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Preview an email blast so your users can receive examples of what their contacts will receive. To simplify writing the VBA code to launch an email blast, run the Code Generator from the Total Access Emailer add-in. With the programmatic interface, you can easily add table driven emailing systems within your Microsoft Access applications. The Total Access Emailer library lets you distribute your application with our email functionality to non-Total Access Emailer owners royalty-free. Distribute the library with your Access application and run a small setup program we provide.
Here's more information on the Sending Microsoft Access Email Blasts Programmatically using VBA.
Total Access Emailer is available as separate versions for each version of Microsoft Access. Total Access Emailer is available now and can be purchased with electronic software download (ESD) and physical delivery of a CD and professionally printed user manual. Digital Inspiration Technology BlogDigital Inspiration is an award-winning how-to tech blog around all things related to computer software, web applications, mobile and personal productivity. The built-in WYSIWYG editors, like the one shown above, offer basic functions for formatting text but there are things you cannot do. All this is easily possible in HTML but since your email program won’t let your compose a message directly in HTML, you’re stuck. There’s another alternative that uses Google Docs to send HTML mails from your Gmail account itself. First make a copy of this Google Docs sheet and then choose Gmail –> HTML Mail to authorize the sheet to send mails from your email account. You can use the previously mentioned WYSIWYG editor to generate the HTML markup and copy-paste that code into the Google Docs form.
The Google Docs option internally uses Google App scripts (class GmailApp) and you can find the full source code under Tools –> Script Editor. This story, Send HTML Emails with Gmail and Google Docs, was originally published at Digital Inspiration on June 27, 2011 under Gmail, Html, Internet. Being still young in the implementation of Salesforce, it dawned on me that my users need a different type of motivation to really begin leveraging the platform.

Marketing case studies have been used for years to communicate the benefit of a product or service from one peer to another. Notice too that there is no mention of the administrator, and the majority of the text are in quotes. Now that your case study has been drafted, it is important to get the feedback and approval from your power user.
What additional marketing techniques have you used internally to drive Salesforce adoption or buy-in within your organization? Brent is a passionate Salesforce advocate with a desire to help Salesforce professionals become exceptional in their careers. Tweet Share30 Share10 Pin6Shares 46Solo Admins, especially in larger organizations, have bandwidth issues. The uninvited plus-one, the drunk, the bride's ex -- you know you've seen a few of these bad wedding guests before. The card above is intended to be a joke, but one bride actually sent her guests RSVP cards that had a similarly sarcastic view on wedding guest etiquette. If you are not completely satisfied with Total Access Emailer, return it within 30 days for a complete refund. Mail to desktop-based Microsoft Outlook to the mail app on your mobile phone – are now HTML (or rich-text) capable.
The first is HTML Mail – here you can write an HTML message and send it yourself or anyone else with a click. Once authorized, choose GMail –> HTML Mail again and now you should see a form for sending mails. Also, if you wish to send the same message to multiple recipients at once, just separate their email addresses with commas. So the next time you want to create a more professional-looking email newsletter that has tables and other complex formatting, you know where to go.
The reason stars shine at all is because they are continually imploding on themselves causing high rates of friction which creates light. Used in a similar fashion, internal case studies can highlight the bright stars of your organization and provide motivation and direction to the larger user base. Case studies allow us to showcase those individuals who have exhibited drive and determination.

A phone conversation is preferred, but if time is a factor, you can always use an email forum.
You don’t want to create enemies or have a power user become unwilling to assist you or other users in the future. Subscribe to Admin Hero, the most popular Salesforce Admin blog, and receive posts just like this one in your inbox every week.
Thus, your email messages can have custom fonts, inline images, lists, tables and other formatting similar to a web page.
The tool has a simple WYSIWYG editor but you can also switch to the code view and compose messages directly with HTML markup.
In the minds of my sales users, everything that corporate touches turns to, well, you know! Hopefully you have identified a few behaviors that they excel at and have a few questions surrounding those behaviors.  Have the user speak to the benefits they found in using Salesforce, how it has helped them do their job better, and a take-away that can be used to encourage other users. Using quotes in this manner prevents you from having the ability to tilt or slat the conversation or the desired outcome of the interview. Brent is a Salesforce MVP, Certified Administrator, Advanced Administrator Developer and Sales Cloud Consultant. It dawned on me that writing internal case studies, which we are calling Success Stories, could be a great way to quickly share peer-to-peer successes and create dialogue between these users. These peer-to-peer communications allow users to get an insight into the world of a power user, and begin to think about ways that they themselves can leverage the awesome power of Salesforce. Begin to understand what the behaviors are that they are not exhibiting compared to what you want them to exhibit. Non-adoptive users should now be looking at ways to leverage the platform to their advantage instead of letting it drag them down. Next, find a couple of power users who have embraced the technology and are finding it beneficial in their day-to-date operations. Before you know it, you have cloned your power users and hopefully your adoption rates have increased.

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