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A coordinating polish- This will be the color of the heart, make sure it will show up on the base color you choose. A small piece of paper- You will need this to place the nail polish on when you create the heart. Base & Top Coat- Both of these polishes will help seal in the design and make it last longer. Place a small dot near the tip of your nail. Use the other nail polish (I used Butter London's Teddy Girl) and put a few drops of it on a small piece of paper.

Place a small dot right above the other dot. Use the same method as you did for step 2, just place it slightly above the last one. Make the outline of the heart. Start by connecting the 2 V's by drawing a line down the middle of them, then connect the top part of the top V to the top part of the bottom V. All done!  Get creative with your hearts by adding a rhinestone, glitter, hearts of different sizes and colors or other effects. Painting hearts on your nails might look difficult first but there are a few tricks that will make it look like you spent a lot of money at the salon.

Then, taking a toothpick place a small dot near the tip of your nail.This is the bottom of the heart.

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