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And to be honest I am never not in awe of what it can accomplish, recover from, and adapt to.
I came across Andrea’s blog, Imperfect Life and recent post called, 10+ Reasons I Love My Ugly Body.
I was intrigued, and because you know I love talking about body image (did you catch Monday’s Post), I clicked the link and started reading.
Before high school started she weighed 150+ pounds… And her weight continued to creep up, until in her 30s enough was enough. What was it like being told you better have a great personality because you’ll always be big?

For her, it was never about losing weight to be in a smaller size, it was about having the ability to live life to it’s fullest. Andrea has so much passion for life, it was that passion that lead her to change the life she was living and it’s evident in our chat. Yes, another one.Two lovely polyamorous people had this design tattooed to mark their engagement. How cool is that!Related posts: Steampunk Poly Heart My Art on Skin Cheshire Cat So, What Is This Polyamory Thing? One woman who had it tattooed said that to her the two hearts represented her husband and children.

Similarly, rarity and exclusivity are not attributes necessary to make love real.Besides that- I choose to love who I want, how I want. My choice is mine alone, it has no effect on you and how you choose to love, and it makes myself and my partners very happy people.

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