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If your ex decides he wants you back, there will be radical changes in the way he treats you.
Unless your relationship ended on a really bad note, there's no reason your ex can't be friendly around you. If he gets overly happy when he sees you, it could be a sign your ex is rethinking your relationship. Flirting with you is always a big signal given off when your ex is once again thinking of you in romantic ways. If your ex is keeping his distance from you, or his attitude toward you has remained the same?

The signs your ex boyfriend still loves you ought to be employed as a fundamental method of figuring out where you stand at the moment.
If he is calling you with a lot of random questions or simply calling to make conversation, in that case this is a sure sign that he still has feelings for you. This or showing old picture or other stuff that remind him of the relationship typically shows that he is still interested in you. Or does he act jealous if he hear you were dating a new guy, see you with another person, etc. Any indication of jealousy, even if he is trying to make you jealous or acting jealous, is a crystal-clear indication that he loves you.

If your ex boyfriend still has deep emotions for you, you don't want to destroy any chance of winning him back by acting over desperate or pushy. The truth is that there are very precise things you ought to do, and more significantly, some mistakes you ought to keep away from if you want to win him back.

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