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Talked to the owner and saw the boat during the Fathers Day Tournament this spring in Willsboro. Click here to remove banner ads from this forum.This Forum Is Hosted For FREE By ProBoardsGet Your Own Free Forum! Join international dating expert Bud Patterson's Monday Night Conference Call for a free Q&A session! Just dial 1-(209) 689-0007 and enter passcode 103766 when prompted Once you have joined the conference simply press 5 * to join the conversation! Saturday May 14th 2016 Seminar only tour discounts, meet Dating Experts John and Tanya Adams, past successful tour clients, and many more! About: Dia is her unofficial name, she never get a chance to introduce herself to Amu, so Amu calls her Dia, short for Diamond. Have all your foreign bride questions answered, including how to avoid scams, tonight at 9:30 PM EST! His family are dancers, and you have to be a girl to dance, so the boys have to pretend to be girls. When he was younger his desire was to rule the world, and from this desire his Shugo Chara, Kiseki, was born.

If you want me to be yours someday, I want you to know that wherever I go and whatever I do, you’ll always in my heart. She is the new Easter Company worker who can turn Heart's Eggs into Mystery Eggs using a ruby necklace. So when she is born she is born as an x-character, Utau takes Dia and does a few character transformations with her.
Rhythm's egg was first seen in chapter 30 and in episode 56, but as of chapter 34 hatches after Nagihiko realizes how much he liked basketball as a kid, while fighting against a X character. He likes Amu's character transformation Amulet Heart, which means he is going to end up liking Amu, just like the rest of the world.
After getting comfortable with being at Amu's house (this is once she got over the fact that she was at Utau's enemy's house( She is one loyal shugo chara) She seemed to like Amu a lot better.
He is very understanding, and can help in hard situations, and Amu thinking he is a girl, Nagihiko her best friend. Just like Amu she likes a lot of people, such as the Shugo Charas of Ikuto, Kukai, and Tadase.
She looks like a normal Guardian Character but she has a black X-shaped clip covering her yellow diamond-shaped clip.

She can character transform, and she was the first one of the guardians to be able to do it. She helps Amu express herself when she wouldn't do it, because she wants Amu to be her would be self just like all of Amu's Shugo Charas do. She has problems just like everyone else, but she tries really hard to overcome them and become her would be self. When Amu does character transformation (chara-nari in Japanese) which is called Amulet Heart. Also when he comes back, it now has to be the Jack, and can no longer be Queen, since everyone know he's a guy. Diamond can Character Transform with Utau, becoming Dark Jewel, but however, the transformation does not last very long.
When Amu finally is able to purify Diamond, they undergo a Character Transformation, becoming Amulet Diamond.

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