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Mission to Fugitive Slaves in Canada: Being a Branch of the Operations of the Colonial Church and School Society . The friendship of Frederick Douglass and John Brown began in 1848, when Douglass visited Brown's home in Springfield, Massachusetts. The SEARCHBack during the holidays, I was in the process of looking for a replacement to my seriously underpowered HP laptop, so of course, I thought about all the possible solutions that would fit my specific requirements. For the longest time, the iPad seemed like a logical choice with its streamlined figure and healthy ecosystem of quality apps. We were hoping for some good sales from windows 8 after the stock write off that was window 7 phones,unfortunately for the microsoft and windows 8 phones,the sales aint a coming. More so than the lack of apps or customisation,the live tile grid ui is certainly the biggest turn off for the majority of customers. I've used a lumia 820 recently as a work phone and while I can see some good points in it I personnally could move past the lack of customisation and metro ui. WP8 is a completely different OS than previous versions of Windows Phone, which were based on the older CE code. Also, the metro style UI of WP8 is essential to the OS itself, and your idea of customization is to use icons like Android or iOS, which is older and less intuitive. Ain't happening in Europe that way, Nokia at xmas 2012 for example had to reduce the lumia 610 to 80 euro off contract and the lumia 800 to as little as 140 euro to try sell the huge backlog of unsold stock from the entire 2012 year,judging from stock levels and low sales levels I'm currently seeing it'll be the same again this year. I Think that making a Desktop OS act and look like a tablet OS is stupid, also i think that building a tablet OS based on a desktop OS is even more stupid. One of the things I hear from most people is you need to relearn how to use a computer running Windows 8.
Your premise that people are not happy with the product is valid but in that very same breath the grow of WIn 8 continues and quickly. I could see them going back and changing some things if the reception is horrible but it has been anything but. There are some things that should see to in the future like allowing much more customization of the Metro UI as well as other improvements but that is product evolution as with any software product and its something that one could almost certainly expect.
If anything, the reason that Windows 8 is selling well and growing fast is because in most all places, Windows 7 isn't available anymore. So basically if you need to upgrade your hardware or need replacement software, you've got one choice. Further, you have to consider that just like every mobile OS and hardware, you can certainly stick with a current gen device or upgrade to gain more features and obviously hardware. And the sales is not just geared with it being the only option because consumers have been known to reject something in mass array if its really not liked new or otherwise.
I understand your point about people not liking change, but if it was left to them, we'd still be using a command line interface. With Windows 10 seemingly just around the corner, Microsoft plans to fix one of its most egregious mistakes with Windows 8: the missing Start menu. In hindsight, leaving out the Start button in Win 8 (or at least not implementing an option to turn back on) is a definite FAIL. It’s a brute force way of getting a larger portion of their PC User share into their tablet and phone markets.
Even though win8 was released probably too early and it really sucks for desktop, it is a very good starting point for touch laptop. M$ knows that desktops for the majority of their home users are going away replaced by smart phones and pads. But what is definitely annyoing is the constant switching between Metro apps and Desktop apps. So, I have a perfectly great laptop that doesn’t have a touch screen and your solution is to go out and buy a new one so that I can effectively use Windows 8 as is?
Actually the Nokia line of Windows phones are very popular, reasonably priced, and work perfectly. However Windows 8.1 has fixed it yet in new interface you have to waste time scrolling those idiotic big tiles to find out what you need.
Since then they’ve improved the UI so that we can better use the mouse and keyboard on the Start screen, I appreciated that. But then I am 70 years old, I couldn’t expect everyone to be as quick to accept change and learn new stuff as I am. Once one can get around the Metro UI (I go weeks without even looking at it thanks to a nifty add-on), the underlying system is just as good, probably faster, and includes an internal antivirus (Windows Defender), rendering third-party antiviruses obsolete. Well, why can’t people like you just accept the change and move on and not be so afraid of learning new ways to do things? That’s not even remotely a fair comparison and just proves how lost some people get when the simplest things aren’t exactly the way they’re used to.
Yes it’s very complicated to click a corner or the windows key and instantly see what want and click it. I don’t think it has anything to do with arrogance, they simply made it clear that Windows is headed towards touch.
