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If you are worried about data protection regulations preventing you from accessing old customer details, don't be put off. Alternatively, they might be dissatisfied with the customer service they received or have found a better deal elsewhere. Sometimes customers drift away because they have no regular contact with your business, so you need to make them feel valued. Capsule is a simple, effective and flexible online CRM, letting you keep track of the people and companies you do business with, your communications with them, opportunities in the pipeline, and what needs to be done when.
A German woman tourist was killed in a shark attack while snorkelling off Sharm el-Sheikh in Egypt on Sunday.
The incident comes a day after Sharm el-Sheikh re-opened beaches following two other attacks in which Russians and a Ukrainian were reportedly mauled.

The resort's mayor, Gamal al-Mahdi, said the beaches were re-opened after authorities determined there was no further threat off the coast, which attracts between three and four million tourists a year. On Friday, government conservation experts said they had captured two sharks, an oceanic whitetip and a mako. However, an Egyptian NGO did warn on Saturday that at least one of the sharks behind the attacks was still at large.
Rather than using your resources to chase new customers, it can be more economical to revisit old leads. They already know your business and were once interested in buying from it, so you may be able to persuade them to buy from you again. If you don't already have a system that stores this information, you need to set one up to retain future customers' purchasing behaviour.

As long as you have a genuine reason to contact an old customer and haven't held their details for an unreasonable length of time, there won't be a problem.
But you also need to try to establish a connection with them before trying to sell to them again. However, you might be able to show them you have revised your customer service policy or are offering substantial discounts. The Sharks were believed to be the ones that mauled the Russian and Ukrainian swimmers last Tuesday and Wednesday.

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