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There was a large black plastic bag by her side.Lots of makeup, attractive, and well dressed.
It was the third spotting, two ladies in matching mini-skirted uniforms, that erased any doubt in my mind. We saw the same kind of thing (middle fingers and all) on our roadtrip through Costa Brava in Spain.
I guess standing on the side of the road makes sense if your main clientele is truck drivers, but it’s still pretty shocking to come up on. Yes, it’s all a little sad, a little shocking, but totally intriguing at the same time.

Recent investigations on the red light district in Amsterdam showed that the majority of the women were in fact being pimped by crime rings. I saw some police show (total rubbish!) about just such a place and a bad man…well it was horrible. And yes some will do it for survival, some because they feel so bad about themselves and some because they like money for “things”, but god, you one has to ask oneself, how can a person do this just for a mobile or whatever? Funny you should mention Italy – I arrived in Northern Italy tonight (Milan), and on the drive out to Moncalvo where I am staying, I saw a few women by the roadside clearly waiting for customers. Your article was not at all derogatory of Poland– you were just pointing out an unusual tax loophole and backed it up with some great pictures that speak for themselves.

As far as comments here about being exploited with no other options– both my parents grew up on rural farms in Poland, and all of my family members have become pretty successful, whether they immigrated here or stayed behind.

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