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Join Date 25 Nov 2004 Location Glasgow, Scotland Age 28 Posts 23,912 How To Make Your Music Go VIRAL Here are 6 things that can help to make your music go viral: Creativity. I don't necessarily agree with 5 completely - often people share things to show how "bad" they think it is, Rebecca Black's Friday being a perfect example. Most viral videos happen accidentally — an amateur cellphone video that someone posted to share with friends with no intention of it being seen by millions becomes a sensation. How to Make Your Photos Go Viral on Instagram By Alani Nelson Share Tweet 0 0 Instagram what you're drinking. Back To Top Contact Us Terms of Use Careers Privacy Policy Advertise Site Map Feeds © Complex Media Inc. We are constantly striving to improve CrazyPellas and ask you to contact us if you have any suggestions or if their is anything that we can help you with.
Ce service ne concernera dans un premier temps que les utilisateurs de Facebook en langue anglaise (américain). When you think about the viral videos you’ve seen, chances are most of them were funny, whether the humor was intended or not (remember double rainbow guy?).
Music is highly shareable when it's relateable to a memory or situation you've experienced.Cats. In the 1980s, when concept videos and MTV were young, The Replacements swore they would never make a music video. Send them an email blast containing a link to the video and instructions for getting it out there.
As their popularity grew and the record company demanded a video, the band responded by filming a static shot of a stereo speaker playing one of their songs.
Of course, the converse is true too; there have been serious viral videos, usually involving cute animals and natural phenomenon, so you could go that route as well.
Seek out influential people in the music business, befriend them and share the video with them. Now is not the time to be overly-protective of your work or paranoid about others stealing your ideas. You could also encourage fans create their own videos of your music, be it live footage or a concept. At the time, it was considered fresh and original while other bands were trying to outdo each other with over-the-top production and story lines. Just when we think we've got it all there's another full run of many brand new press clips from top notch media at that. People love to share things that aren’t supposed to be funny but are, like pictures of people with mullet hairdos.

We surely wouldn't have such a diverse audience at this point if it wasn't for your due diligence week in and week out. From weekly updates to making sure that all my information is correct and sent to relevant sites and organizations, they were everything I could have hoped for. James and Matt are friendly, efficient, affordable and have heaps of connections that allowed an indie artist like me to give my music the chance it deserves. We have done multiple campaigns with them for Album releases, Remix releases, and Music Video releases and must say that they have consistently delivered press for us that far exceeded our expectations. James is extremely professional, organized, and if you are lucky enough for him to accept your project, he is genuinely an advocate for your project on a level that is unheard of for a PR company in our experience. If I could give one piece of advice to anyone that is interested in elevating their career in the music industry, it would be to really invest in yourself and your future by working with the best PR company in the game. James Moore knows what he is doing and wants to give light to all the great musicians breaking their back for the good of song. He can help to make sense of our fast-paced world, while the musicians can focus on creating their best work. It's no fun trying to juggle creativity with business and no one gets that more than Moore.
James has done a fantastic job of promotion and putting my music out there into the ethers of the internet. They work hard to write and record, gig, and market themselves effectively, but labels and potential fans have no idea who they are.
A great publicist is NOT easy for indie bands to come by in this industry, and a great AFFORDABLE one is almost unheard of.
When Larusso hired James, we were skeptical; we'd never used a professional publicist before and in all honesty the affordable rates at which he works made me wonder if IMP was going to be even close to on par with the publicists in this industry that charge upwards of $10,000 for a few weeks of outreach.
After working with James on the critical mass campaign, we won't think twice about using any other company again.
Not only did we receive insane amounts of press in some of our favorite publications, the connections we made as a result of James' outreach branched out into new networking and promotional opportunities for our band. You can't take the next step in your music career without a presence in the entertainment media, so give IMP a shout! The amount of music promotion and press coverage we got for our album was beyond anything that we could have imagined.
After many long years of bad choices and wasted money, we finally stumbled across a service that delivered far beyond our expectations.
Not only did they provide ample material for us to grow our marketing efforts, they also conveyed wonderful criticism that will ultimately help us improve as a band.

Another tremendous positive about Independent Music Promotions is the level of communication they provided. Not once through the process did we feel out of touch or worried about how our money was being spent.
The only regret I have is not including more in our project budget to get a bigger media package.
By tapping his extensive network of media relations, he allows the artist access to a much broader scope of press opportunity. I will also say that I was happy to see a few (slightly) less than positive reviews pop up online, which assuaged my ethical worries of "buying" good press. James delivers exposure to his handpicked artists, but the press is real and sinks or swims based on the quality of the music.
He knows the landscape of the media and blogs and understands what it’s like to be an independent artist in todays music biz.
His work gave my album the chance I felt it deserved, to be heard, and built a foundation upon which I can now grow as an artist. Independent Music Promotions carefully crafts the resources desired by independent artists who are looking for press or media placement in blogs, magazines, websites, and major publications. I would absolutely recommend the services of James Moore and Independent Music Promotions to any musician or artist looking to take the next step in their career. It didn’t take long at all–we got results that we couldn’t get anywhere else: album reviews, interviews, and new fans all around the world. We decided to use the services of James Moore and Independent Music Promotions to get some more publicity. In a couple of weeks time James had generated more press and reviews for us than we had managed our selves in several months. We are musicians who have no inclination to take on the role of promoters…or advisors, managers and or A&R personal which James has been to us. Once I delegated all of that hard work to James Moore, I was getting more results and attention faster than I had anticipated.

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