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The following list comprises some of the top signs there may be someone else in your partner's life. Cheating Spouse Sign 1 Lack of Intimacy - Sex and intimacy is an important part of a relationship. Cheating Spouse Sign 2 Not Allowed to Contact them at Work - If your partner has requested that you no longer visit them or call them at work, there may be a reason other than the boss is strict. Cheating Spouse Sign 3 Friends and Co-Workers Behave Oddly - Your partner's friends and co-workers may know about a secret relationship, and thus act strangely in your presence because they are uncomfortable with looking you in the eye and lying to you. Cheating Spouse Sign 4 Excessive Computer Use - A good deal of cheating takes place right at home over the Internet.
Cheating Spouse Sign 5 Private Cell Phone Use - Just like the computer, a cell phone can be one of the tools your spouse uses to engage in undisclosed activities. Cheating Spouse Sign 6 Negative Attitude - Typically a cheater will be overly loving and sweet to you in the beginning, but that quickly turns to finding fault with you as your spouse tries to mentally justify his or her immoral actions.
Cheating Spouse Sign 7 Increasingly Away From Home - Has there been a sudden increase in long hours at work? Cheating Spouse Sign 8 Indifference in the Home - If your spouse has seemingly lost interest in activities like spending time with the children and maintaining the home, they may be bored with family life and seeking simple pleasures elsewhere. Cheating Spouse Sign 9 Changes in Grooming and Appearance - While there are many reasons to want to look and feel better, often times a new lover can be the impetus behind a new hairstyle or sharper attire.
Cheating Spouse Sign 10 Physical Signs upon Returning Home - Does your partner avoid eye contact, or rush upstairs to take a shower upon returning home?
Clues in the Car - Some of the many clues you can look for in the car are receipts, cigarette butts, foreign smells, moved passenger seat, changes of clothing in the trunk, unexplained mileage, removal of car seat and other personal effects that may indicate a person is in a relationship.
Is he insensitive to your needs, often making fun of you?  Don’t stay with someone who makes you feel bad!
Does he have a need to control situations?  To control you?  While this may feel comforting, it is infantalizing and you are a grown person now who needs to make her own decisions.
Does he have a good persona in front of others?  Do they think he is “just great”? Charm is a facade, manipulation will wear you down, and one day you will find dreams have turned into a nightmare if you stay with a toxic partner.
Do you know how many of us who have children with these jerks would pay good money to be in the situation you are in, as you say you do not have a child with this man LOL? I hope you realize that you are NOT overly emotional and that you are worthy of someone capable of empathizing with you. Oh my your story is identical to mine, only I would also catch him texting old girlfriends he said he loved them, he missed their person and etc. I left and he would say I love you so much I have been single for 10 yrs and i am used to that lifestyle they text me, I am going to marry you.
On the other hand, you don;t say anything about what you do or your education… but this guy is a big loser!
I was all of 119 pounds at 6 foot tall working 3 jobs to support the ex- female narc, completely drained of every ounce of my self esteem, self respect, self confidence, individuality, ego, and any and everything else that makes us human beings. My mother introduced me to this narc as I had just came out of a break up from my fiance and was extremely depressed.
The narc lived across the hall from my mother and worked with my mother at the same job so my mom kept pushing me to date this person and give it a try I had absolutely no interest in this person it was not at all my type and I was not ready at all to date anyone as it had only been a few months since the break up from my fiance.Needless to say I went ahead and found myself in the most horrific inhumane undescribable position in my entire life. It is great to see that you broke free and were able to move on with your life and find love with a new woman, it proves that your ex did not win.
Sometimes the act of confessing to a wife or husband seems like it would do more harm than good. Concealing the adultery, even if its been repented of, is deceiving your spouse about something that lies at the very core of your marriage.
One of the most important reasons to confess your adultery to your spouse is this: You have to decide that your husband or wife is more important to you than the risks you’re taking by confessing. About Russell MooreRussell Moore is president of the Ethics and Religious Liberty Commission of the Southern Baptist Convention, the moral and public policy agency of the nation’s largest Protestant denomination.
A noticeable change or loss of interest in this area definitely points to a problem in your partnership.
Many relationships start in a workplace or perhaps your partner isn't really spending those late hours and long lunch breaks doing innocent things.
Signs to look for are locked screens, your spouse quickly switching screens when you enter a room, or spending excessive time on the computer. Internally they will try to find a way to blame you, when in actuality it was them who made the mistake.