I think Microsoft listens to their users but seeing all the mad bitching, false claims and hardly any constructive criticism over these 2 months it’s not shocking that they pay more attention to windows developers than regular users. Wow thats funny I hear they are the most popular apps, and how would you know they uninstalled them. Windows 8 Metro screen is the worse implementation of a Desktop UI that I can even imagine. We’re not headed towards touch on the desktop anymore than we are headed for a mouse on tablets and phones. It might seem obvious, but so many small business’ forget to ask that one importnat question of, “What went wrong?” You don’t know yet what you might have done wrong, so it’s not necessary to apologize right off the bat. Of course, try your best to work it out, but if you did blow it… don’t be full of spite.
What can you be doing for only 10 minutes a day that can cause an extra $250-$300 in sales a month?
Calvin was named after John Calvin, Hobbes after Thomas Hobbes, so I am guessing Bacon is Francis Bacon.
I just Knowed in my deepest-subconsciousness that, One Day, Susie & Calvin would tie the knot! Hey check this collection of 80 High quality (1920×1200) Windows 7 wallpapers in a small 10mb file !
At first glance, I fancied about ditching the laptop entirely as my daily driver, and instead, I was adamant about switching over to a tablet instead a€“ mainly for the reason that theya€™re a lot more forgiving with travel. However, after indulging on the Google Nexus 10 and some other Android based tablets, it occurred to me that Ia€™d be getting a little more value out of them over Apple's pride and joy a€“ so I searched longingly to find the perfect model.

When customers see there's not anyway of getting rid of it their interest instantly ends,for most it looks dated and just not anyway excited.
While on one hand its good the Microsoft tried to be different with their own style in the live tiles set up,when they saw the poor reaction and sales of it in windows phone 7 they really should have made changes for windows 8.
There isn't anything in common between them, other than WP8 being able to run some of the legacy apps that existed for Windows Mobile. It's not meant to be either of those, and if you don't like WP8, then you can stick with Apple or Android.
Windows 8 represents the future, and it was only a matter of time before Microsoft adapted to the new technology available.
It doesnt matter if everything you say is right, because if the customer is beyond frustrated by the product, they may look elsewhere. So now on top of the cost of the hardware, I need to take classes or buy software to figure out how to run it. The problem is that there are many people who aren't willing to relearn what they know about computers.
But here's the thing, why not make the metro ui defeatable for people who just don't want to use it? If anything, the new Metro style UI makes things easier to use, and Microsoft is leaning towards making things simpler with touch screen capability to compete with Apple and Google.
By now you may know the story, as the company has gradually backtracked throughout various updates since the OS launched in late 2012.
A few companies had the smarts and courage to understand they need to change their core solution while they maintains 95% of the user base in order to survive in the long term. Steve Jobs did away with the classic Apple menu and to this day you still have to use a program to get it back. Some of us found earlier versions of windows much more user friendly for our needs and purposes! And for your information there are people who eat with their feet because life left them no other choice, they accept it, learn to cope with it and get on with their lives without complaining but that’s not relevant here. As a small business, you want to keep customers, as well as have a great reputation to gather more. In order to convince someone to give you a second chance and regain their trust, you must use language that will enhance the concern you have for their service. Many unhappy customers don’t feel that it’s their responsibility to tell you how to fix the problem.
Refer them to other business that can benefit them to show that you have their best interests at heart.
It is upgraded version of windows vista.In this post you can find high quality windows 7 wallpapers. Considering that therea€™s a fair amount of walking needed to attend various press events in the city, it doesna€™t particularly help when Ia€™m lugging around a heavy backpack filled with my gear and laptop. Without question, the Google Nexus 10 has an impressive specs sheet, especially with its dandy of a screen and vanilla experience, but the more I attempted to make it my daily driver, the sooner it became apparent that it was still lacking in several aspects to make it the supreme laptop replacement.
However, they are not based on the same code, and WP8 shares more in common now with the desktop OS, compared to previous versions of the mobile variety. Users are free to choose the interface they want to access on their PC's, and the metro UI makes perfect sense for tablets and smartphones.
Coming out with something with a steep learning curve after people have used the basically the same OS (at least in the execution of it's basic functions) is not earning them any friends.
While businesses do this (although they'd rather not have to), now they want everyday users to do this as well?
You can argue that there's nothing wrong with it until you're blue in the face, but if customers aren't happy with the product, and the company is unwilling to help them, they will go elsewhere.
