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Clamorworld » In everyday life every one of us comes across various experiences, incidents which we either don’t share with anyone or share with family members and friends. Across the Ivory Coast, cocoa is grown on family plantations, each typically only a few hectares. But beans are the one thing he does have — a sack full of them, tied precariously to the back of his rusty bicycle. But Francois says Ivory Coast’s cocoa industry is in trouble, with many young people preferring to move to the capital for work rather than toil on plantations.
Farmers carry their beans to local markets to sell them to middlemen, who trade them to wholesalers. With global demand for cocoa easily outstripping supply, Jean’s beans are increasingly valuable to the big-name chocolate companies, but taking into account inflation, their monetary value has fallen in recent decades.
Jean is right at the bottom of a multi-layered global supply chain which sees cocoa transformed from bean to bar, and as such, the fundamental cocoa-nomics are firmly against him. In a country where cocoa directly supports about 3.5 million people, the annual GDP per capita is not much above $1,000. The cocoa industry is also blighted by child labor; up to 800,000 children are thought to work in the sector across the Ivory Coast.
Stopping child labor and increasing access to education is seen as the best long-term approach to bring prosperity to these villages.
Cocoa industry critics have long argued that companies like Nestle have failed in their responsibility to improve the lives of the farmers who grow their cocoa. Antonie Fountain of the Voice Network suggests that companies are at last grappling with the issues — even if driven by self-interest. By investing and helping to raise educated, business-minded young people, the company hopes to secure a sustainable cocoa supply in the future. And as in many African nations, rural communities are moving away from their roots, seeking a better life by joining the mass influx to the capital Abidjan.

Ultimately a famer’s beans are bought by traders or middlemen working for the industrial processors and exporters. American food giant Cargill buys 20% of all cocoa beans grown in the Ivory Coast, exporting them raw or grinding them into cocoa liquor, butter or powder — products which are then sold on to manufacturers to make chocolate. It is at this stage of the process where the cocoa bean gets its added value, but of course by now the farmers have already dropped out of the chain, so they don’t get a share. In villages like Kouadio-Yaokro, the stark poverty on display is a bleak reminder of the disassociation between the chocolate bar we consume and the farmers who grow cocoa. Two hundred locals gathered to tell us about their lives, so dependent on the revenue of cocoa. A village elder was chosen to take a bite of a KitKat (one of the most popular chocolate bars in the world; its manufacturer Nestle says 150 are eaten every second). Located in Taksim, a central location of Istanbul, Turkey - Our Night Show Venues greets you to a comfortable atmosphere.
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The small parcels of land are handed down through the generations, each son struggling to make ends meet, just like his father before him. He is also president of his local farming co-operative, which produces about 1,200 tonnes of cocoa beans a year. By this night tour you will be able to spend an elegant eveninig with enjoying a good quality Turkish folkloric dance, belly dance, listen to live Turkish music, shows and have your delicious Turkish dinner.
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