Confronting a spouse with no proof can backfire, so be prepared to gather evidence and face the facts. We had no finances and all the labour type work fell on me always 3 back to back pregnancies. Check out the family code for your state – the family is an economic unit, especially in long term marriages. Please leave while you have a chance, if you think it is hard now, it can be almost impossible to break free once a child or children are added to the equation. I know your post is a few months old, but it really struck me and reminded me of my situation.
I have to tell you this because you are living through almost the exact nightmare I finally woke up from after 12 solid years of complete hell I personally call it a 12 year death sentence as when I finally woke up I found myself in a grave, a deep dark cold empty black hole with no light. I was sucked completely dry I was a walking dead person a puppet, a mirror reflection of the worse creature you could ever imagine.
It started out as a friendship that somehow skipped and jumped to a roommate and straight into a relationship with her pregnant all in 30 days time.
This narc managed to manipulate my mother into conning me into dating her to then scam and manipulate me into moving in with it with a convienant con story of her current roomate she was living with moving out on her all of a sudden into then cutting a hole in my condom to get herself pregnant. In the aftermath of an adulterous affair, the offending spouse must first turn away from sin through repentance before God. I once got a letter from a man who said he committed adultery years ago, but the affair had lasted only a week and he had repented to God and others. Your spouse deserves to know, so that means you haven’t completed repentance until you confess it to her or him and ask for forgiveness. He or she is going to feel as though they don’t even understand what her world means right now. It may feel to you as you confess that a great burden is being lifted, but this is the first time that they are hearing about this. In addition, are they erasing their sent and received call lists, or if you pick up the phone does the caller hang up? If your spouse isn't making time for you, then perhaps they are making time for someone else. Lipstick on the collar, unknown perfume or cologne, and disheveled clothing in general could mean your spouse is engaging in extracurricular activities.
And you know this on the second or third date?  Better step back and give this one some time.  No one is perfect and often abusers are charming and manipulative. Many lawyer’s websites (family law attorneys) have explanations of finances on their sites.
When I confronted this scumbag on the affair I was told I didnt know wtf I was talking about and I had a bad dream.
But after such repentance takes place, there’s another question that has to be answered: Should you confess the adultery to your spouse? The reason he was unsure about confessing to his wife was that the marriage was already going through difficulty, and he was deeply concerned that a bombshell like this would end the marriage and harm the children. This isn’t a license for abuse, but it does mean that neither the husband nor the wife has autonomous control over their bodies. Until you do this, you’re going to feel a weight of guilt and shame about the affair that won’t heal—or, even worse, you’ll eventually make a friend of sin and cease to feel shame because, through secrecy, you’ve developed a numb heart.
It is not our jobs to fix these losers by loving them more than we love ourselves, and trust me, no matter what you do, it will NOT get better, it will only get worse. You see the narc who once upon a time worked ordered me that it was no longer her responsibility to contribute any support any longer for herself or my child.
Of coarse the critisizm ignited a narc rage in which case I have the butcher knife scar in my rib cage to this day from. So, because your body belongs to your spouse, your sin affects them, even if they don’t know about it. If you are a single woman with no children and are financially dependent on him now, if you have a child with him, you will be even more so dependent on him.
I found that to be really convienent but decided within myself that hey whatever Ill work I am a father and have a new baby to take care of so the mother can go ahead and take care of the baby. I was kicked in the groin in the middle of deep sleeps after work buy this scum, busted in the head with metal objects, smashed into walls on countless occassions if this scums demands and orders were not immediately carried out.
In return my kids and I wear clothes from the thrift store while he wears new clothes from the mall. How could I have thought for a minute I deserve the physical abuse and the emotional torture .

When you confess, don’t bring up any of the other issues in your marriage or any old hurts. It is not a crime to be poor or have little money, nor should there be any shame attached to it. When you run from one relationship with a narcissist its not unusably to end right back with another for that very reason- your background, childhood, how you think feel and treat yourself. Well this is where the REAL NARC comes out and the entire person you though you knew no longer exists!! You are going to have to spend in many ways the rest of your life in your marriage rebuilding the trust that is there, even when your spouse does forgive you. Whatever he does for you financially will pale in comparison once you break free from him and find a way to do without his financial contribution.
The more you educate yourself and replace unhealthy with healthier patterns of living and viewing yourself (self esteem) the less likely you will be in a relationship with a sick person as narcissists are.
I walked in form working 2 jobs dead tired the entire apartment was scummy dirty why my daughter sat in a play pen all day long with a dirty diaper and spoied bottles all over the counters.
The emotional and mental abuse are on levels uncomprehendable to a normal individual unless you have experienced an abuser with this mental disorder.
The reconciliation process has to start with confession, and that means it has to start with you. Trust me, he is not GIVING you anything, because you are indeed paying your own price to have what he gives you financially. I was referred to as the slacker, looser, and a**hole amongst endless demeaning and slandering names that would send your head spinning. I was with mine for almost 40 years and he almost killed me – emotionally, mentally and physically.
There is always a price to pay the narcisssist and you pay with everything that you are losing of yourself and that is too high of a price to pay for anything in life. I worked 2 to 3 jobs throughout this 12 years with absolutely nothing to show for 1 penny that I earned. Projection on the mentally abusive levels that these scumbags kick out will send you to a menatl institution if you do not get out!! I loved my husband so very much and would always have been there for him but then he became physically abusive. I never had money in my pocket when I lived with my ex, that is the way he kept it, but I did have better living conditions but now I would not trade the sense of peace I have in my home since I left and do not live with him anymore. My child wore hand me downs why I wore clothes from the thrift stores why the narc sported all the name brand clothes from the malls. I was made to believe that there was something mentally wrong with me when I attempted the first escape from this trash.
I drove a 1980 beat up piece of shit car that my grandfather gave me why the narc sported a brand new one. I was slammed with an immediate restraining order restricting me from my child for 90 days until I seen the judge and he dropped it due to false alligations and lies that the scum thought up to keep me away from my daughter unless I came back to the scumbag. I went back to the home I grew up in, as my parents are deceased and it was empty and it is in poor condition but I could never go back to his reign and rule, NEVER. My daughter was thrown into daycare in the mornings why I was at work why the narc went back home to get rest for the next night of preying for new victims for her narc supply. My mother once again talked me into going back to this scum that she is infatuated with as I do believe that my mother suffers from this same disorder. As fast as the money came through the door it was long gone on new clothes, jewelry, manicures, and whatever else this scum decided she wanted. The bills were never ever paid I had disconnection notices flying at me left and right from all different bill collectors. There was never any food in the house unless I stold my own money to go and buy it for me and my child. They will by all means inflict harm and or pain on their own children if it means they will get some narc supply through sympathy or win their sick game on keeping you under their control.

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