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The tour is also very proud to announce their partnership with the Seminole Tribe of Florida & the Seminole Pro Tour. We look forward to continuing our great relationship with the billiard industry as we venture around the United States supporting and promoting events. The Seminole Tribe of Florida Empire State Championship, hosted by the Predator 9-Ball Tour, will take place on September 12-13, 2009 at Raxx Pool Room, Sports Bar & Grill in West Hempstead, Long Island NY. The tour is also happy to have Tiger Products, Webb custom cues as well as Phil Capelle (Billiards Press) come on board this year. All stops are 2-day Pro-Am events and this year the tour will also host amateur B-C-D events on day 2 (Sunday.) a€?We want to give the players as much opportunity to play as possible. The tour would also like to thank its many supporters and most importantly the players and room owners for their continued dedication to the sport and the game of pool. We would like to thank The Predator Group for supporting this tour and making it possible to help the sport grow. With 3 tables and plenty of time, the event was played in a€?roundsa€? where 3 matches were played at the same time and the next round did not start until all 3 matches were finished. Round 1 :Bengels defeated Noja (video-taped) , Johnson over Andersen and Isreal over Schmaus. Round 2 :Shovak over Scharf 25-24 (video-taped) , Bengels over Schmaus, Isreal over Noja. Round 3 :Elias over Andersen (video-taped) , Johnson over Scharf (25-24), Shovak over Elshaar. Round 4 :Elshaar upsets Bengels 25-15 (video-taped) , Isreal over Andersen, Noja upsets Elias 25-10. Round 5 :Shovak over Johnson 25-23 (video-taped) , Schmaus over Scharf, Elshaar upsets Elias 25-23.
Round 6 : Andersen upsets Bengels 25-24, Isreal over Elshaar (video-taped) , Elias over Scharf. Round 10 :Elias over Johnson (video-taped) , Schmaus over Andersen, Elshaar over Noja 25-24. Round 11 : Bengels over Johnson, Isreal over Elias 25-24 (video-taped) eliminated Elias from winning the event, Andersen pulls off a miracle come-from-behind upset over Shovak 25-21 while trailing 20-11. Round 12 : Noja over Scharf 25-24, Elshaar over Schmaus, Elias over Bengels 25-23 handing Bengels his 3rd loss and keeping Eliasa€™s hopes alive (video-taped) . Round 14 : Schmaus over Noja, Scharf over Andersen, Johnson over Elshaar eliminating Elshaar from contention (video-taped). In the final playoff match for 2nd place, Mike Bengels defeated Gary Elias 25-13 to earn the 2nd spot in the Nationals (video-taped) . 2) Steve Andersen only had 3 victories, but 2 of them were upsets over Bengels and Shovak.
3) Ramy Noja has also improved greatly and lost 4 close matches scoring 24, 24, 22 and 20 points. 5) Bassel Elshaar also has improved greatly, coming very close to qualifying with upset victories over Mike Bengels and Gary Elias.

