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It's entirely unclear what that means, but his friends gave him the option of getting a Barbie tattooed on his butt or his fast food purchase on his arm. The tattoo parlor also offered to ink the receipt they gave Ytterdahl for the first tattoo on his left arm for free, and he's agreed, according to the Irish Mirror. Human billboard Billy Gibby is feeling a bit of buyer's remorse after selling out his face for some permanent advertisements. Here's why having multiple sexual partners before marriage will actually damage your relationship! Friends close to Pastor Yiga have whispered to us what transpired in their conversation with the youthful pastor of Kawaala. Pastor Yiga is being accused of raping a woman, impregnating her, infecting her with HIV and failing to look after the woman and their baby boy. Pastor Yiga’s statement comes weeks after Desire Luzinda, the 25-year-old mother told our scribes that she too was a virgin.
Here’s why having multiple sexual partners before marriage will actually damage your relationship! Whether it's an upbeat track that makes you want to get up and dance or a heartfelt ballad that brings a tear to your eye, there's no doubt that music is pretty powerful. Stevie Nicks who penned the song later revealed it was her relationship with guitarist Lindsay Buckingham that inspired the lyrics. It's clear to see why even Bob Dylan called this bittersweet ballad one of his favorite Buffett songs of all time. Life will always have its peaks and valleys -- and that's where this song helps pick us up, every single time.

The ultimate female anthem which always has nursed our sorrows after bad breakups and well, other bad breaks.
This story has been updated to note that the artists listed, performed, but did not necessarily write, the song lyrics listed. This 1969 novelty song isn't so farfetched in today's society where celebrities select very interesting, offbeat names for their offspring.
In a 1993 interview with Rolling Stone, Houston said, "When I first started out I juiced my mother.
On growing up as the only girl in a family with two brothers, Houston told Rolling Stone, "I got to hear how men really think about women, which left me with not much to be disillusioned about. In the same interview, Houston told Oprah, "Don't forget, there were some times we'd laugh our tails off. Oprah asked Houston, "When did you know the marriage wasn't right?" Houston replied, "I was like, 'You don't smell right. Stian Ytterdahl of Lorenskog, said that his friends wanted to punish him for being "too active with the ladies," according to Scallywag and Vagabond's translation of Romereskes Blad. Gibby, also known as Hostgator Dotcom (yes, he was paid to legally change his name) sold skin space for as much as $1,000 and as little as $75. According to his close friends, Yiga said that he was a virgin and has never had sex in his entire life.
But like David, even though I pass through the valley of the shadow of death, I fear no evil. We all have that one song that can bring you back to an old memory like it was just yesterday.

Houston said, "I wasn't going to be living with a man who decided that he didn't want to live the same way I did or thought about marriage or me the same way. Now, Gibby is trying to sell ad space on his body to raise the $4,000 needed to remove the ones on his face. Legendary U2 rocker Bono once said, "Music can change the world because it can change people." We couldn't agree more. An inspiration for women everywhere, Houston advocated for strength, wisdom and love throughout her career.
We asked our Facebook fans to tell us which song lyrics changed their lives forever and still have a huge emotional impact on them today.
Those who loved her remember her beautiful voice most of all, and the female strength she advocated with it. But when it gets to the point where you're sitting in your home and you're just trying to cover what you don't want people to know. Scroll through to see their responses and let us know in comments which lyrics stand out to you. A few months later, she was dethroned because of nude photos of her in Pent House with another woman. Do you think Vanessa Williams should have his title taken away because that photos she took before she was crowned Miss America?

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