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The growth and health of your nails is reflected in your diet.Protein deficient people tend to have weaker nails. Good nail hygiene and maintenance can both improve the health of your nails thus making them grow stronger and faster.
If you wear nail polish every single day, your nails will never get the chance to breathe because the nail polish forms a solid barrier. Give your nails at least three days of "nail polish rest" so that your nails can have a chance to recuperate and breathe. A nice way to get blood circulating to your nails and improve their appearance all at once is to buff them.
I've gotten many questions about how I grow out my nails and how I keep them long so here it is.
I have seen many women who try their level best to get longer and beautiful nails, but I can not have it natural so they get artificial nails and is fine as long as you are not getting your nails desired natural, and for that I two ways, first get a style of balanced and healthy lifestyle and follow some of my all time favorite homemade remedies to get longer and beautiful nails. Let’s start with the food and I would say you should eat more protein to grow protein longer and stronger nails cause is essential for growth of bones and nails of the fingers and make them stronger and more beautiful and we all know that nails are kind of a fragile part of your bone and when you eat more protein rich foods that actually help the bones become stronger and naturally healthy and indirectly to get beautiful nails too and your body makes your nails grow faster and help your nails grow more and more beautiful.
With you need to keep your body hydrated and your nails too and for that you should drink plenty of water and apply some moisturizer on nails and not just going to keep soft and beautiful nails tips to make your nails grow faster, it will make them hydrated from the inside out and a healthy growth rate is marinating. Many women do not realize the importance of massage, very good way to get healthy blood circulation in the nails and fingers too and will help get rid of the painful too dry cuticle, and for that you can take small brush tooth and nail brush too often and see how fast you get the longest fingernails tips to make your nails grow faster and you can use the same pattern with a little oil for doubles results, you can take a box of plastic air tight and maintain a cup of almonds and a cup of olive oil with a few drops of citrus oil in it and warm it over for a while and soak your nails in it for a while and then massage the same oil on your hands and nails, use this oil can return as many times as you like. If you are getting issues braking nails then begin applying garlic plain nails every night, wash your nail with a bite and brush and then whisk dry and absolutely apply paddling garlic in your tips to make your nails grow fast and let it dry and then go to sleep and wash in the morning.

Laura is a 20-something year old media student with a great passion for fashion, pop culture, beauty and travel. They say you will know if a person knows how to maintain cleanliness just by looking at her nails.
Just like how it is in body and hair, fingernails require certain nutrients to thrive,plenty of water could help in making nails grow longer and stronger. True, it could take a lot of effort and patience to achieve the sexy and elegant hands and nails that you want, but with just the right amount of patience and discipline you'll have longer nails in no time and the results will be well worth the effort and wait.I hope this article was helpful!Please follow this blog for more Tips and Tricks!Leave your comments or questions below.
They would be longer but I do file them down except for lately because I'm growing them out to eventually shape my nails into stilettos.
The first picture is right after I had taken off my acrylics after having them for over one year.
After the waiting time, you can rinse your fingers and rub lemon onto them to remove garlic smell. Also, painting your nails gives an extra layer onto the nail that will help strengthen and help them remain strong as they grow.
After you wash your hands or make an extreme job, always make it a habit to apply a moisturizer to your hands and fingernails.
This is best to do before you sleep so you can allow the oil to get into the tissue overnight.
The vitamin D content of milk will enhance nail growth.Eating vitamin A rich foods can also be helpful.

Just try to avoid rubbing garlic on your skin or it could get stingy and it may lead to skin burn.
Adding oils high in fatty acids,anti-oxidants and nutrients to a cuticle will result to fast growing nails.
This article is intended to give tips and suggestions to people who want to have longer nails and for those people who have long nails but are brittle and break too easily. This will not only bring benefits to your fingernails but will also do wonders to your hands! I decided I liked nail art and had a nail polish addiction and got tired of having ghetto nails since I’d never take the time to get my nails done and they would grow out (gross).
Keeping your hands warm always increases blood flow to your fingernails thus stimulates their growth.
I used to use Nail Magic and that would make my nails grow so fast but I realized over time that my nails would still chip on the side. I do administrative work so my nails do still chip on the sides but it’s usually only my pointer finger. As for nail biting, once I started growing them out again I would ALWAYS have them painted, the more time it took me to do nail art the least I would want to ruin them.

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