Special thanks to Bill Johnson for running the event and Mike Bengels who helped a lot with ball cleaning and table cleaning. Once again, a special thank you to Steve Elzinga and Curly who provided and ran the live-streaming equipment. Thank you to the room owner, Louie, for providing the tables, free-of-charge to the players for the event.
For the first time ever in Chicago and the midwest, Dragon Promotions brings you 2008 Player of the Year Mika Immonen of Finland , Former #1 Francisco Bustamante of Philippines, and Top 5 USA ranked Charlie Williams to the Chicago Predator Pro Pool School.
The instructors will cover a myriad of hot topics relevant to professional cue sports today. Meanwhile, undeterred, Sportsmen's Timmons rallied through the loser's bracket to converge with the still smokin' Still Smokin.
Vendors D&D Cue Repair kept the cues in tip top shape while Old Time Billiards Supply offered the latest in pool products. The success of this event, weather and all, plus the luxury of the welcoming Holiday Inn hot tub and huge bar with really reasonable food and beer prices, have Bad Boys and the BCAPL's Chris Williams scheduling next year as we speak. Incidentally, Chris Williams has initiated the all new USA Pool League in Ohio and will inaugurate the first week of league play on January 19th. Blatt Billiards is one of the most prestigious names in pool and billiards equipment, supplying the largest collection of antique, contemporary and custom pool tables in the country. The Predator 9-Ball Tour held the first ever Empire State Championship last year and crowned Marc Vidal its champion. We have worked with Tony in the past and are confident that this event will be of the highest quality. Tiger Products & Webb custom cues are both top names in cue craftsmanship and development and the tour is thrilled to have them join the Predator 9-Ball Tour family. We must continue to do everything we can to keep the sport alive,a€? Tony Robles, founder of the Predator 9-Ball Tour. Kenny seemed to relish his underdog status, but he is starting to get quite a few high finishes. But Landon really upped his focus and played very well, jumping out to a 4-1 lead and stretching it out for a 9-4 victory.. Gary Elias, the 2008 USBA a€?Ba€? player rankings champion was also a favorite, Bill Johnson and Jim Shovak always a threat.
From what I was told, there were actually thousands of viewers; not consistently, but thousands of unique viewers, probably pool players who were curious. It was a great thing for 3-cushion and perhaps this will be the wave of the future for 3-cushion billiards.
These world class professional players will reveal in depth training methods and secrets of professional pool. The pro champions also have had prior experience in teaching players of all levels from beginner to highly advanced levels. It plays an important grass roots role that gives players the opportunity to learn from some of the best professionals in the game, first hand.

Blatt is also the largest Predator Cue dealer in the world so uniting with the Predator 9-Ball Tour was a natural choice. This year, the Seminole Tribe of Florida is sponsoring this special event which will count as points toward both the Seminole Pro Tour and the Predator 9-Ball Tour, the first time ever two regional tours have worked together to host an event to Pro-Am players. Phil Capelle, a close friend of Tony Robles, did not hesitate to sponsor the tour after witnessing the Empire State Championship last year. Landon held the advantage of true double elimination and in the finals it would be races to 9.
Each video-taped match (available from Steve Elzinga) also had a commentator which gave the event a more a€?professionala€? feeling.
The loss guaranteed 1st place to Jamil Isreal and kept Bengels, Elias and Elshaara€™s hopes alive.
If there is still a tie, then the winner of the head-to-head match between the two tied players is the tie-breaker. Thanks to the players who provided commentary over the internet and on the DVDa€™s: Ramy Noja, Mike Bengels, Gary Elias, Steve Andersen, Bill Johnson and Jim Shovak.
Students will get insight on their style and knowledge of play which has inspired countless players hroughout Europe, Asia, the USA and the world of pool!
We're proud to be part of an effort that supports the growth of billiards and encourages constant game improvement." explained Tara Walton, Marketing Manager for The Predator Group.
Not burnt out yet, Still Smokin' took the second set to hill-hill which resulted in each team putting up their best player to lag for the break in a nailbiter decider. Blatt celebrated its 85th anniversary last year and is excited to partner their prominent name with the class and sophistication of Tony Robles and his Predator 9-ball Tour.
Landon jumped out early at 3-1, but Kenny began a surge when he two rail kicked in an eight ball after hooking himself behind the nine. The two surprises of the tournament were Ramy Noja and Bob Schmaus who have improved their games and pulled off some important upsets. This rare experience will be hosted by Palace Billiards and brought to you by Predator Cues, Simonis Cloth, Brunswick Centennial Balls, and Master Chalk.
Sportsmen's Timmons and local Columbus hero, Dee Adkins, defeated Tim Roberts for the decisive win. So, Kevin found Kenny Tran newly arrived on the left side as they battled back and forth until Kenny got over at 6-4 leaving Kevin I a solid third place. Bustamante made his teaching debut in 2008 in Jacksonville FL, while Williams has taught in VA, Boston, Korea, India, and Florida.
Kevin Nichols then eliminated Bryan, who never made a ball on the break, in a strong 6-0 win.

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