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Tristan graduated with his BA in film, Charlotte with a BS in philology and a minor in film.
Tristan had beautiful brown eyes and his head perched out too far from his neck, making him seem tentative. His roommate, who had been kicked out of a monastery for forging incunabula, walked in, turned around, and left.
Tristan moved back to his hometown with his new Macedonian wife Natalya who was as thin and awkward as he was.
Against his better wishes, Natalya befriended Charlotte, even learned how to push Charlottea€™s prosthetic eye in and out with her index finger.

It wasna€™t long before Charlotte was coming over and sitting on the couch watching TV, next to the aquarium filled with meaty silver fish. Both the yat and yus had been eliminated in Bulgaria during the orthographic reform of 1945. A small cross painted on her eyelid twisted and moved when she blinked and sort of looked cool. He noticed her awful brown eye and then looked at the green one and then back to the brown one. He was working at his old high schoola€”a position had opened upa€”and Natalya was pregnant.

In the bright blue baby room, Charlotte changed Henrya€™s tiny diaper and went to the kitchen for a grapefruit spoon.

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