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Ever since I was little, I have had one insecurity in particular: my mole on my right cheek. We are all beautiful in our own ways even if those people do not think that about themselves.
I chose this photo because I look so happy, I was happy and just looking at it makes me happy I love it. I had a hard time on deciding what to write in here and for the longest time I have been scared to submit something to here until now.. I ended up being diagnosed with Bipolar II, Boarderline Personality Disorder, anxiety, and PTSD. To be body positive is a journey of self acceptance while advocating for and accepting our differences with others. This woman was beautiful to begin with, then they put on a bunch of makeup, did her hair, and photoshopped her picture until it seemed like a totally different person. My parents found out and I almost split my family apart, So I stopped for a little while but I eventually worked my way to my Legs and Upper arms. But at the time when I was 18, it wasn’t so bad, because I had a wonderful girlfriend.
Body positivity is for everyone; fighting self-hate and working towards self-love and acceptance of ourselves and others through resources, visibility, and discussion! Don’t let these ads make you feel any less about yourself, because you are wonderful.
I couldn’t stand doing gym last year because one person would call me fat all the time because I would sit out. I would go home and cry and a couple of time I asked my mum if I could get it removed, just so I could fit in with the other kids and have them like me.

One day my friend bought me mcdonalds and brought it over… it tasted like heaven compared to their food. But I wanna say to you all, if you have issues with cutting, and with your sexuality or coming out to your parents or anything.
One day one of my friends posted a picture on facebook and it had “Start A Revolution.
I didn’t mind my flaws and I had things about my appearance I loved like I used to love my blue eyes that I used to have before they changed when I was 5. I would be self-conscious all the time, always wearing baggy shirts to gym so nobody could see me.
It continued until I was about 14, when I was finally convinced that it made me unique and uniqueness was what made people so special. And it is easier to take it out on your body, but theres people here to talk to you and love you. I can now happily say that I am proud to have it, because it makes me feel unique and I can now be confident with who I am. No it hasn’t like cured cancer or anything but it has helped me change my attitude towards myself and I feel a crap load better haha. I had some days I‘d literally make myself throw up if I binged or ate something fatty. I’ve been looking through this blog for a while, and I love all the beauty you guys shine with. No one cared or really noticed unless if I was not eating in lunch so I avoided going to lunch in high school. I ate more healthy that year and did a lot of exercising and had a HUGE OBSESSION WITH GRAPEFRUIT only because I was afraid of calories and weight gain so I wanted to boost my metabolism to help decrease my chance of weight gain.

I still did the same calorie intake as before (500 mostly- on my bad eating days itd be 1000 calories)so I was really doing bad anorexia. Junior year is when I started getting the compliments that they wish they were skinny as me, and how pretty I am, and ect.
I constantly looked in the mirror wishing I wasn’t such a fat nose, fat face, fat, ugly scraggly haired women. I once asked a girl a question and tried to start a conversation and she COMPLETELY acted like I did not exist. During these past 2 years the person who saved me from my depression , anxiety, and body dysmorphic disorder from taking my whole life over is my boyfriend. 8th grade I wore baggy hoodies and wore black it was more of a darker phase because I was self conscious of being fat. Even though I tried to conceal my appearance more people still picked on me about my weight. One guy asked how much I weighed continuously and my teacher did not care even though she overheard us two arguing. I had a teacher ask me if I was retarded or are my legs are broken…those exact words. I may not fully love it right now but I one day will fully love myself until then it’ll be a battle worth fighting for.

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