Not only do they not have Windows 7 hardware, but all but one of the places I checked no longer sold copies of the software either. Going by the articles I checked for help with using Windows 8, 95% of the commenters loathe it. As you can see in the screenshot above, StartIsBack even detects if your system needs to restart to apply some patches; it really is just like the Windows 7 Start menu. Where I doubt that touch desktop with our current technology will ever be viable since our hands are usually too far from the screen, it is actually truly applicable to a laptop. Look at IBM, Western Digital… So while I disagree with some of their design choices and their decision to launch it too early (major missing apps or functions), I am also willing to wait for them to get it right. I believe we may see true benefits out of this that will change the way we interact with computers. You could fill a city the size of Denver almost 20 times over with all the people who use Lumia devices. And then after their updates those Apple Menus don’t work, so they have to continually update them.
I use the start screen now just like I used to use the old start menu – and then some so now everything I use is more ready at hand and my desktop has about one third of the crap it used to have.
The options you speak of aren’t necessary because third parties have provided numerous options just for that. This will help them feel comfortable telling you what when wrong and when, and then you will be able to offer a solution. It can be a certificate to a restaurant of their choice or something as simple as an iTunes gift card, because who doesn’t like music. Not much has changed since he was six, except that he’s now huge and has all these muscles everywhere, and his wild blond hair has been shaved high and tight.
It got so he could recite each ending before I got there, and we make C&H jokes all the time. Therefore, I was seriously contemplating about going with a tablet, since theya€™re significantly lighter and less taxing when it comes to travel a€“ plus, they dona€™t occupy much space either. In general, Android sufficed with most productive tasks a€“ like giving us a decent Office experience with apps such as Polaris Office and QuickOffice. If Intel manages to deliver an x86 processor for mobile devices, then you may even see WP8.x being able to run Windows desktop OS software, but that's speculation at this point.
The only mistake was that Microsoft needs to bring back the start button, but everything else is in Win 8 that existed in Win 7 before, and you can even boot directly to desktop mode, and skip the metro interface compeltely. Most of the sales reps who push Windows 8 seem fully behind it, but when I asked them about finding certain programs, they seems lost & them always fell back on using the search function. Quite a few of them were people that were using their computer for work, not just social media. Let people try it out a little at a time and get used to it, with the ability to go back to the interface they have been using for years.

There is Linux for those who hate Microsoft, but it's a niche OS on x86, and currently only represents about one percent of PC users. For several years now, every Windows desktop and laptop sold in a store comes with Windows 8. I recently bought my wife a mac book air and an asus 31a touch not knowing what she would prefer. I have seen many people switching from an ipad and a laptop to intuitively reach out to touch the screen on their laptop.
Instead they were arrogant and said use what we think is best because we are the ones who know what you need. What’s interesting is that many end up uninstalling them after 2 weeks because they realize they’re not needed. Emotions can run high when talking about customer service, so keep your language, tone, and if in person, your body language in check. So it’s up to you to offer the unhappy customer two to three options (if it’s possible) to please and keep them. These companies seem to have this menatallity that we are here for them, when in fact they need to taylor their products to the customer base. It's akin to Microsoft teaching us how to swim by dropping us off the end of a pier, turning around and walking away, saying "You'll do fine". I believe win8 is prime to capitalize on this intuitive gesture and to my great surprise it truly change the way you interact with your device. He just joined the US Marines so he can break things and blow stuff up without having me get mad at him.
Of course, the Microsoft Surface RT was a natural candidate seeing that it boasted many elements, as well as the being the flagship device for the platform, to make it a potential laptop replacement.
You can also add widgets to Pokki, such as Gmail or Facebook, which display your latest email or status updates.
Microsoft is the only Company I know that has been able to NOT listen to the customer and get away with it. Armed with useful things that widen its value, like its microSD card slot and full sized USB port, it was increasingly panning out to be my leading candidate. Second, they renamed most of the file structure so finding what they want, again, isn't intuitive.
By default, Pokki will configure your Windows 8 system to boot straight to the Desktop — and there is an option that will just completely disable the hot corners, if you so desire. However, the more I tinkered around with Microsofta€™s new platform, the more I became aware about it was still falling short of my expectations. Third, sometimes when you go to do a search, you are informed that you can't search for that from that search window.
