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Today’s prompt is going to help in more than one way—it’s going to get you writing and it’s also going to get you to practise your correspondence skills. Think of three people—somebody you have lost touch with, somebody close to you, and somebody you don’t want to talk to at all (ex-partners, friends you’ve fallen out with, estranged family…).
This entry was posted in Prompts and tagged Creative Non-fiction, creative writing prompt, Fiction, letter writing, poetry, PRISM international. PRISM international is published by the Creative Writing Program of the University of British Columbia. So you’re going through a painful split from your boyfriend and you want to write him a good old fashioned hand-written letter to get him back. I’m going to guess that you’re thinking to either get a few things off of your chest for some type of closure or that you want to remind him of some wonderful memories that or you might just want to apologize to him somehow.
What this is going to accomplish is that this will serve as sort of a release from the pressures that is building up in your brain.  Writing is a simple yet wonderful way to relieve you of some of this pain.

What you don’t understand right now, is that he is extra sensitive to sniffing out desperation and guess what?  You’re full of desperation right now. This is what’s going to separate you from the rest.  If you’re game enough to get through these next few months, then you are on your way to rekindling that flame that he once had for you. I don’t want to freak you out or anything, but time is a factor when dealing with relationship problems like this and YOUR SITUATION IS DIFFERENT. Now, Enter your Email Address Below and Get Instant Access to the Psychological Tricks and Personal Coaching that You Will Need to Get through this Mess. I need advice if the letter below is OK to send to the guy I’m trying to get back.  What else should I add? Since moving to Vancouver I’ve gotten a little better—but still not as good as I’d like to be. As always with my prompts, use this to kick off whatever form of writing you fancy, whether it’s poetry, fiction or creative non-fiction.

Learn how to write an effective complaint letter, and what to do if you get no response to your complaint letter.Plan to write a dirty love letter to your boyfriend? Learn what to write and how to write itHow to get your girfriend back using dirty psychological tricks.
This doesn’t have to be serious or confessional, either, so don’t worry if you want to write a fun or silly letter. I didn’t really want to jinx it but I have been looking at work nearer you so hopefully I could move closer to you.

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