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With this in mind, is it any wonder that you’re questioning the possibility of getting her back? It’s natural for your ex girlfriend to be concerned about your well-being after a breakup.
For example, she keeps all of her belongings at your place and constantly puts off getting them back. And if you need more help in this matter, click here to read a special report that gives you a deceptively simple (yet highly effective) plan to win her back.
However, and this is where my question lies, she has been giving me A LOT of mixed signals. But I don’t feel this way, and so many unfortuante circumstances interfered and ruined with out chance to discover true happiness and we must not give up. My girlfriend just broke up with me a fews days ago and she still is letting me stay with her in her bed at night we arent having sex but we still cuddle like if we were still together is this a sign saying theres a real good chance that we will bed together again?
There are lots and lots of them no matter what your looks are or whether you are rich or not!
I’ve had my share of women and I have found that they are ALL THE SAME from the behavioral standpoint.
When we could go find a better woman, we instead settle for the one that shows up first and we leave it at that. The sexual revolution WOMEN GAVE THE WORLD, has created a level playing field with women and we need to be aware of it and use it to find our own happiness.
The truth is, we men fall for their looks because we are hard-wired to unconsciously fall for it. The more experience you get with women, the more selective you become and the better women you will get. Respect her as the human being she is and give the relationship a HONEST, GOOD, and FAIR chance of being. That goes to say, don’t lose control of the situation, this is your life too and you should decide how to live it.
Your comment reminded me of how I should be thinking about things, since my ex has suddenly moved back into my neighborhood, and is texting me, I started feeling like I might want to give it a shot, but have NO idea how to start it off.. Now that I read ur comment, I think I’d actually rather save the good times in memory and forget about what could have been. The thing that bugs me is this, we have been split for 6 weeks now, i told her i stil love her and im very much on love with her and if this is what she wants then to leave me alone, only phone or text about our boy and if there is a problem because i am struggling with this. She is adamant that i have to text when i have my son so she can know he is ok, it is so frustrating, the only reason we should text is if there is a problem.
It’s almost as if she has done 8 and a half years of breaking up school, just graduated and is using all her knowledge on me. Ok so me and my gf were going out for 3 years before we broke up we have been broken up no for 2 months.
My ex says she cares about me and always will but she’s not sure about her full out feelings. I know that this is a lot of monologue, but I say all of that to say this; if a girl wants space, change, a break, etcetera, give it to her. I don’t really want my ex back, strangely enough I thought she was the same person whom she presented herself when we were dating - not anymore. I’m looking for a girl to settle down with, heck, maybe 3-4 years down the road - have kids with.
When girls who try to date me get into details, I end up spewing out what Im looking for and it doesn’t go anywhere.
So heres the problem, I made contact with my ex - she had broken up with this douchebag, and I figured - hey what the hell, lets see if shes back to being the girl I originally dated for. Me and my girlfriend broke up she told me she was losing love for me nd now she said she just wants to be friends. My girl friend and i broke up becouse she moved away even though we where like a perfect couple dose anyone think that if i found her again that we mite be able to get back together???
Hey everyone I have a huge problem… Ok me and my girlfriend were together for a year and 5 momths and 6 months Monday.
One day i was sitting on a bench, a girl (my class fellow ) came and sit with me and started talking to me and did a friendship .she gave me her facebook id . What follows are 6 tell-tale signs she’s still interested in you (some more subtle than others). Simple… the attraction is still there but the core essentials that keep couples together are missing. Let her come to her own conclusions that you’re capable of giving her what she wants. But there’s a fine line between concern and downright desire to keep you in her daily life. I know it’s nice to hear her voice on a daily basis but the last thing you want to do is go from being a temporary ex-boyfriend to a permanent friend.
Likewise, she stops by ever so often to pick up a few things at a time (even though she could have gotten them all in one trip). And again, if your ex is showing even one… rest assured that the window of opportunity to be with her again is still wide open.