Dona€™t get me wrong, ita€™s nice that youa€™re given the full blown Internet Explorer experience via the desktop, but when it comes to those prized software that help me stay productive on a traditional laptop, Windows RT lacked the meaningful ones to do just that.Sure, convertible devices like the Asus VivoTab RT sure made a compelling thought, seeing that the physical keyboard and extra battery life undoubtedly makes it a road warrior thata€™s ready to take all challenges head on. As we've come to realize, the industry seems as though it's poised on maintaining the perfect tablet price point at roughly the $500 mark a€“ no higher than that, obviously. In this case, the new version is nicer, with plenty of sizing options and the ability to create shortcuts for documents, music, video, websites, and other tasks.
Like seriously, ita€™s a death sentence for any tablet to decide on being priced above that tally, yet, there were still few that tread the space. It also embraces the Windows 8 tile design, without completely taking over the UI the way Windows 8 Metro does. At this point, I was beginning to lose hope in trying to find a solution that would help me to detach myself from my aging Window 7 running HP laptop.
Finally then, word about the Microsoft Surface Proa€™s release in early February really got me drooling, thinking how it might be the one thing Ia€™ve been searching for!Finally, the true potential is seen with Windows 8After playing around with the Surface Pro, I was really digging the complete package it was bringing to the table. ViStart includes a blurred, translucent menu that integrated well with Windows 8, as well as a Windows 7-like Start Menu skin that we imagine some people will want to head straight for. For myself, I can live with the fact that ita€™s a bit bulkier than other tablets, especially knowing that ita€™s packing hardware that puts it more in line to an ultrabook. It also speeds up program launches thanks to built-in indexing, and advertises a faster-than-Windows-7 search option for your local PC.
Better yet, the full Windows 8 experience means that it doesna€™t have any compromises in the productivity department a€“ thus, making it a prime front runner in my search. Ultimately though, ita€™s the expensive price of the Surface Pro that dissuaded me from taking the plunge.
First and foremost, you have the $999 cost for the 128GB SDD model of the Surface Pro, but after throwing in the optional $130 Type Cover, its total tally of $1,130 really made it hard to fall in love with a€“ even more when the iPad 4 sports a minimum $500 price tag, with the Google Nexus 10 at an even better $400. Needless to say, many people will argue that the price disparity is primarily attributed to the ultrabook-like specs that the Surface Pro embodies.Shopping around, I finally came to the determination of going with the Windows 8 powered Asus Zenbook Prime Touch. On the hardware side, ita€™s very capable of handling most processor intensive software, while at the same time, it's sleek and lightweight enough to barely be noticed during long travels. Heck, its design is one of a kind in the ultrabook world a€“ while the addition of a touchscreen and back-lit keyboard soundly justifies its worth.
Besides the hardware, ita€™s the full blown experience of Windows 8 that caters to all of my needs. Sure, I can play and mess around with the handful of apps that are available with Android and iOS, but despite their best efforts, they lacked the comprehensive set of a€?softwarea€? to make them candidates for being effective laptop replacements. At the moment, Windows 8 is still getting its feet wet with touch specific a€?apps,a€? which are functional on the surface, but still pale in comparison to the quality found on Android and iOS.Bigger plans in the futureAlthough wea€™re still at the early stages with Windows 8a€™s roll out, we can expect to see in the near future several new tablets and convertibles that will rival price points that are deemed to be more affordable. Countless times already, manufacturers like HP, Acer, and Dell showed us that theya€™re capable of producing devices that are significantly cheaper a€“ so therea€™s hope we can see Windows 8 stuff that are priced more modestly. Fierce competition is no doubt coming from all corners, but when you consider that Windows 8 shares many elements with Windows Phone 8, you kind of get the feeling that Microsofta€™s long term goal is to get both consumers and business-end users to play nicely with its platforms.No one likes having to learn two separate platforms, so when therea€™s an easy transition between Microsofta€™s mobile and desktop operating systems, people might see the value in sticking with the Redmond based company a€“ ultimately helping them to grow their share in both the tablet and smartphone arenas. As always, ita€™s going to be interesting how things shape up in the coming year, as Windows 8 continues to grow and build steam.
Until Android and iOS prove they can unquestionably deliver software that grazes the same level of functionality with traditional desktop platforms, Ia€™m going to have to stick with Windows 8 in the near term for my workhorse machine. Heck, maybe wea€™ll see some significant changes to Android and iOS in the coming months to make them parallel the software totality we see in Windows 8 now?

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