woozy or light-headed. Vertigo can make you very unsteady on your feet, and generally unwell - you may also feel sick or vomit.Vertigo tends to be worse when you move your head. Labyrynthitis is an inflammation of the inner ear balance mechanism, which is often caused by a viral illness like a cold. Lying in bed should ease the symptoms, and they usually settle within anything from a few days to a few weeks.
For instance, if your attacks don’t happen that often, your doctor may prescribe an anti-sickness tablet called cinnarizine or prochlorperazine to take just as an attack comes on. If your attacks are more frequent, your doctor may suggest a tablet called betahistine, which you take regularly to make the attacks less frequent.

Causes include:some kinds of strokealcoholnerve disorders that affect the nerves in your legs and feetbeing generally weak and frailHow do I help myself?If you have any prolonged or repeated episodes of dizziness, the best way to help yourself is to see your GP. If you have tinnitus, especially in one ear only – you must get it checked out by your doctor. However, a constant ringing in your ears can be very distressing.If your tinnitus is troublesome, your GP can refer you to the hospital to see an ear specialist. Other noise generators, which you don’t wear in your ear but have on in the background, can also help.

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