I don’t know where to drawl the line on giving her sex, flirting, kisses, cuddling, letting her sleep over, and how much attention i should give her.
I want her back because I really do love her and its obvious to me she still has feelings, but what is my best course of action?
I must add of course, you need to take a good look at yourself and ask yourself if you would want to be with you (if you were a woman), given the way you behave and the way you carry yourself. I know she is the one for me and i am currently saving up for an engagment ring and we have both talked about the future and what house we want, what our wedding will be like how many children and now this is happening it feels like my whole future is burning and i feel helpless i just want things to be how they were i need her in my life and really dont want to lose her but she has said that she would still want to be friends, without being vain i know she wants to be with me but she wont stop over thinking things. Be friendly and do not blubber with her when she does call, act like it didn’t bother you. We started dating wen she was a freshman in hs and now she is a senior im a sophomore in college. I need your opinion about this… 2 months ago my ex girlfriend ended our relationship without giving me any reason. 3-We broke up & she said that she wanted to remain friends, but all she really wanted was the benefits of a girlfriend without the title.
They wonder why when we come home from work, sometimes we either just want to have a cigarette and kick back, play some video games, or have time to our self. Now everytime i mention a girl she gets jealous nd then she mentions a guy.What way can I get her back with me and get off the friend zone?
We have been on a break for a little over a week now from all the fighting and arguing and being together every second of everyday so she didn’t know if she wanted to be with me any more bc of all the fighting. We both add themseleves on facebook and we continously send msgs to one and other day and night .
Its been about 6 weeks now and in the last 2 weeks we have not talked the first 4 weeks dropping off and picking up bits and pieces.
A relationship lives and dies with attraction - when the latter goes the former soon follows. She clearly has the upper hand and you’re not emotionally ready to handle the consequences of losing.
And if you need some space and can’t be in contact with her, politely tell her next time you see her.
By keeping her stuff in your possession and getting them a little a time, she has the perfect excuse to meet you on a regular basis. All you need to do is handle the situation with tact and you should be well on your way to saving your relationship.
She explained to me that she needed some space to hang out with her friends more and do her own thing.
One minute she seems cold and distant, the next she acts like she is DYING to hear from me.. And when they do, tell them “GO, FIND YOUR SPACE (or whatever it is they wanted to find)!” again! I would like to know if anyone has been through this but i really just needed to get it off my chest, thank you to all that read this and thank you to anyone who replys. We went on a break in october but that lasted 4 days and we were going back out for a month until she broke up with me again. I am only 19 years old, but, I am planning on returning back to college - and making a good living to support a wife & kids. I’ve been in your shoes - you think your ex is the only one who understands you, etc, etc. Now that we are apart, she is dating this other man whom “knows what he wants in life” but I did all I could to keep her happy, and she said if I had asked to marry her she would still be with me, but I literally always proposed!
Well she has been dating with other people off and on all throughout the summer and is dating someone right now as i am typing this. She came to see me with them on Sat and while we were talking she suddenly put her legs on the coffee table and asked me to massage her feet. Then she said she was leaning toward getting back together with me and asked if there was anything I wanted to confess to and I knew exactly what she was talking about. But she turned 50 all of a sudden a face lift wants to replace her sports car with a newer one.
Because they (mistakenly) treat it as an open invitation to jump back into the relationship. She’ll take everything you have to say with a grain of salt… after all you are the ex with an agenda, right?
She made it very clear that there is no one else and she does not want random meaningless sex, but she said she might want to go on a dinner date with someone later down the road if they ask. Tonight she came home for the first night and she says something is wrong but she does not know what, but she will tell me when she figures it out.
If the time comes when you know she is ready and she is willing to give you 100% then and only then should you consider taking the next step. Go buy yourself better clothes (ask good looking female friends to help you shop for them, they will love to help you)!
We live in the same city and I would see her almost everyday andalways tell her I loved her. If you accepted that BS then YOU just gave her permission to knock your self-esteem down a notch.

Only them will you realize that YOU are causing all this stress to yourself by not moving on. The second month we were together my ex texted her saying ask him what happened when me and my current girlfriend first started dating.
I held her because I can’t stand to see her cry, and we actually kissed for a couple of seconds.
That look comes as a result of their unspoken competition for the best men in their environment. The girls that always come back to me are the ones that I let go completely no matter how hard it was, think about it - do not become a puppy dog PLEASE!!!! Now i dont see him anymore and i have heard my ex has gotten with atleast 3 guys already and shes trying to be sneaky about it and thinks that i dont no and she doesnt tell any of the kids in her grade that she knows i talk to.
Now that we are apart, she tellsme she cannot imagine her life without me, I call her every night like nothing happened, for she still tells me she wants me to.
Think about this, all women use the same lines and excuses, and once they do, if you stick around the only person who will be hurt is you, trust me. She continuously and emphatically says that no matter what, she will come back to me and that i’m the one she wants to marry and have children with? I find out like two days later she has a new boyfriend (who is 32, and shes 19) and that she has moved into a new town, into his apartment. Three days later I went to her job to buy something and her boyfriend was there (hes a co-worker of hers as well) and he saw me, and like 5-10 minutes later she called me..
She thought I was sabotaging her and stalking her before all of this but then I think we started getting along and she sent me a friend request and she currently asks me when I stopped thinking about my ex-girlfriend before her and asked me if I loved her more than her.. They criticize each other’s dress (God forbid they find wearing the same exact dress!), or hair or make up? Well she decided to tell me that she regrets dumping me and holds my hand for a while right. After the massage of her feet we talk some more and then end up in a quarrel then she takes the kids, leaves and says she hates me.
I was honest with her and I told her that I cheated on her a day after she asked me out it just happened and she told me she always known but was scepital about it bc ther was no proof. She still asks to hang out roughly once a week and says we need to remain in each others lives. I said to her that I loved her a lot more than her…I told her that my love for her is the size of Mt. After I read the 3 steps, it motivated me to move on and make a plan to make her back to me. When I ask her if we ever would have another chance, she tell me she hopes later down the road. We met each other in a rough time in both of our lives and we have both changed ourselves around for the best.
But few days ago, I saw her online on facebook, I didn’t chat her, i went offline, then online again, but i can’t see her name on online friends.
Bear in mind, when I speak to her at night, I always remind her of our old relationship and allthehappy memories and she says she loves to hear me speak to her.
I did move out and went no contact and she started texting about how sorry she was and how she wanted me back….
What the fuck are guys sending her shit after the break up, you broke up that shit is meant for being together not after a break up, your desperate and that is a big turn off. I fell for it and came back… Things went back to the same, cold shoulder, need space, etc. We were so inlove and I am still so inlove with her I hurt so much and now she thinks it was all a lie and it wasnt everything we shared was all real and we both know it by all the memories and how we were.
I happen to try the opposite with my last girl and now she is furious with me and is so angry with me. The reason they give mix signals is not because they want you back its because they are selfish and can’t be lonely. And also facebook is the only midium to contact her because she changed her number, although we are schoolmate. I only want to say her that dear i love u , will u marry me .but she do not give me a chance to talk her. And she also has outside influences that tell her that she should be partying it up single while in college and experience other guys.
It’s been a bit over a month now and i’m sure without a doubt that she is the one and only for me! If she comes back I will appreciate her more than ever and never lie again and never let anything come between us again and she doesn’t believe me that things will be different. How do I make her see that if I’ve told her sooner we would have never really happened and things would have been different?

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